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1.6 Governance Structure

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1.6.1 Shared Governance


Governance Structure (Faculty) 1.6, Shared Governance 1.6.1, Elections, Faculty, Faculty Elections, Academic Senate, Faculty Elections – Nominations, Nominations Faculty Elections, Academic Senate Role, Balloting (Faculty Elections), Faculty Elections – Balloting, Role (Academic Senate), Quorum General and Special Meetings (Academic Senate), Academic Senate Voice, Voice (Academic Senate), Rules of Procedure (Academic Senate), Business Procedures (Academic Senate), Presidential Response (Academic Senate), Academic Senate Responsibilities, Responsibilities Academic Senate, Eligibility for Election (Faculty), Faculty Qualifications for Election (Non-R&T), Intensive Workload Committees, Qualifications Faculty Elections (Committees except Rank and Tenure), Academic Senate Chairperson, Faculty Voting Rights (Faculty Elections), Rights Voting (Faculty Elections), Succession (Academic Senate), Voting Rights Faculty Elections, Academic Senate Parliamentarian, Academic Senate, Vice Chairperson, Appointments Resignations and (Faculty Committees), Parliamentarian (Senate), Resignations and Appointments (Faculty Committees), Vice Chairperson (Academic Senate), Faculty Governance Coordinator (Academic Senate), Academic Senate Membership, Terms of Office (Academic Senate), Duties of the Academic Senate, Meetings (Academic Senate), Meetings, Executive (Academic Senate), Quorum, Executive Meetings (Academic Senate), Academic Senate, Executive Meetings, Consent Agenda (Academic Senate), Meetings, General (Academic Senate), Academic Senate, General Meetings, Academic Senate, Special General Meeting, Meetings Special General (Academic Senate), Special General Meeting (Academic Senate)

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