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1.4.1 The President
1.4.2 Provost
1.4.3 Vice Provost for Student Life
1.4.4 Vice President for Finance
1.4.5 Vice President for Development
1.4.6 Vice President for College Communications
1.4.7 Vice President for Mission


President of the College 1.4.1, Finance Vice President for 1.4.4, Vice President for Finance 1.4.4, Administrative Organization 1.4, Organization Administrative 1.4, President 1.4.1, General Counsel, Director for Athletics and Recreational Sports, Director of Athletics and Recreational Sports, Provost 1.4.2, Vice Provosts Academic, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academics (Organizational Chart), Vice Provost for Graduate and Professional Studies, Vice Provost for Enrollment (Organizational Chart), Registrar, Admissions Dean of, Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid Director, Director of Financial Aid, Chief Technology Officer, Deans (Academic Affairs), Dean of the School, Academic Resources Dean for Library and, Dean for Library and Academic Resources, Library and Academic Resources Dean for, Dean of Academic Advising and Achievement, Director, Academic Affairs, Directors (Academic Affairs), Director of Faculty Development, Kalmanovitz School of Education Program Directors, Program Directors Kalmanovitz School of Education, Director of Collegiate Program Director, Director of January Term, January Term Director, Director of Catholic Institute for Lasallian Social Action (CILSA), Graduate Business Programs, Director, Director of Center for International Programs, Chairs of Departments, Department Chairs Duties, Duties Department Chairs, Student Life Vice Provost for 1.4.3, Vice Provost for Student Life 1.4.3, Dean of Students, Director of New Student and Family Programs, Director of Health and Wellness Center, Director of Women’s Resource Center, Director Intercultural Center, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, Director of Public Safety, Public Safety Director of, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, Human Resources Associate Vice President for, Director, Events and Conferences, Advancement Vice President of 1.4.5, Vice President for Advancement 1.4.5, College Communications Vice President 1.4.6, Vice President for College Communications 1.4.6, Director of Scheduling and Promotion, Mission Vice President for 1.4.7, Vice President for Mission 1.4.7, Dean for Mission and Ministry, Dean for Mission and Ministry1.4.7.1

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