Houston Public Media Discusses Venezuela Crisis With SMC's Marco Aponte-Moreno




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Houston Public Media-KUHF-FM


Several news outlets across the nation, including Houston Public Media, The Conversation, and locally KCBS News Radio, have featured insights from Saint Mary's Professor of Global Business Marco Aponte-Moreno on the evolving political crisis in Venezuela.

In a lengthy interview with Houston's KUHF-FM, Aponte-Moreno discussed the significance of Leopoldo López, Venezuela's most famous political prisoner, standing side by side with Juan Guaidó— the leader of the opposition against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro—in a video calling for the country's people to rise up against Maduro.

Additionally, in an opinion piece "Who is Leopoldo López, the newly freed opposition leader behind Venezuela’s uprising?,"written for The Conversation, and carried in multiple news outlets, including United Press International, Aponte-Moreno provides background on López, who was a former mayor, presidential candidate, and a leading figure in the 2014 protest movements against Maduro. After López's release from house arrest by military officials siding with Guaidó, Aponte-Moreno argues that the appearance of López in the Guaidó video was "a potent signal for Venezuelans after years of bloody protest and multiple thwarted coup attempts."

Aponte-Moreno’s academic research focuses on leadership and cross-cultural management, and he has written extensively about political leadership in Venezuela, his native country. Read his commentary and listen to the interview with Houston Public Media.