Submissions from 2018

Culturally Relevant Contemplative Practice, Zahra Ahmed

Success and Failure of Microcredit Programs in Brazil, Ronald Ahnen

Victims of Their Own Success? Explaining the Lack of Microcredit Programs in Costa Rica, Ronald Ahnen

Innovative Collaboration Between Teacher Education and a Mission-Driven Liberal Arts Curriculum, Peter Alter, Monica Fitzgerald, and Tamara Spencer


Critical Sustainable Consumption: A Research Agenda, Manisha Anantharaman


Leapfrogging Development - Its Challenges and Opportunities, Manisha Anantharaman

Lifting family voices in the juvenile justice system and urban schools to promote healing, Rebecca Anguiano

Nondiscriminatory assessment practices with bilingual students: Using the Cultural-Linguistic Interpretive Matrix in Psychoeducational Evaluations. Two-part training presented to school psychologists at Seneca Family of Agencies, Rebecca Anguiano


Developing Empathetic Leaders through Storytelling and Performance., Marco Aponte-Moreno


International Leadership Network: Global and Diverse Leadership, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Is Venezuela’s president afraid of a coup d’état?, Marco Aponte-Moreno


It’s the Disease Talking: Dehumanization of Patients Living with Dementia, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Outstanding Teaching Award, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Trump sees opportunity in Venezuela's humanitarian crisis as midterm approaches, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Venezuelans are boycotting their presidential election, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Transformational Leadership: Lessons from the Venezuela’s System of Youth Orchestras, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Lance Lattig

Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart, David Arndt

Questions of Eurocentrism in Achebe's "Things Fall Apart", David Arndt

Seminar and Eurocentrism, David Arndt


Ecological Impact of Alien Marine Fishes: Insights From Freshwater Systems Based on a Comparative Review, Erik Arndt, Michael Marchetti, and Patrick Schembri

A Contemplative Arts Salon for Individual and Organizational Well Being, Jyoti Bachani


Shifting Management From Control to Inspiration, Jyoti Bachani


A Work Assignment Role Play in Communicating With Dignity, Jyoti Bachani and Doona Hicks

Catholic higher education values as understood by traditionally underrepresented students, Mark S. Barajas

Children and youth: Resilience after motor vehicle accidents, Mark S. Barajas

F32 Major depressive disorder, single episode, Mark S. Barajas

Preparing Culturally Competent Teachers, Mark S. Barajas

The influence of feedback on counselor trainees’ implicit racial bias, Mark S. Barajas

Biblical Economic Justice Today, Michael Barram

Book review discussion (and signing) of "Missional Economics: Biblical Justice and Christian Formation", Michael Barram

Book review discussion (and signing) of my book, "Missional Economics: Biblical Justice and Christian Formation", Michael Barram

Book review session on Henning Wrogemann's "Intercultural Hermeneutics, Vol. 1: Intercultural Theology", Michael Barram

Loving Your Neighbor: Covenantal Reasoning and the Common Good, Michael Barram


Missional Economics: Biblical Justice and Christian Formation, Michael Barram

Neighbors and Need, Then and Now: Moral Reasoning and Embodied Love in Luke 10:25-37, Michael Barram

Participant, five-session reading and discussion group (sponsored by the Cummins Institute) on "Missional Economics: Biblical Justice and Christian Formation, Michael Barram


Review of Walter Brueggemann's "Money and Possessions", Michael Barram

The Lasallian Mission in Action: Faculty Immersion Experience on the US-Mexico Border, Michael Barram


Post 2015 strategies to improve business models in corporate Turkey, Norman Bedford and Berna Aksu

Integrated Perceptual Motor: a complete physical education program/workshop for elementary schools, David Biles

Epistemic Blind Spots and Religious Bigotry in Galdós’s Gloria (1876-1877), David Bird

Critiquing the Credibility Deficit in Galdós's Doña Perfecta (1876), David W. Bird

Doubly identified/doubly served: investigating patterns of identification of learning disabilities in ELS, Alta Joy Broughton

How the commitment to inclusion has highlighted the need for greater collaboration in the United States, Alta Joy Broughton

Seeing through the fog: the circles of knowledge applied in one school’s RTI process for identifying ELLs with LD, Alta Joy Broughton

A Trajectory of K-8 Teacher Development in Early and Mid-Career, Gerald Brunetti and Susan H. Marston

A Theological Aesthetic of Memory: Blondel, Newman, and Balthasar, Anne M. Carpenter


The Resplendent Completion of the Liberal Arts, Anne M. Carpenter

Cosmic Education in Public Montessori, Luz Casquejo Johnston

In Conversation: Montessori, Freire and hooks, Luz Casquejo Johnston

Leading for Social Justice, Luz Casquejo Johnston

More Science Behind the Genius, Luz Casquejo Johnston


Opportunities and challenges for using the zebrafish to study neuronal connectivity as an endpoint of developmental neurotoxicity, Vidya Chandrasekaran


Regulation of Dendritogenesis in Sympathetic Neurons, Autonomic Nervous System, Pavol Svorc, Vidya Chandrasekaran and Pamela J. Lein


Flexibility as firm value driver: Evidence from offshore outsourcing, Jongmoo J. Choi, Ming Ju, Masaaki Kotabe, Lenos Trigeorgis, and XiaoTian T. Zhang

Subsidiary entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunity: An institutional perspective, Kim Clark


Agency for the Laity, Jessica Coblentz

As Much Invitation as Warning, Jessica Coblentz

Catholic Perspectives on Addiction, Jessica Coblentz

Christian Perspectives on Human Disability and Special Needs, Jessica Coblentz

Comedy, Tragedy—or Glory? Another Christian Story of Suffering and Salvation, Jessica Coblentz

Forgetting and Repeating the Theological Racism at ‘Theology in the Americas, Jessica Coblentz

Grace at Work in the World? The Problems of Depression and Depressive Suicide, Jessica Coblentz

Lasallian Faculty Research, Jessica Coblentz


Mary Daly’s The Church and the Second Sex after Fifty Years of U.S. Catholic Feminist Theology, Jessica Coblentz

Persistent Depression, Diminished Freedom, and Non-liberative Grace, Jessica Coblentz

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Louisville Institute, Louisville, KY, Jessica Coblentz

Review of "Resurrection Wounds: Living in the Afterlife of Trauma" by Shelly Rambo, Jessica Coblentz

School of Liberal Arts Faculty International Scholarly Travel Grant, Jessica Coblentz


Student Mental Health as a Matter of Mission, Jessica Coblentz


The Challenge of Evil: Grace and the Problem of Suffering, Jessica Coblentz

The First Ten Years: Becoming a Woman Theologian, Jessica Coblentz


The Revolution Continues: Daly’s The Church and the Second Sex in 1968, 1975, and Today, Jessica Coblentz

We Need Each Other, Jessica Coblentz

Why Lasallian Research Is Important Today, Jessica Coblentz

Noncommutative Knorrer periodicity and quantum Kleinian singularities, Andrew Conner

Noncommutative Knorrer periodicity and quantum Kleinian singularities, Andrew Conner

Surreal Numbers and Combinatorial Games, Andrew Conner


The Koszul property for graded twisted tensor products, Andrew Conner


Educators self-reported training, use and perceived effectiveness of evidence-based classroom management practices, Justin Cooper, Nicholas Gage, Peter Alter, Stefanie LaPolla, Ashley MacSuga-Gage, and Terrence Scott

Affording (In)Competence, Anna Corwin

Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute Travel Grant, St. Andrews, Scotland, Anna Corwin

Experiencing Presence: Catholic Nuns’ Experiences of God’s Presence, Anna Corwin


Overcoming Elder speak: A Qualitative Study of Three Alternatives, Anna Corwin

Successful Aging: Anthropological Perspectives, Anna Corwin

2018 Global Religion Research Initiative's Global Religion Curriculum Development Grant, Anna I. Corwin

The paradox of successful aging: An 8-week intervention study, Anna I. Corwin


A Critical Analysis of "Eames: an evening of dance by Kristin Damrow and Company, Todd Courage


Reflections on Onsite." Dance Review: a Critical Analysis of "Onsite, Todd Courage


We Came, We Saw, They Conquered. Dance Review: a Critical Analysis of "Social Movement, Todd Courage


Bioclimatic factors at an intrabiome scale are more limiting than cyanobiont availability for the lichen‐forming genus Peltigera, Jessica R. Coyle

California shales and other U.S. shale plays., Gregory D. Croft

Radical Acts of Love tour Radical Acts of Love: West Coast premiere, CatherineMarie Davalos

Screencasting in the Classroom: Video Loom, Maria Grazia De Angelis

Strategies for Teaching Basic Conversation, Maria Grazia De Angelis


The Effects of Volunteerism on Self-Deception and Locus of Control, Naman Desai, S. Dalal, and S. Rawal

Doni cerimoniali alle puerpere nell’iconografia tardo rinascimentale e medievale. Nutrire la Madre: Realta' e Simbolo, Costanza Gislon Dopfel

John Watkins’ After Lavinia. A literary History of Premodern Marriage Diplomacy (book review), Costanza Gislon Dopfel

Pregnancy and Childbirth: History, Medicine and Anthropology, Costanza Gislon Dopfel

Getting land enough to lay our Fathers bones upon’: Perceiving God’s Grace Outside Temporal Frameworks, Joseph Drexler-Dreis