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2.2.1 Probationary (Tenure-Track) Appointment
2.2.2 Tenured Appointment
2.2.3 Reduced Services (Tenured Appointment)
2.2.4 Non-Tenure-Track Appointment
2.2.5 Creation of Additional Faculty Positions
2.2.6 Protocols


Appointments Types of 2.2, Faculty Terms and Conditions of Employment 2.2, Appointment Tenure-Track, Probationary 2.2.1, Probationary (Tenure Track) Appointment 2.2.1, Tenured Appointment 2.2.2, Reduced Services (Tenured Appointments) 2.2.3, Retirement – Reduced Services 2.2.3, Tenured Appointment -- Reduced Services 2.2.3, Non-tenure-track Appointment 2.2.4, Creation of Additional Faculty Positions 2.2.5, Protocols (Hiring) 2.2.6, Creation of Additional Faculty Positions, Tenure-Track, Direct Tenure-track Appointment of Adjunct Faculty, Faculty Adjunct, Lectureship, Tenure-Track Position Direct Appointment to, Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Faculty

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