Submissions from 2020


Fund Code Reduction Project, Swetta Abeyta

Innovative Teaching Strategies, Jackson Allison

Changing mindsets: Four key questions for implementing multi-tiered systems of support, Peter J. Alter

Socially just family engagement: Voices from urban school leaders, Rebecca Anguiano and Cynthia Martinez


The Politics of Fair Trade Consumption: A U.S. perspective, Caroline Burns and Ameera Ibrahim


Target price forecasts: Fundamentals and behavioral factors, Peter Clarkson, Alexander Nekrasov, Andreas Simon, and Irene Tutticci


Beyond Behavior: Linguistic Evidence of Cultural Variation in Parental Ethnotheories of Children’s Prosocial Helping, Andrew Coppens, Anna I. Corwin, and Lucía Alcalá


Care in Interaction: Aging, Personhood, and Meaningful Decline, Anna I. Corwin


Experiencing Presence: An Interactive Model of Perception, Anna I. Corwin and Cordelia Erickson-Davis

A lot of quiet people’: Knowing When (Not) To Write in the Age of Mass Writing, Elisa Findlay

Filippi Endowment Grant for Course Development, Elisa Findlay

Girls Write Now and the Exclusivity of Self-Expression, Elisa Findlay


Endnotes for an Allocution, Peter Freund

Retracted Cinema : a program of experimental film, Peter Freund

Retracted Cinema [forthcoming], Peter Freund


The 39th Annual Black Maria Film Festival, Peter Freund

The Art of Retraction [forthcoming], Peter Freund

Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, Brenda Hillman


Winter Song for One Who Suffers, Brenda Hillman


Smaller drawdowns, higher average and risk-adjusted returns for equity portfolios, using options and power-log optimization based on a behavioral model of investor preferences, Jivendra K. Kale and Tee Lim


Saint Mary's College of California: Trust and Tradition on a Tight-knit Campus, Gina Kessler Lee and Conrad M. Woxland

Chair, Technology Committee, Adria Klein

Principal Investigator, i3 grant for Reading Recovery/Descubriendo la Lectura, Adria Klein


A Case Study of Federal Leadership Perspectives on Special Education, Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill, Zorka Karanxha, and Alta Joy Broughton

Dana Lawton Dances presents The Farallonites, Dana Lawton

Personal and Collective Memory in the Works of Svetlana Alexievich, Helga Lenart-Cheng


The Cross-Border Memoirs of Jean Guerrero and Francisco Cantú, Helga Lenart-Cheng


Probe Molecules for Pulsed‐Field‐Gradient Diffusion Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments on Micelles, Mark Lingwood, Benjamin J. Schepergerdes, Deja‐Monae T. Hermosillo, Jalissa N. Delgado, and Kaya P. Sanders

Bloody Macbeth: Director Victor Malana Maog in Conversation with Shakespeare Scholar Hilda Ma, Hilda Ma

The Shakespearean Sympathizer: War and Tragedy as a Refugee Optic, Hilda H. Ma


What Two Imaginary Cats Tell Us About Who We Are (and How We’re Different), Marie Mutsuki Mockett

Race and Our Moment of Crisis: 45 Years after the VietNam War, Viet Thanh Nguyen and Hilda Ma

Impact of Left Hemisphere Stroke on Cognitive Functioning and Implications for Driving (eRA #: I01 CX001879), Krista Schendel Parker and Juliana Baldo

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to Improve Neuropsychological Functioning in Acquired Brain Injury, Krista Schendel Parker and Juliana Baldo


Hawaii as a microcosm: advancing the science and practice of managing introduced and invasive species, Liba Pejchar, Christopher A. Lepcyzk, Jean Fantle-Lepczyk, Steven C. Hess, Tracy M. Johnson, Christina R. Leopold, Michael Marchetti, Katherine M. McClure, and Aaron B. Shiels

Through the Eyes of Joseph Roth and Christopher Isherwood: Berlin Before Hitler, Joan Peterson


Coping with School Closures as Student Teachers: Self-Compassion, Surrender, and Action, Mary Raygoza


COVID-19, Exponential Growth, and the Power of Showing Up in Social Solidarity: The Math Behind the Virus, Mary Raygoza


Humanizing Online Meetings, Mary Raygoza, Raina J. León, Aaminah Norris, Chris Junsay, and Cliff Lee


Humanizing Online Teaching, Mary Raygoza, Raina León, and Aaminah Norris

CV and Job Interview Preparation for undergraduate Students, Mina Rohani

Data Analytics - Segmentation of Data, Mina Rohani

How to Design & Implement Gamified Activities, Mina Rohani

How to Design & Implement Gamified Activities for Business Curriculum, Mina Rohani

How would you use research to generate customer insights that better the experience whilst impacting core business metrics (i.e., acquisition, retention, and engagement)?, Mina Rohani

On-site Search Engine Optimization, Mina Rohani

Explaining What We Omit, Grant J. Rozeboom

How to Evaluate Managerial Nudges, Grant J. Rozeboom


Nudging for Rationality and Self-Governance, Grant J. Rozeboom


When Vanity Is Dangerous, Grant J. Rozeboom

Filippi Endowment Pedagogy Grant, Andreas Simon

CILSA Engaged Faculty Award, Michal Strahilevitz

Faculty Research Grant, Michal Strahilevitz

SEBA Research Award, Michal Strahilevitz


Why shopping and giving to charity are the perfect match, Michal Strahilevitz


Saving the Earth one diaper at a time: How Diapers became a social media success story, Michal Strahilevitz, Jason Graham Nye, and Rowan Parkinson

Personal selling in subsistence economies: How pollinate energy converted happy customers into Successful Salespeople, Michal Strahilevitz and Rowan Parkinson

Revising Your Prose in a Changed World, Mary Volmer

So You Want To Write a Novel?, Mary Volmer


From Digital Commons to Scholar Profiles: Implementing a New System to Raise College Academic Distinction, Elise Y. Wong


Can the president really pardon himself? Look to case law for hints, Stephen Woolpert