Submissions from 2012

Miocene-to-Recent evolution of the hominin foramen magnum, Rebecca S. Jabbour

Differences between eastern and western gorillas in the forelimb and hindlimb skeletons, Rebecca S. Jabbour

The new rules for NFL overtime, Christopher Jones


Hyperpolarized water as an MR imaging contrast agent: Feasibility of in vivo imaging in a rat model, Mark D. Lingwood


Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization amplification of NMR flow imaging, Mark D. Lingwood


Description of a new species of deepwater catshark, Bythaelurus giddingsi sp. nov., from the Galapagos Islands (Chondrichthyes: Carcharhiniformes:Scyliorhinidae), Douglas J. Long

Advancing Ecological Literacy in Non-Majors, Undergraduate Courses, Michael Marchetti

Ecological Role of Seasonal Tributaries in California, Michael Marchetti

Examining the paradox of invasive/endangered species conservation, Michael Marchetti

The critical role of seasonal tributaries in California, Michael Marchetti

The critical role of seasonal tributaries in California, Michael Marchetti

The ecological role of seasonal tributaries in California, Michael Marchetti

The impact of aquatic invaders on stream food webs in Kauai, Hawaii, Michael Marchetti

The role of interspecific competition in the process of species invasion, Michael Marchetti

Music processing in experienced dancers and non-dancers: An EEG spectral analysis, Hiroko Nakano, Constanza de Dios, Nicholas A.J. Wan, and Mari-Anne Rosario

Processing of null argument sentence in English: The OSP and the N400, Hiroko Nakano, Lara Pierce, Yuriko Oshima-Takane, and Fred Genesee

Orbitofrontal cortex biases attention to emotional events, Keith Ogawa

Obitofrontal cortex biases attention to emotional events, Keith H. Ogawa

Threat interferes with response inhibition, Keith H. Ogawa

The sl3 web algebra, WeiWei Pan

Case of the Fantastic Forgery: Chemistry and Art, Michelle Shulman


An IMMERSE-style course brings a research experience to students and faculty, Ellen Veomett

Vertex isoperimetric inequalities for a family of graphs on Z^k, Ellen Veomett

The importance of translating research skillfully to benefit the public, Rainbow A. Vogt


Cancer and non-cancer health effects from dietary toxic exposure for children and adults in California, Rainbow A. Vogt, Deborah Bennett, Diana Cassady, Joshua Frost, Beate Ritz, and Irva Hertz-Picciotto

Submissions from 2011

Taking the Lab Outside, Steve Bachofer


Columbus crater and other possible groundwater‐fed paleolakes of Terra Sirenum, Mars., Alice M. Baldridge

A sojourner’s return: Theories of cultural reintegration, first-hand narratives of psychological challenges faced by returning humanitarian workers, and implications for mental health workers, Mark Barajas

Resiliency among lesbian and gay individuals: A critical review, directions for future research, and implications for mental health professionals, Mark Barajas

Unique challenges faced by graduate teaching assistants who are underrepresented racial minorities, Mark Barajas

What did I take away from my multicultural class? Exploring reactions and growth areas of multicultural coursework from students’ and teachers’ perspectives, Mark Barajas


Academic achievement of children in single-parent homes: A critical review, Mark S. Barajas


Thematic analysis of the experiences of wives who stay with husbands who transition male-to-female, Mark S. Barajas

Outstanding Graduate Student Award University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Mathematics (2011), Kristen Beck


Cyclic GMP controls Rhodospirillum centenum cyst development, James E. Berleman

Diurnal variation in relative photosynthetic performance of marestail (Hippuris vulgaris Linn.) Across a water temperature gradient using PAM fluorometry in Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve,Sichuan Province, China, Carla Bossard


Surface ozone in the White Mountains of California, Joel Burley and Andrzej Bytnerowicz


Embryonic and cellular effects after exposure to commonly consumed energy drinks, Vidya Chandrasekaran and Wayne Doyle

Reactive Oxygen Species are important for promoting BMP-induced dendritic growth in rat embryonic sympathetic neurons, Vidya Chandrasekaran, Charlotte Lea, and Pamela Lein


The effects of energy drinks on the structure and function of epithelial cells and fibroblasts., Vidya Chandrasekaran and Eric Shide


Human endogenous retrovirus K106 (HERV-K106) was infectious after the emergence of anatomically modern humans, Keith Garrison


Rapid Progressing Allele HLA-B35 Px Restricted Anti-HIV-1 CD8+ T Cells Recognize Vestigial CTL Epitopes, Keith Garrison


Strong human endogenous retrovirus-specific T cell responses are associated with control of HIV-1 in chronic infection, Keith Garrison

Issue framing and locus of control: Imposed frames with two ambiguous tasks, Emily Hause

Isolated hominid cranial fragments from the Omo River Basin: 1969-1975 collections, Rebecca S. Jabbour

Ontogenetic constraints on fluid and air filled spaces of the human craniofacial complex, Rebecca S. Jabbour


Rapid Suppression of Activated Rac1 by Cadherins and Nectins during De Novo Cell-Cell Adhesion, Khameeka N. Kitt and James Nelson

Dynamic nuclear polarization enhanced nuclear magnetic resonance of water under ambient conditions, Mark D. Lingwood


Solution-state dynamic nuclear polarization, Mark D. Lingwood

State of California Natural Resources Agency grant, Douglas J. Long

Tropical Eastern Pacific Records of the Prickly Shark, Echinorhinus cookei (Chondrichthyes: Echinorhinidae), Douglas J. Long

Non-natives: pluses of invasion ecology, Michael P. Marchetti


Measuring the ecological impact of long-term flow disturbance on the macroinvertebrate community in a large Mediterranean climate river, Michael P. Marchetti, Elaine Esteban, Adam N.H. Smith, Daniel Pickard, A. Brady Richards, and Joe Slusark

Empowerment in health and community settings, Mary E. McCall

GALEX Ultraviolet Virgo Cluster Survey, Ronald Olowin

The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey: The alpha.40 HI Source Catalog, its Characteristics and their Impact on the Derivation of the HI Mass Function, Ronald Olowin

CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) (7thed.), Kathryn F. Porter


Foramen magnum ontogeny in Homo sapiens: a functional matrix perspective, Gary D. Richards and Rebecca S. Jabbour


Materials and techniques of Kalighat paintings: Pigment analysis of nine paintings from the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum, Michelle Shulman

The development and treatment of impulsivity, Mary True

It Isn't My Fault, So It Isn't Yours Either: Social Projection and Blame Avoidance in Groups, Paul Zarnoth

Submissions from 2010

A finite dimensional A-algebra example, Michael Allocca

Exploring three civic engagement issues through XRF spectroscop, Steve Bachofer

SCI-West Research Work: Watershed Projects, Steve Bachofer

Sources of Lead Exposure and Our Attempts to Minimize It, Steve Bachofer

SuperFund Sites can be Super Fun?, Steve Bachofer

Wetland Restoration as a Critical Civic Engagement Issue, Steve Bachofer

Studying the Redevelopment of a Superfund Site: An Integrated General Science Curriculum Paying Added Dividends, Steven Bachofer


Investigating the effects of soil moisture on thermal infrared land surface temperature and emissivity using satellite retrievals and laboratory measurements, Remote Sensing of Environment, Alice M. Baldridge

Clinical work with transgender clients & families, Mark Barajas

Educational attainment of children from single- parent homes, Mark Barajas

The experiences of wives who stay with transsexual husbands/partners: A thematic analysis of cases from Virginia Erhardt’s book, Head over Heels, Mark Barajas

Excellence Award for Effective Leadership in K-12 School Outreach Activities University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Mathematics, NSF GK-12 MAVS Program (2010), Kristen Beck

Moore Foundation Microbial Diversity Award, May 2010, James E. Berleman


FrzS regulates social motility in Myxococcus xanthus by controlling exopolysaccharide production, James E. Berleman, Juan J. J. Vicente, Annie E. Davis, Sharon Y. Jiang, Young-Eun Seo, and David R. Zusman

New ways to manage novel ecosystems, Carla C. Bossard

Principles for managing novel Riparian ecosystems in China., Carla C. Bossard


The Genomics Education Partnership: Successful Integration of Research into Laboratory Classes at a Diverse Group of Undergraduate Institutions, Vidya Chandrasekaran


The Genomics Education Partnership: Successful Integration of Research into Laboratory Classes at a Diverse Group of Undergraduate Institutions, Vidya Chandrasekaran


The role of CG11148 in embryogenesis and wing patterning in Drosophila, Vidya Chandrasekaran and Jeanine Schibler

A global coal production forecast with multi-Hubbert cycle analysis., Gregory D. Croft

Developmental psychology and The Simpsons, Emily Hause

Issue framing and locus of control: Imposed frames with an ambiguous task, Emily Hause

Color centers induced in dental enamel during synchrotron microcomputed tomography: phase I assessment, Rebecca S. Jabbour

Foramen magnum growth in modern humans: the ventral component, Rebecca S. Jabbour

Metric, morphologic, and functional analysis of frontal bone ontogeny in Homo sapiens, Rebecca S. Jabbour

A look at overtime in the NFL, Christopher Jones


A look at overtime in the NFL., Christopher Jones


Regulation of tight junction assembly and epithelial polarity by a resident protein of apical endosomes, Khameeka N. Kitt

Phylogeography of the ground squirrel subgenus Xerospermophilus and assembly of the Mojave Desert biota, Phillip Leitner


Continuous flow Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization of water in the fringe field of a clinical magnetic resonance imaging system for authentic image contrast, Mark D. Lingwood


Heisenberg spin exchange effects of nitroxide radicals on Overhauser dynamic nuclear polarization in the low field limit at 1.5 mT, Mark D. Lingwood

Flight feather molt of Turkey Vultures (Cathartes aura), Douglas J. Long

Ecological Role of Seasonal Tributaries in California, Michael Marchetti

Impact of Invasive Species: Lessons from California's Fishes, Michael Marchetti

Impact of Invasive Species: Lessons from California's Fishes, Michael Marchetti

Evaluating wetland restoration success using aquatic macroinvertebrate assemblages, Michael P. Marchetti

Freshwater fish introductions in Mediterranean-climate regions: are there commonalities in the conservation problem, Michael P. Marchetti

Protecting Life On Earth: An Introduction to the Science of Conservation, Michael P. Marchetti

Speech and span: Working memory capacity impacts the use of animacy but not of world knowledge during spoken sentence comprehension, Hiroko Nakano