Submissions from 2016


"The Shipment" by Young Jean Lee, Deanna Zibello

Submissions from 2015

Dirt, Marilyn Abildskov

Housesitting, Marilyn Abildskov

On Beauty, Marilyn Abildskov

What Stood Out, Marilyn Abildskov

U.S. Must Lead World in Resolving Syrian Crisis, Hisham Ahmed

Economic Development Strategies and the Evolution of Violence in Latin America, Ron Ahnen

Challenges and Opportunities in Municipal Solid Waste Management in India, Manisha Anantharaman

Middle Class Waste, Working Class Hands, Manisha Anantharaman

Recycling Class: The Cultural and Environmental Politics of the New Middle Classes of Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

State-Civil Society Partnership in Turkey: Power, Agency, and Co-Optation, Zeynep Atalay

The Reconfiguration of the Relationship Between Civil Society, State, and the Market in Contemporary Turkey, Zeynep Atalay

Between Text and Sermon: Isaiah 58:1–12, Michael Barram

'Fools for the Sake of Christ’: Missional Hermeneutics and Praxis in the Corinthian Correspondence, Michael Barram

Review of Biblical Economic Ethics: Sacred Scripture’s Teachings on Economic Life, by Albino Barrera (Lanham, MD: Lexington, 2013), Michael Barram

Review of Christian Economic Ethics: History and Implications, by Daniel K. Finn (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2013), Michael Barram

Review of Jesus, Debt, and the Lord’s Prayer: First-Century Debt and Jesus’ Intentions, by Douglas E. Oakman (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2014), Michael Barram

Review of Recovering the Full Mission of God: A Biblical Perspective on Being, Doing and Telling, by Dean Flemming (Downers Grove, Ill.: IVP Academic, 2013), Michael Barram

To Serve God and Not Mammon: Reading Matthew 6 as Missionally Located Formation for Economic Discipleship, Michael Barram

Beautiful Girlhood, a Double Life: Lucy Maud Montgomery, Margaret Laurence, and Alice Munro, Carol Beran

The Paris Perspective, Carol Beran

The Paris Perspective, Carol Beran

Conflicted View of High School is Reflected in Hollywood Films, Robert Bulman

Dance With Me: Dancing and the Promise of Instant Intimacy, Robert Bulman

How Teaching Can Inform Scholarship, Robert Bulman

A Dialectic of Dreams and Dispossession: The School-to-Sweatshop Pipeline, C. Cahill, L. Alvarez Gutiérrez, and David Quijada

Theorizing in the Belly of the Beast: Resisting the School-to-Sweatshop Pipeline, C. Cahill, David Quijada, and L. Alvarez Gutiérrez

Jesus and the Coin of Tribute (Mark 12: 13 – 17), Brother Kenneth Cardwell

Real and Imagined Oppositions: Balthasar and Lonergan on Remembering the Tradition [Keynote], Anne Carpenter

Sense and Memory: At the Critical Conjunction of the Sensus Fidelium and Church Tradition, Anne Carpenter

Theo-Poetics: Hans Urs von Bathasar and the Risk of Art and Being, Anne Carpenter

Choreographer: Davalos Dance Company, 1994-present, Catherine Davalos

Excerpts from "Oh the MOON!", Catherine Davalos

Master Teacher: Creating Your Toolbox, Catherine Davalos

New Excerpts from “Oh the MOON!”, Catherine Davalos

Handwriting Play in Gertrude Stein’s Compositional Practices, Janice Doane

Bridget’s Vision and Jan Provost’s Nativity, Costanza Dopfel

Did Women Have a Renaissance Epic?, Costanza Dopfel

Fertilissima Firenze: Imperativi Demografici ed Epica Femminile nell’ Arte del Quattrocento Fiorentino, Costanza Dopfel

Heroic Mothers and Holy Nativities: Towards a Discovery of Female Visual Epic, Costanza Dopfel

Holy Births: A History of the Iconography of the Nativity, Costanza Dopfel

Medieval Childbirth: Social Representations and Medical Realities I and II, Costanza Dopfel

Effect of Peppermint Oil on the Ventilatory Threshold in Endurance-Trained and Moderately Active Men, Chi-An Emhoff

Effects of Branched-Chain Amino Acid Supplementation on Exercise Performance and Recovery in Highly Endurance Trained Athletes, Chi-An Emhoff

Children, War, and the State: American Youth’s Wartime Experiences, Monica Fitzgerald

The Middle Ground of Masculinity: Puritans, Rogues, and Soldiers, Monica Fitzgerald

To Conduct Archival Research on Early American Ideas About Gender and to Transcribe Oral Histories, Monica Fitzgerald

Mathematical Theologies: Nicholas of Cusa and the Legacy of Thierry of Chartres, David Zachariah Flanagin

The Quest for the Historical Jesus [21 lectures on 8 DVDs], David Zachariah Flanagin

Goodbye, Silver Sister [Poetry], Jeanne Foster

[Readings], Jeanne Foster

[Readings], Jeanne Foster

[Readings], Jeanne Foster

[Readings], Jeanne Foster

[Readings], Jeanne Foster

Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival’s Poetry Contest, Jeanne Foster

The Wild Prayer of Longing, Jeanne Foster

Acorus Calamus, Peter Freund

IRAN|USA, Peter Freund

IRAN|USA, Peter Freund

The End of an Error, Peter Freund

Education for Social Transformation: Infusing Feminist Ethics and Critical Pedagogy into Community-Based Research, Cynthia Ganote and Patrizia Longo

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Father Thomas Berry: His Contribution to a Creation Theology for An Ecology Age, Father David Gentry-Akin

[Faculty Mentor], Father David Gentry-Akin

Simple Lessons in Irish [Finalist], Rosemary Graham

Simple Lessons in Irish [Novel-in-Progress], Rosemary Graham

Simple Lessons in Irish [Novel-in-Progress], Rosemary Graham

American Utopias and Japanese Socialism, Carl Guarneri

Review of "Enrico Dal Lago, William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy, and Radical Reform", Carl Guarneri

Review of "Glenn Van Brummelen, Heavenly Mechanics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry”, Elizabeth Hamm

The Foundation Generation Project: Supporting Students Who Are First in the Family to Attend University, Dana Herrera

Good Global Citizens: Strategic English, Educational Governance, and Cosmopolitan China, Jennifer Heung

Producing and (Re)configuring the Asian Diaspora: Identity, Globalization, and Cross-Cultural Narratives, Jennifer Heung

Strange Body Language: Embodying English, Urban Chinese Identity, and Cultural Capital, Jennifer Heung

Consuetudines et Regulae: Sources for Monastic Life in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, Charles Hiken

Crisis & Creativity, Brenda Hillman

Eight poems from “Metaphor and Simile”, Brenda Hillman

Panel Discussion on Metaphorical Thinking, Brenda Hillman

Particulars of Place, Brenda Hillman

Radiance of Time During Their Love, Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

[Readings], Brenda Hillman

To Translate Contemporary Brazilian Woman’s Poetry, Brenda Hillman

To Continue a Longitudinal Project Studying Communication Between East Asian International Students and the Americans They Interact With Most Frequently, Makiko Imamura

Dangerous Narrative: Apocalypse in African-American Literature, Jeannine King

I’m Not Here: Existential Acts in Nineteenth-Century African American Women’s Narrative, Jeannine King

Bad Translations: Adaptation, Affect, and Apathy in Post-Political Dystopias, Emily Klein

Fantasy Feminisms II: Remembering and Reimagining Feminist Pedagogies, Emily Klein

Imagining Lysistrata 2.0, Emily Klein

In Dialogue With Brecht: A Pre-Show Conversation, Emily Klein

Developing Language Skills and Cultural Awareness Through STEM Content, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Review of "Alexander Lenard: Stories of Rome", Helga Lenart-Cheng