Faculty Handbook

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2.1.1 Tenure-Track Faculty

2.1.2 Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

2.1.3 Emeritus/Emerita Faculty

2.1.4 Administrators with Faculty Retreat Rights

2.1.5 Temporary Appointment of Administrator to Rank Only


Definitions of Faculty Status, Faculty Development, Faculty Status, Definitions of, Qualifications for Appointment to Rank, Tenure-Track Faculty (definition of), Terminal Degrees (Faculty), Exceptional Candidate Appointments (For Such a Rank), Faculty, Non-Tenure-Track, Definition, Non-Tenure Track Faculty (definition of), Visiting Professor (definition of), Contingent Faculty Positions (definition of), Adjunct Professor (definition of), Emeritus/Emerita Faculty (definition of), Faculty Emeritus/Emerita, Definition, Administrators with Faculty Retreat Rights, Faculty Retreat Rights, Administrators with, Retreat Rights, Administrators with Faculty, Temporary Appointment of Administrator to Rank Only

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