About Saint Mary’s Digital Commons

Saint Mary's Digital Commons is an Institutional Repository (IR) service managed by the Saint Albert Hall Library that provides an electronic repository for academic, scholarly, and creative works, administrative documents, electronic journals, and other content produced by and for the Saint Mary's College of California (SMC) community. Content in the repository will be accessible in compliance with copyright and indexed by major search engines. The Digital Commons hosts scholarly materials such as:

  • Current and previously published materials (articles, book chapters, performances, videos, etc.)
  • Conference works and unpublished scholarly works
  • Lectures, capstone projects, syllabi, white papers, etc.

A sample of content categories include:

  • Theses and dissertations
  • Journals and peer reviewed publications
  • Conferences and proceedings
  • Faculty and Staff SelectedWorks web pages (with a link to PlumX)
  • Expert Gallery
  • Handbooks and Course Catalogs
  • Open Access textbooks and course materials


Managed by the Library, the Digital Commons service collects, organizes, makes accessible and provides impact metrics for the College’s intellectual corpus and key administrative documents. The Digital Commons supports two of Saint Mary’s College’s Strategic Plan goals.

  • Goal 1: Raise the Academic Profile and Distinction. By providing worldwide discoverability for scholarly and creative works of our faculty and students, the Digital Commons will support the College’s goal of being “nationally recognized for academic excellence.”
  • Goal 6: Ensure Saint Mary’s Financial Stability. As an efficient, cost-effective publication and access platform for administrative documents, Digital Commons “optimizes quality” while ensuring “disciplined cost management.”

Approved by SMC Digital Commons Working Group
April 4, 2017