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2.8 Separation

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2.8.1 Resignation
2.8.2 Retirement of Tenured Faculty Members
2.8.3 Non-Reappointment of Tenure-Track Faculty
2.8.4 Issuance of Letters of Appointment for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty
2.8.5 Termination of an Appointment by the College


Separation 2.8, Resignation 2.8.1, Non-reappointment Tenure-track Faculty 2.8.3, Issuance of Letters of Appointment Non-tenure-track Faculty 2.8.4, Retirement Non-tenure-track Faculty, Standards of Notice Probationary Tenure-Track Appointment, Termination of an Appointment by the College 2.8.5, Financial Exigency, Termination by, General Financial Exigency, Discontinuance of Program not Mandated by Financial Exigency, Medical Reasons, Termination of Faculty Appointment, Process for Suspension of Program Enrollment, Suspension of Program Enrollment Process for, Process for Discontinuance of an Academic Department or Program, Unfitness, Termination for, Retirement Tenured Faculty 2.8.2, Notice of Non-reappointment Probationary Tenure-track Faculty,

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