Submissions from 2017


Venezuela: Why Trump’s sanctions won’t work, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Lance Lattig

Beyond the bottom line : integrating sustainability into business and management practice, Jyoti Bachani

Listening and Engaging to Lead Responsibly, Jyoti Bachani

Managing for Responsibility: a Sourcebook for an Alternative Paradigm, Jyoti Bachani

Organizational Change to Thrive, Jyoti Bachani


Reinventing management | London Business School, Jyoti Bachani

Submissions from 2016

Impact of Venture Capitalists on Founder Turnover: Implications for Firm Governance, Berna Aksu

Save One and We'll Give You Two: Impacts of Generous CO2 Credits Granted by the EPA to Sellers of Electric Vehicles in California, Roy Allen and Asbjorn Moseidjord

2015: The Year in Elections, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Beyond Brexit, The World’s Still Turning: Global Stories You Might Have Missed, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Leadership Lessons from El Sistema, Venezuela’s System of Youth Orchestras, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Why Leadership Must Include the Imagination, Marco Aponte-Moreno, M. Harvey, D. LaMagdeleine, J.B. Ciulla, and K. Bezio

Venezuela Amps Up Media Repression by Sentencing Newspaper Editor to Prison, Marco Aponte-Moreno and L. Lattig

Outstanding Field Report Paper Award, Jyoti Bachani

Preface and Introductions to Parts I, II, III, and IV, McGraw Barbara

Religious Pluralism at the Crossroads, McGraw Barbara

Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S., McGraw Barbara

Sports Economics, 1st Edition, Chapters 7 and 8 (Review), D. Berri and William Lee

Comparing Economic Proposals from Clinton and Trump, Kris Chase

The Fed and the U.S. Banking System, Kris Chase

The More You Give the More You Get: The Impact of Corporate Political Activity on Government Contracts and Their Value, Kim Clark, Michael Hadani, and Natasha Munshi

Drivers of Early Internationalizing Firm Performance: A Systematic Review of Empirical Literature, Kim Clark and I. Ramachandran

Feeling Close from Afar: The Role of Psychological Distance in Offsetting Distrust in Unfamiliar Online Retailers, P.R. Darke, M.K. Brady, R. Benedicktus, and Andrew Wilson

School of Economics and Business Administration Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Catherine Finger-Podolsky

Simplified Yet Robust: An Innovative Assessment System for the New Millennium, Larisa Genin and Gregory Merrill

Tracking the Impact of Faculty Research: An Innovative Approach to a Panoramic Dashboard, Larisa Genin and Sarah Vital

Barriers and Opportunities to the Integration of RI (Responsible Investment) by Pension Boards, James Hawley

Challenges to the Financial System, James Hawley

Fiduciary Duty and Socially Conscious Investing, James Hawley

Socially Conscious Investing and Fiduciary Duty: The Way Forward, James Hawley

Sustainability Analytics: The Proliferation of Disruptive Sustainability Technologies, James Hawley

The Routledge Companion to Responsible Investment, T. Hebb, James Hawley, A.G.F. Hoepner, A. Neher, and D. Wood

Correlation Study of MBA Social Responsibility Projects and Employee Understanding of CSR, Linda Herkenhoff

Power-Log Optimization and Positively Skewed Option Returns Raise Portfolio Performance and Reduce Risk, Jivendra Kale and Arnav Sheth

Segmentation of Infrequent Performing Arts Consumers, Eric Kolhede and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias

Elite Controversy and the Institutional Change of China's Stock Market, Yuan Li

Elite Controversy and the Institutional Change of China's Stock Market, Yuan Li

Paradox Multiplicity and Evolution, Yuan Li, W. Fengbin, and Y. Liu

Uncertainty and Misvaluation? New Evidence on Determinants of Merger Activity from the Banking Industry, R. Loveland and Kevin Okoeguale

Unleashing Creativity in Business Students: Challenges and Opportunities, Natasha Munshi, Berna Aksu, G. Desa, N. Lam, and X. Yao

Component Procurement Strategies in Decentralized Assemble-to-Order Systems Under Supply Uncertainty, Wenting Pan and R. So

Learning Orientations and Subsidiary Mandates: An Institutional Distance Perspective, I. Ramachandran and Kim Clark

Financial Transparency in the UAE, Winifred Scott and S. Wasan

Leveraging Herd Behavior in Foreign Exchange Markets, Arnav Sheth

Poverty in a Marketing Class?, Saroja Subrahmanyan and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias

A Literature’s Forgotten Character: The New Critics of Liberty and the Entrepreneur, Gregory Wolcott

Restricting Choices: Decision Making, the Market Society, and the Forgotten Entrepreneur, Gregory Wolcott

“The Entrepreneur, Human Wellbeing, and the Perspective of Catholic Social Teaching, Gregory Wolcott

The Rehabilitation of Adam Smith for Catholic Social Teaching, Gregory Wolcott

Virtues and Vocations: The Ethics of Everyday Life, Gregory Wolcott

2016-2017 Saint Mary’s College Faculty Research Grant, Xiaotian Tina Zhang

How does firm life cycle affect board structure? Evidence from China’s listed privately-owned enterprises, Xiaotian Tina Zhang and Lili Yan

Submissions from 2015

A Human Ecology Economics Approach to Strategic Management, Roy Allen, Linda Herkenhoff, and P. Hosie


Aligning Head, Heart and Hands in Business and Society, Jyoti Bachani


Global Social Justice Panel: India, Africa & the US, Jyoti Bachani


India's Soft Power Panel, Jyoti Bachani


Inspiring Audrey After 21 Days Of Kindness, Jyoti Bachani


Kabir On Work & Death, Jyoti Bachani


Silicon Valley Signs: Stop - Do Not Pass - One Way, Jyoti Bachani


Tesla/PayPal/Intel Management Development Program, Jyoti Bachani


We have a right to be different, Jyoti Bachani

Pedagogy in the Digital Era: Incorporating Virtual Experiences into the Classroom, Jyoti Bachani, Nancy Lam, and Linda Herkenhoff

Tracking Companies’ Real Time Sustainability Trends: Cognitive Computing’s Identification of Short-Term Materiality Indicators, Greg Bala, Bartel Hendrik, James Hawley, and Yung-Jae Lee

Understanding Different Types of Subsistence Economies: The Case of the Batwa of Buhoma, Uganda, C. Banbury, Linda Herkenhoff, and Saroja Subrahmanyan

Academic Performance and Burnout: An Efficient Frontier Analysis of Resource Use Efficiency Among Employed University Students, Craig S. Galbraith and Gregory Merrill

The CEO as Chief Political Officer: Managerial Discretion and Corporate Political Activity, Michael Hadani

Complementary Relationships Between Corporate Philanthropy and Corporate Political Activity: An Exploratory Study of Political Marketplace Contingencies, Michael Hadani and Susan Coombes

Panel Session on Systemic Implications of Environmental, Social and Financial Portfolio Decisions (Investment Allocation, Engagement Processes) of Asset Owners and Managers, James Hawley

"The Basics and Basis of Responsible Investment” and "Reclaiming Pension Fund Fiduciary Duty", James Hawley and Andrew Williams

The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment, James Hawley and Andrew Williams

Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Effectiveness: Emerging HRM Perspectives, Linda Herkenhoff, J. Heydenfeldt, A. Sharma, R. Kingshott, C. Rowley, N. Mohd Shalleh, P. Hosie, and A. Nankervis

Power-Log Optimization and Positively Skewed Option Returns Reduce Risk and Raise Portfolio Performance, Jivendra Kale and Arnav Sheth

Pitching Employee Suggestions and Ideas: Managerial Voice Propagation Up the Hierarchy, Nancy Lam

Typology of Employee-Oriented Voice: An Exploration of Voice Content, Nancy Lam

[Chair], Barbara McGraw

Religious Liberty in the US: Coming to Terms with Hobby Lobby, RFRA, and RLUIPA, Barbara McGraw

For-Profit Education: The Sleep of Ethical Reason, Samuel Natale, Anthony Libertella, and Caroline Doran

Continuous Improvement in Vietnam: Unique Approaches for a Unique Culture, Anh Nguyen

Operational Strategies for Supplier and Retailer with Risk Preference Under VMI Contract, Wenting Pan and Candice H. Huynh

Downside Loss Aversion and Portfolio Growth, Arnav Sheth

Ethical Consumption: Uncovering Personal Meanings and Negotiation Strategies, Saroja Subrahmanyan


Review Essay: Shawn E. Klein’s (ed.) Steve Jobs and Philosophy: For Those Who Think Different, Gregory Wolcott

The Business Leader, the Market, and the Rehabilitation of Adam Smith for Catholic Social Teaching, Gregory Wolcott

The New (Old) Case for the Ethics of Business, Gregory Wolcott

Does Foreign Bank Entry Make Chinese Banks Stronger?, Yingkai Yin, Yahua Zhang, Xiaotian Tina Zhang, and Fang Hu

To Identify Factors That Affect the Social and Financial Success of Microfinance Institutions in the Philippines, Xiaotian Tina Zhang and Yung-Jae Lee

Submissions from 2014

Lightening Talks at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, Jyoti Bachani


Non-profit Vs. For-Profit, Jyoti Bachani

Some Problems and Possibilities for Theism in Peirce’s ‘Neglected Argument’, Gregory Wolcott

The New (Old) Case for the Ethics of Business, Gregory Wolcott

Submissions from 2013


Women in India: Goddess, Warrior or Property, Jyoti Bachani

Voice Assessment of Student Work: Recent Studies and Emerging Technologies, Rebecca Carroll and Barry Eckhouse

Submissions from 2011


Financing Rural Telemedicine: Bringing Healthcare To The Underserved, Jyoti Bachani

Book Review of Social Enterprise: A Global Comparison, ed. Janelle A. Kerlin, 2009, Gregory Wolcott

Submissions from 2010

Book Review of Normative Theory and Business Ethics, Jeffery D. Smith (Editor), Gregory Wolcott

Submissions from 2009

Hayek Unheeded: A Critical Approach to Socialism After Hayek, Gregory Wolcott

Submissions from 2006


Oracle Corporation: Transformation To An E-Business, Jyoti Bachani