Graduate and Professional Student Handbook (2009-2018)

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1-a Definitions Applying to Academic Policies
1-b Admissions Requirements
1-c Academic Standing
1-d Full-and Part-time Status
1-e Residency Requirement
1-f Transfer Units for Graduate Students
1-g Transfer Units for Undergraduate Professional Students
1-h Grading
1-i Attendance Policy
1-j Auditing
1-k Open Enrollment
1-l Continuous Enrollment and Leave of Absence
1-m Timely Completion of Degree
1-n Dual Degree Programs
1-o Second Master’s Degree
1-p Course Evaluations
1-q Degree Requirements
1-r Advancement to Candidacy and Completion of Degree
1-s Thesis, Synthesis Project, and Dissertation Guidelines
1-t Academic Appeal Process

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