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1.7 Committee Structure

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1.7.1 Board of Trustees Committees
1.7.2 Institutional Councils and Committees
1.7.3 Academic Affairs Councils and Committees
1.7.4 Academic Senate Committees
1.7.5 Student Life Committees
1.7.6 Finance Committees
1.7.7 Development Committees
1.7.8 Enrollment Committees
1.7.9 Miscellaneous Committees and Faculty Representatives


Committee Structure 1.7, Board of Trustees Committees 1.7.1, Executive Committee (Board of Trustees), Academic Affairs Committee (Board of Trustees), Advancement Committee (Board of Trustees), Audit Committee (Board of Trustees), Buildings and Grounds Committee (Board of Trustees), Enrollment and Student Life Committee (Board of Trustees), Finance Committee (Board of Trustees), Investment Committee (Board of Trustees), Institutional Councils and Committees 1.7.2, Cabinet President’s, President’s Cabinet, College Committee on Inclusive Excellence, Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Sustainability Committee, Academic Affairs Councils and Committees 1.7.3, Provost’s Academic Affairs Leadership Team and Council of Deans, Campus Athletic and Recreational Sports Committee, Career Development Center Advisory Board, Campus Deans and Directors Committee, Graduate and Professional Studies Programs Council (Graduate Council), Rank and Tenure Committee, Faculty Qualified for Election to Rank and Tenure Committee, Qualified Faculty for Election to Rank and Tenure Committee, Rank and Tenure Committee Student, Student Rank and Tenure Committee, Library Committee, Academic Appeals Committee, Committee on Academic Appeals, International Programs Coordinating Committee, Human Research Institutional Review Board, Faculty Development Fund Committee, Academic Senate Committees 1.7.4, Grievance Committee, Committee on Teaching and Scholarship, Teaching and Scholarship Committee on, January Term Committee, Collegiate Seminar Governing Board, Core Curriculum Committee, Core Curriculum Working Groups, First Year Advising Steering Committee, Faculty Welfare Committee, Welfare, Faculty Committee, Committee on Committees, Academic Administrators Evaluation Committee, Undergraduate Educational Policies Committee, Graduate and Professional Studies Educational Policies Committee, Program Review Committee, Admissions and Academic Regulations Committee, Faculty Committee on the Bookstore, Student Life Committees 1.7.5, Disciplinary Hearing Board, Residence Life Advisory Board, Student Health Committee, Finance Committees 1.7.6, Budget Committee, Technology Planning and Policy Committee, Campus Facilities Planning Committee, Employee Benefits Advisory Committee, Development Committees 1.7.7, Enrollment Committees 1.7.8, Enrollment Group, Miscellaneous Committees and Faculty Representatives 1.7.9, Joint Committee of Associated Students of Saint Mary’s College (ASSMC) Staff Council and the Academic Senate, Faculty Handbook Review Committee, Handbook Review Committee Faculty, Board of Trustees Faculty Representative to, Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees, Alumni Board of Directors Faculty Representative to, Faculty Representative to the Alumni Board of Directors

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