Great expectations: Self-help therapies for diet and weight loss

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Rebecca Concepcion

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Handbook of self-help therapies


P.L. Watkins & G.A. Clum


New York, NY: Routledge


The scientific research reviewed in the present compilation represents more than 30 years of studies that examine the effectiveness of self-administered treatment (SATs) programs. This research has progressed from treatment outcome studies evaluating the effects of such straightforward issues as self-administered desensitization for spider phobias and bibliotherapy for speech phobia to complex Internet-based interventions that incorporate virtual coaches and immediate feedback strategies. Controlled outcome studies have targeted everything from Axis I disorders (depression, panic disorders, bulimia nervosa) to habit disturbances (eating, smoking, drinking), children’s problems (enuresis, conduct problems), and health problems (Diabetes control, sleep disturbances). Outcome studies have doubled in each of the last two decades from prior decades and the types of problems targeted have become increasingly complex.

1. Self-help therapies : past and present / Patti Lou Watkins -- 2. Good intentions are not enough : reflections on past and future efforts to advance self-help / Gerald M. Rosen, Manuel Barrera, Jr. and Russell E. Glasgow -- 3. Self-help interventions : mapping the role of self-administered treatments in health care / George A. Clum -- 4. Self-regulation theory and self-help therapies / Greg A.R. Febbraro and George A. Clum -- 5. Self-help therapies for anxiety disorders / Michiyo Hirai and George A. Clum -- 6. Self-help therapies for depression / Jennifer A. Karpe and Forrest R. Scogin -- 7. Self-help therapies for childhood disorders / Frank J. Elgar and Patrick J. McGrath -- 8. Self-help therapies for eating disorders / Andrew Winzelberg, Kristine H. Luce and C. Barr Taylor -- 9. Self-help therapies for sexual dysfunctions / Jacques Van Lankveld -- 10. Self-help therapies for insomnia / Shawn R. Currie -- 11. Self-help therapies for problem drinking / Kyp Kypri and John A. Cunningham -- 12. Self-help therapies for cigarette smoking cessation / Mitchell L. Schare and Despina D. Konstas -- 13. Great expectations : self-help therapies for dieting and weight loss / Rebecca Y. Concepcion and Patti Lou Watkins -- 14. Preventing weight gain with internet programs / Richard A. Winett ... [et al.] -- 15. An ecological perspective on self-help : the case of diabetes / Edwin B. Fisher, Russell E. Glasgow and Jeanne M. Gabriele -- 16. Self-administered therapies in primary care / Norah Vincent, John R. Walker and Alan Katz -- 17. Self-help therapies : retrospect and prospect / George A. Clum and Patti Lou Watkins.


Self-help techniques, Psychological literature, Self-care, Health, Mental illness -- Treatment, Electronic reference sources






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Concepcion, R. Y. & Watkins, P. L. (2008). Great expectations: Self-help therapies for diet and weight loss. In P.L. Watkins & G.A. Clum (Eds.), Handbook of self-help therapies. New York, NY: Routledge.