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2.0 Faculty

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2.1 Definitions of Faculty Status
2.1.1 Ranked (Tenure-Track) Faculty
2.1.2 Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
2.1.3 Emeritus/Emerita
2.1.4 Administrators with Faculty Retreat Rights
2.1.5 Temporary Appointment of Administrator to Rank Only
2.2 Types of Appointments
2.2.1 Instructor Appointment
2.2.2 Probationary (Tenure-Track) Appointment
2.2.3 Tenured Appointment
2.2.4 Reduced Services (Tenured Appointment)
2.2.5 Non-Tenure-Track Appointment
2.2.6 Consideration for the Creation of Additional Faculty Positions
2.2.7 Protocols
2.3 Selection and Appointment Procedures
2.3.1 Selection/Appointment of Ranked Faculty
2.3.2 Selection/Appointment of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
2.3.3 Equal Employment Opportunity
2.3.4 Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973: Compliance
2.3.5 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
2.3.6 Special Appointment Categories
2.4 Evaluation of Adjunct Faculty
2.5 Rank and Tenure Records
2.5.1 Faculty Rank and Tenure File
2.5.2 Faculty Rank and Tenure Roster
2.6 Promotion and Tenure
2.6.1 Statement on Criteria for Promotion and Tenure
2.6.2 Procedures for Promotion and Tenure
2.6.3 Advancement, Tenure and Promotion of Academic Administrators
2.7 Tenure
2.8 Separation
2.8.1 Resignation
2.8.2 Retirement of Tenured Faculty Members
2.8.3 Non-Reappointment of Tenure-Track Faculty
2.8.4 Issuance of Letters of Appointment for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
2.8.5 Termination of an Appointment by the College
2.9 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities
2.9.1 Academic Freedom and Responsibility
2.9.2 Policy on Public Presentation
2.9.3 Institutional Policies
2.10 Faculty Development
2.10.1 Sabbatical Leave
2.10.2 Faculty Development Fund Awards
2.10.3 Office of Faculty Development and Scholarship
2.11 Faculty Workload
2.11.1 Workload for Ranked Faculty
2.11.2 Workload for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
2.11.3 Academic Advising
2.11.4 Office Hours
2.12 Working Conditions
2.12.1 Drug-Free Workplace and Alcohol Use Policy
2.12.2 Policy on Smoking in Campus Facilities
2.12.3 Observance of Campus Regulations
2.12.4 Assignment of Offices
2.12.5 Photocopier and Duplicating Equipment for Faculty Use
2.12.6 Office Supplies
2.12.7 Lactation Accommodation
2.13 Leaves
2.13.1 Leaves with Pay
2.13.2 Leaves without Pa
2.14 Benefits
2.14.1 Mandatory Benefits
2.14.2 Long-Term Disability Income Benefits
2.14.3 Healthcare
2.14.4 Group Term Life Insurance
2.14.5 Accidental Death and Dismemberment/Travel Assistance
2.14.6 Workers’ Compensation
2.14.7 Retirement
2.14.8 Tuition Waiver and Exchange Programs
2.15 Faculty Salary Policy
2.15.1 Salary Scales for Ranked and Adjunct Faculty
2.16 Grievance
2.16.1 Introduction
2.16.2 Procedures that Apply to All Grievances
2.16.3 Grievances arising from Alleged Inadequate Consideration and/or Alleged
Violations of Academic Freedom by the Rank and Tenure Committee, The Provost,
or the President in Tenure and Promotion Recommendations and/or Decisions
2.16.4 Grievances that Allege Errors in Policy not Involving the Rank and Tenure Review Process, Errors in Carrying Out Policies or Procedures not Involving the Rank and Tenure Review Process, Violations of Academic Freedom not Involving the Rank and Tenure Review Process, or Inadequate Consideration and/or Violation of Academic Freedom in Reappointment Recommendations and/or Decisions not Involving the Rank and Tenure Review Process
2.16.5 Grievance in Case of Alleged Harassment (Other than Sexual) or Discrimination on the Basis for Race, Color, Ancestry, Religion, National Origin, Gender (40 Years or Older), Marital Status, Sexual Orientation, Medication Condition or Physical or Mental Disability

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