Submissions from 2019


Open Access: Opportunities for Saint Mary’s College of California, Swetta Abeyta, Betty Bell-Amarant, Gina Kessler Lee, Shannon Meaney-Ryer, Josh Rose, and Elise Y. Wong


Open Educational Resources: Opportunities for Saint Mary’s College of California, Swetta Abeyta, Betty Bell-Amarant, Gina Kessler Lee, Shannon Meaney-Ryer, Josh Rose, and Elise Y. Wong


Border Immersion Reflection, Zahra Ahmed


Government and Politics - Brazil, Ronald Ahnen

Supporting High-Needs Elementary Students with the CW-FIT Program: Building for Scale and Sustainability (2019-2024), Peter Alter

Alba Viotto Visiting Professor, University of Geneva, Manisha Anantharaman

Who is represented in community-based sustainable consumption projects, and why does it matter? A constructively critical approach, Manisha Anantharaman

A model of socially just family engagement in urban schools, Rebecca Anguiano

Systems of support for middle school students with mental health needs: A self-reflective case study from a school psychologist intern, Rebecca Anguiano and additional author(s)

Liberatory family engagement practices in urban schools: Supporting school leaders in mindful reflexivity and critical praxis with families, Rebecca Anguiano and Cynthia Martinez


Venezuela’s Maduro Will Go, It Is Just a Matter of Time, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Bisphenol A, Bisphenol AF, Di-n-butyl phthalate, and 17-beta-estradiol have shared and unique dose-dependent effects on early embryo cleavage divisions and development in Xenopus laevis, Ashley L. Arancio, Kyla D. Cole, Anyssa R. Dominguez, Emry R. Cohenour, Julia Kadie, William C. Maloney, Chane Cilliers, and Sonya M. Schuh


Listening is a Leadership Skill, Jyoti Bachani

Contexts, funding history, and implications for evaluating the office of special education program’s investment in personnel preparation Since NCLB, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)

Evaluation of the quality of education offered to students with special needs in public schools in the city of Bauru, Brazil, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)


Serving English language learners in the Florida State Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act, Alta Joy Broughton, Xigrid Soto, and Ashley White


Declination as a Metric to Detect Partisan Gerrymandering, Marion Campisi, Thomas Ratliff, Andrea Padilla, and Ellen Veomett

Successful Aging or Meaningful Decline: Comparative Approaches at the End of Life, Anna Corwin

2019 National Endowment for the Humanities – HSI Fellowship, Anna I. Corwin


Emotion in the Language of Prayer, Anna I. Corwin and Taylor W. Brown


Let’s Sculpt It!: Experiencing the Role of Organizational Context in Coaching, Pauline Fatien Diochon, Ken Otter, Paul Stokes, and Lucy Van Hove

Gifting the Mother: Medieval and Early Modern Childbirth Vessels, Costanza Gislon Dopfel


Holy Mothers and Vanished Nativities: Maternal Art and Female Visual Epic Quattrocento Florence, Costanza Gislon Dopfel


Introduction of "Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Premodern World", Costanza Gislon Dopfel

Maternal Materialities I and II, Costanza Gislon Dopfel


Pregnancy and Childbirth in the Premodern World: European and Middle Eastern Cultures, from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, Costanza Gislon Dopfel, Alessandra Foscati, and Charles Burnett

Decolonial Love: Salvation in Colonial Modernity, Joseph Drexler-Dreis and additional author(s)

Embodiment & constructivism: A meta-theoretical critique, Laurie Edwards

The body of/in proof: An embodied analysis of mathematical reasoning, Laurie Edwards

Workshop Plus: Comprehensive Literacy Design, Laurie Edwards and Adria Klein

Sexual risk taking in college students and functional families of origin, Colette Fleuridas and additional author(s)


Beyond four forces: The evolution of psychotherapy, Colette Fleuridas and Drew Krafcik

Moving Beyond Eurocentrism: Advancing Voice Science Pedagogy and Assessment to Build A Non-Genre Biased Approach that Encourages Students to 'Find Their Own Voice', Julie Ford and Kelly Fosdahl Burge

Developing a an interdisciplinary structure for a Creative Digital Arts minor, major, or certification, building upon current courses in Music, Design/Technical Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Communication, Technology, and Business, Kelly Fosdahl Burge and Julie Ford

4|4 < VU a project by Werner Thöni, Peter Freund


Acorus Calamus, Peter Freund

Artificial Intelligence, Art, + Nature, Peter Freund

Beyond Word and Image: From Interdisciplinary to Transdisciplinary Poetics, Peter Freund

Conceptual Method, Peter Freund

Digital Images: Truth or Lie?, Peter Freund


Entry #1: 'Flying over the detritus of the GIF' by Eloi Puig (July 2016), Peter Freund


Entry #2: 'Background Silence' by Anna Dot (Sept 2017), Peter Freund


Entry #3: 'What Criticism?' by Martí Peran (Feb 2006), Peter Freund


Entry #4: 'Fail Better' by Sonia Fernández Pan (Nov 2015) and A*Desk’s May 2019 issue on Failure, Peter Freund

Il n’y a pas de rapport sémiotique: tres lecturas discontinuas, Peter Freund


Introduction to Werner Thöni's 4|4 (4BAR4), Peter Freund

Lost Grids, Peter Freund

"Lost Grids" Artist Talk, Peter Freund

Nonreciprocal Aesthetics, Peter Freund


Recto Verso, Peter Freund


Setting up an undergraduate immunology lab: Resources and examples, Keith E. Garrison and Melanie R. Gubbels Bupp

A Multifaceted Examination of Deeper Learning in PBL Elementary Schools: School Culture, Critical Thinking, and Access to Opportunity, Carol Ann Gittens and additional author(s)


Social movements and corporate political activity: Managerial responses to socially oriented shareholder activism, Michael Hadani, Jonathan P. Doh, and Marguerite Schneider

Long Term Assessment of a course on death and dying, Emily Hause and Grete A. Stenersen


Computing neurite outgrowth and arborization in superior cervical ganglion neurons, Rachel M. Henley, Vidya Chandrasekaran, and Cecilia Giulivi


Concerning The Meaning Molecule In Poetry, Brenda Hillman


Examining the advisor experience of student-run LGBTQ+ organizations within community colleges, Michael Hoffshire and Emily Campbell

"It’s the intersections that get sticky": Navigating ethnic and sexual orientation identities, Michael Hoffshire and Louise M. Vital

Annual Porterville College Equity Summit, James Johnson

Intersectionality: Exploring MissRepresentation in Online Dating, James Johnson

Podcasting and Media Presence for Social Innovators, James Johnson

An Interview with Adria Klein 2018 PDI Speaker, Adria Klein and additional author(s)

Assets-Oriented, Formative Oral Language Assessment for Multilingual Students: The Oral Language Record, Adria Klein and Allison Briceño

Expanding our horizons: Integrating coaching and distance learning, Adria Klein, Debra Semm Rich, and additional author(s)


Nostalgic Cartography: Performances of Hometown by Pittsburgh’s Squonk Opera and San Francisco’s Magic Bus, Emily Klein


Seductive Movements in Lysistrata and Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq: Activism, Adaptation, and Immersive Theatre in Film, Emily Klein


Introduction: Welcome Home, Emily Klein and additional author(s)


Performing Dream Homes: Theater and the Spatial Politics of the Domestic Sphere, Emily Klein and additional author(s)


WID course enhancements in STEM: The impact of adding ‘writing circles’ and writing process pedagogy, Tereza Joy Kramer, Joseph Zeccardi, Rebecca Concepcion, Chi-An Emhoff, Steve Miller, and Krista Varela Posell

Research Experience and Mentoring Supplement to Emerging Frontiers in Research and Innovation Grant, Zuleikha Kurji and additional author(s)


On the value of labor, Raina León


Justice Unbound: Voices of Justice for the 21st Century, Patrizia Longo

Hidden Out in the Open: Spanish Migration to the United States (1875-1930), Phylis Cancilla Martinelli and additional author(s)

Healing in community: School-based family wellness groups for Latinx and Black families, Cynthia Martinez and Rebecca Anguiano

The Case for Global Business Leaders as Interfaith Leaders: Religious Literacy and Cross-Cultural Leadership, Barbara McGraw

AOL Impact: Measuring, Demonstrating, Presenting! Best practices for Measuring, Demonstrating and Presenting the Impact of Your AOL program, Gregory B. Merrill

American’s Coming of Age: Willa Cather’s Female National Hero in The Song of the Lark, Molly Metherd

Cross-linguistic influence on implicit processing of null object sentences in Japanese-English bilinguals: an ERP study, Hiroko Nakano and additional author(s)

How Fundamental Are the Drivers of Mergers and Acquisitions Activity?, Kevin Okoeguale

Artful Means: Incorporating Body and Arts-based Methods into Leadership Coaching, Ken Otter

Coach’s hidden strategy: A case commentary, Ken Otter

Developing Leadership: Innovation, Adaptability and Integration in Large- Scale Health Care Organizations, Ken Otter

Connect Thrive Succeed: Building Bridges between Student Success and Equity-Based Approaches, Tracy J. Pascua Dea and Gloria Sosa

NextGenFirstGen (NXFG) Professionals in Higher Education: Transcending Symbolic Positionality, Tracy J. Pascua Dea and Gloria Aquino Sosa

Revolutionizing Our Commitment to Asset-Based Institutional Change: Data Driven Outcomes That Matter, Tracy Pascua Dea and Gloria Sosa

Fathers’ Level of Education: an Overlooked Barrier to Involvement, S. Marshall Perry

Innovations in Educational Evaluation Methods, S. Marshall Perry

Innovations in Educational Evaluation Methods, S. Marshall Perry

Issues in Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness, S. Marshall Perry

Perspectives on Accountability, S. Marshall Perry

Anna Seghers' Transit and the Evian Conference of 1938, Joan Peterson

War Poems: Yevtushenko/Celan, Joan Peterson

War Poems: Yevtushenko/Celan, Joan Peterson

2019-2020 Fellow, New Faculty Support Program, Mary Raygoza

2019-2020 STaR (Scholarship, Teaching, and Research) Fellow, Mary Raygoza

A process of “becoming”: Transitioning into equity, social justice-oriented mathematics teacher educators, Mary Raygoza

Mathematics for Democracy? Teaching About Inequality in United States Secondary Mathematics Classrooms, Mary Raygoza

Saint Mary’s College of California Faculty Research Grant 2019-2020, Mary Raygoza

Youth Civic Engagement: Building our Future Leaders, Mary Raygoza

Surfacing Partial Understandings: Mathematical Tasks and How We Use Them, Mary Raygoza and additional author(s)