Submissions from 2004


Hyper-cyst mutants in Rhodospirillum centenum identify regulatory loci in cyst cell differentiation, James E. Berleman

When is restoration Not Appropriate?, Carla Bossard

Comparison of alkaloid content between California populations of broom, Kenneth J. Brown

The role of Btk29A in the morphogenesis of embryonic salivary glands, Vidya Chandrasekaran and S. K. Beckendorf

The effects of downsizing on organizational climate, In K P De Meuse (Chair), Resizing the Organization: Using Research to Improve Practice, Emily Hause

A comparison of inter-canine widths among various animals and humans, Douglas J. Long


Fish Invasions in California Watersheds: Testing Hypotheses Using Landscape Patterns, Michael Marchetti, Theo Light, Peter Moyle, and Joshua Viers


Alien Fishes in California Watersheds: Characteristics of Successful and Failed Invaders, Michael Marchetti, Peter Moyle, and Richard Levine


Invasive Species Profiling? Exploring the Characteristics of Non‐Native Fishes Across Invasion Stages in California, Michael Marchetti, Peter Moyle, and Richard Levine

Electrophysiological evidence for effects of verbal working memory capacity on incremental thematic integration in spoken sentence comprehension, Hiroko Nakano


Deficits in thematic integration processes in Broca’s and Wernicke’s aphasia, Hiroko Nakano and Sheila E. Blumstein

Individual differences in the effects of plausibility on incremental sentential integration: An ERP study, Hiroko Nakano and Tamara Swaab

Phylogenetic investigations of Antarctic notothenioid fishes (Perciformes: Notothenioidei) using complete gene sequences of the mitochondrial encoded 16S rRNA, James J. Pesavento

Shotgun Annotation of Histone Modifications: A New Approach for Streamlined Characterization of Proteins by Top Down Mass Spectrometry, James J. Pesavento

Metallic contacts with individual Ru nanowires prepared by electrochemical deposition and the suppression of superconductivity in ultrasmall Ru grains, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Infant-mother attachment among the Dogon of Mali: Findings on the universal and culturally specific dimensions of infant attachment and the relationship between infant undernutrition and maternal underresponsiveness, Mary McMahan True


Lexical-semantic retention and speech production: Further evidence from normal and brain-damaged participants for a phrasal scope of planning, Hoang Vu

Strength of discourse context as a determinant of the subordinate bias effect, Hoang Vu

The impact of gender and confidence on juror verdicts, Paul Zarnoth

Submissions from 2003

Incorporation of Field Portable XRF into the Environmental Chemistry Lab, Steve Bachofer

Safely Using X-rays to Benefit the Communit, Steve Bachofer

SENCER grant - AAC&U, Steve Bachofer

Criteria for evaluating invasive species., Carla C. Bossard

When is restoration not appropriate?, Carla C. Bossard

Curricular threads: An experiment connecting extraction, chromatography, and biological transport, Kenneth J. Brown

Diastereoselective reactions of ethyl magnesium alkoxide reagents with 2-phenylpropanal, Kenneth J. Brown


senseless is necessary for the survival of embryonic salivary gland precursors in Drosophila, Vidya Chandrasekaran and S. K. Beckendorf

The role of Btk29A in the morphogenesis of embryonic salivary glands, Vidya Chandrasekaran and S. K. Beckendorf

Use of retroelement sequences as markers for intracultivar diversity in grape (Vitis vinifera)., Keith E. Garrison

Gender differences in issue framing, Emily Hause

The impact of corporate downsizing on employee fulfillment and organizational capacity, Emily Hause

Medial mandibular ramus: ontogenetic, idiosyncratic, and geographic variation in recent Homo, great apes, and fossil hominids, Rebecca S. Jabbour


Charged pion production in 2A to 8AGeV central Au+Au Collisions, Jessica Kintner


Comparison of source images for protons, pions, and lambda hyperons in 6A GeV Au + Au, Jessica Kintner


Near-Threshold Production of the Multistrange Xi- Hyperon, Jessica Kintner


Using Science to Evaluate Restoration Efforts and Ecosystem Health on the Sacramento River Project, California, Michael Marchetti


Effects of Hatchery Rearing on Brain Structures of Rainbow Trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss, Michael Marchetti and Gabrielle Nevitt

Electrophysiological evidence for delayed semantic integration in spoken sentence comprehension, Hiroko Nakano and Tamara Swaab

Forest or trees, effect of emotions, Keith Ogawa

Mitochondrial DNA, morphology, and the phylogenetic relationships of Antarctic icefishes (Notothenioidei: Channichthyidae), James J. Pesavento

Experimenal determination of superconducting parameters for the intermetallic perovskite superconductor MgCNi3, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Quantum phase transition in quasi-one-dimensional BaRu6O12, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Superconducting fluctuations in the destructive regime of ultrathin, superconducting cylinders, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Superconductivity in ultrathin superconducting cylinders and rings, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Another pathway to infant disorganization: Insights from an African dataset, Mary McMahan True


Situation-evoking stimuli, domain of reference, and the incremental interpretation of lexical ambiguity, Hoang Vu

Stimulus deconstruction and lexical ambiguity resolution in the cerebral hemispheres, Hoang Vu

Bias in the courtroom: Do jurors always trust confident eyewitnesses?, Paul Zarnoth

Submissions from 2002


Investigations of Mono-Fluoro substituted benzoates at the Tetradecyltrimethylammonium Micellar Interface, Steve Bachofer

LaSallian Teaching and Learning Excellence Award - SOS, Saint Mary’s College of California (April 2002), Carla C. Bossard

Stereoselectivity of cyclic imine reduction, Kenneth J. Brown


Glia induce dendritic growth in cultures sympathetic neurons by modulating the balance between bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) and BMP antagonists, Vidya Chandrasekaran


senseless controls the survival of cells in the salivary glands by repressing reaper and hid, Vidya Chandrasekaran and S. K. Beckendorf


Genetic divergence and chimerism within ancient asexually propagated winegrape cultivars, Keith E. Garrison

The wake of wisaster: Impact on the nation's workplace, Emily Hause


Bone morphogenetic protein-7 stimulates initial dendritic growth in sympathetic neurons through an intracellular fibroblast growth factor signaling pathway, C. Horbinski, E. K. Stachowiak, Vidya Chandrasekaran, E. Mizukoshi, Dennis Higgins, and M. K. Stachowiak


Mandibular condyle traits in Neanderthals and other Homo: a comparative, correlative, and ontogenetic study, Rebecca Jabbour, Gary D. Richards, and J Y. Anderson

Solving the enigma., Christopher Jones

The non-existence of Codes related to Caps in PG., Christopher Jones


Cenrality and momentum-selected elliptic flow: Tighter constraints for the nuclear equation of state., Jessica Kintner


Longitudinal flow of protons from (2-8)A GeV Central Au + Au collisions., Jessica Kintner

National Science Foundation grant, Douglas J. Long

Skulls, Douglas J. Long

Affective interference of right hemisphere dependent global processing, Keith Ogawa


Exploring the Stereochemistry of CXCR4-Peptide Recognition and Inhibiting HIV-1 Entry with D-Peptides Derived from Chemokines, James J. Pesavento


Methylglyoxal Enhances Cisplatin-Induced Cytotoxicity By Activating PKCd, James J. Pesavento

More on Products of Effros Spaces, Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Kathryn Porter


Electrical transport properties of quench condensed Bi films at the initial stage of film growth, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Superconductivity in 1D. Materials Research Science and Engineering Center Seminar, Mari-Anne M. Rosario

Individual differences in infant-mother attachment among the Dogon of Mali: Observations in three contexts, Mary McMahan True


Functional studies on native and mutated forms of perilipins: A role in protein kinase Amediated lipolysis of triacylglycerols in CHO cells, Rainbow A. Vogt


Language and lexical processing, Hoang Vu

Resolving lexical ambiguity: contributions from situational knowledge, Hoang Vu


The Maximal Abelian Gauge, Monopoles, and Vortices in SU(3) Lattice Gauge Theory, Roy J. Wensley

Decision style in the courtroom: Individual differences in the reactions to an expert witness, Paul Zarnoth

Individual perceptions of responsibility and leadership by members of interacting groups, Paul Zarnoth

Submissions from 2001

Stereoselective hydride transfer of magnesium alkoxides, Kenneth J. Brown


Cerebrospinal fluid contains biologically active bone morphogenetic protein –7, Vidya Chandrasekaran


senseless is necessary for the survival of embryonic salivary gland precursors, Vidya Chandrasekaran, S. K. Beckendorf, and B. Zhou

Parental and school socialization: A structural model of the development of adolescents’ vocational expectations, Lynyonne Cotton

An introduction to coding theory., Christopher Jones


Directed Flow of Lambda Hyperons in (2 - 6)A GeV Au + Au Collisions., Jessica Kintner


Model-independent source imaging using two-pion correlations in (2 to 8)A GeV Au + Au collisions., Jessica Kintner

Historical and Recent Colonization of the South Farallon Islands, California, by Northern Fur Seals (Callorhinus ursinus), Douglas J. Long


Homogenization of California’s Fish Fauna Through Abiotic Change, Michael Marchetti, Theo Light, Joaquin Feliciano, Trip Armstrong, Zeb Hogan, Joshua Viers, and Peter Moyle


Effects of Flow Regime on Fish Assemblages in a Regulated California Stream, Michael Marchetti and Peter Moyle

Deficits in combinatorial thematics in sentence processing in Broca's and Wernicke's aphasia, Hiroko Nakano and Sheila E. Blumstein

Asymmetric organization of human prefrontal cortex for emotional processing, Keith Ogawa

Location and frequency cues in auditory selective attention, Keith Ogawa

Orbital-thalamic network for the regulation of cortical synchronization, Keith Ogawa


Regular-Uniform Convergence and the Open-Open Topology, Kathryn Porter

Topologies of Open-Cover Type Quasi-Uniform Convergence on Homeomorphism Groups, Kathryn Porter


Destruction of the global phase coherence in ultrathin, doubly connected superconducting cylinders, Mari-Anne M. Rosario


Mother-infant attachment among the Dogon of Mali, Mary McMahan True

Situation-based expectancies affect lexical ambiguity resolution, Hoang Vu

National Science Foundation Grant PHY-9802579, Roy J. Wensley

Intuitive and analytic decision makers: Individual differences in the use of available information, Paul Zarnoth

Order effects in individual and group policy allocations, Paul Zarnoth

Submissions from 2000

Agilent Technologies University Grant, Steve Bachofer

Anchoring the Curricular Thread on Electronic Structure, Quantum Theory and Spectroscopy: A General Chemistry Exploration of Energy and Color Experiment, Steve Bachofer