Date of Award

Spring 2020

Presentation Date

Spring 4-20-2020

Document Type

Senior Essay

First Advisor

Joseph Zepeda


Most of us are well aware that throughout the next few decades humans will be faced with major environmental crises and the main focus of my generation will be; how to react and adapt to this changing world. Therefore, with this essay I will attempt to define the term “nature,” while showing how human nature has veered far away from it. Philosopher Rudolf Steiner created the term “biodynamic farming,” which means to produce food in a way that is in harmony with nature. Many texts allude to this way of living, persuading us to live in harmony with nature instead of attempting to manipulate it for our convenience. This leads to the issue of food production as a cultural issue, in that the way we grow our crops is similar to the way we live our lives. In our society we feel as though we need to make ourselves into single-function machines, but that has created an anxious, gluttonous population. This essay proposes remedies to our detrimental ways of thinking and living, in order that we may live longer and in a more harmonious relationship with the earth.