Submissions from 2016

Educating Undergraduates on Lead Exposure as a Civic Issue, Steve Bachofer

Urban Environmental Issues Rebooted: A General Science Course Yields a Research Direction, Steve Bachofer

Undergraduate Research and Civic Engagement, Steve Bachofer, C. Maguire, and R. Sheardy


Entanglement as a Resource for Local State Discrimination in Multipartite Systems, S. Bandyopadhyay, S. Halder, and M. Nathanson

Preparing Culturally Competent Teachers: An Empirical Study of Multicultural Education Strategies, Mark Barajas

Distal Humerus Morphology and Ecological Variation Among Gorilla Subspecies, R. Baynes and Rebecca Jabbour

Eventually Linear Partially Complete Resolutions Over a Local Ring with m4=0, Kristen Beck


The Predatory Life Cycle of Myxococcus xanthus, James Berleman and R. Keane


Preparation of Outer Membrane Vesicles from Myxococcus xanthus, James Berleman, M. Zemla, J.P. Remis, and M. Auer


Exopolysaccharide Microchannels Direct Bacterial Motility and Organize Multicellular Behavior, James Berleman, M. Zemla, J.P. Remis, H. Liu, A.E. Davis, A.N. Worth, Z. West, A. Zhang, H. Park, E. Bosneaga, B. van Leer, W. Tsai, D.R. Zusman, and M. Auer

Air Quality at Devils Postpile National Monument, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA, Joel Burley, A. Bytnerowicz, M. Buhler, B. Zielinska, D. Schweizer, R. Cisneros, S. Schilling, J. Chapman Varela, M. McDaniel, M. Horn, and D. Dulen

Periodic Free Resolutions from Twisted Matrix Factorizations, T. Cassidy, Andrew Conner, E. Kirkman, and W.F. Moore

Tread That Water Line: Understanding Potential Dynamics Between Amphibian Phenotype Plasticity and Disease Susceptibility, David Chambers

Impact of Regional Meteorology on Ozone Levels in the Lake Tahoe Basin Rayne, A. Gertler, B. Zielinska, A. Bytnerowicz, Joel Burley, M. Kaplan, and D. Dulen

Predicting Invaders from Trade: Climate Match, Trophic Guild, and Fecundity Influence Invasion Success of Non-Native Freshwater Fish, J.G. Howeth, C.A. Gantz, P.L. Angermeier, E.A. Frimpong, M.H. Hoff, R.P. Keller, N.E. Mandrak, Michael Marchetti, J.D. Olden, C.M. Romagosa, and D.M. Lodge

Rhythmic Motion and Music Decreases Student's Physiological Stress During College Final Exams: An Experimental Study, M. Hutson and Mary McMahan True

Geographic Variation in Gorilla Limb Bones, Rebecca Jabbour and T. Pearman

Construction of a Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Instrument for Characterizing & Improving Immobilized Radicals, Mark Lingwood

Greater Attention to Relevant Emotion Due to Orbitofrontal Lesion, V. Mäki-Marttunen, V. Kuusinen, J. Peräkylä, Keith Ogawa, M. Brause, A. Brander, and K.M. Hartikainen

Hawaii as a Microcosm: Mitigating the Effects of Invasive Species on Nature and Society, Michael Marchetti

The Wattle-Necked Softshelled Turtle (Palea steindachneri), an Endangered, Invasive Species and a Conservation Paradox, Michael Marchetti and T. Engstrom

Singlet Glycine Riboswitches Bind Ligand as Well as Tandem Riboswitches, Karen Ruff, A. Muhammad, P.J. McCown, R.R. Breaker, and S.A. Strobel

Empirical Study: Mentorship as a Value Proposition (MVP), D. Sams, R. Richards, R. Lewis, R. McMullen, J. Hammack, L. Bacnik, and Caitlin Powell

Human Brain Reacts to Transcranial Extraocular Light, L. Sun, J. Peräkylä, A. Kovalainen, Keith Ogawa, P.J. Karhunen, and K.M. Hartikainen

Coloring Geometrically Defined Graphs, Ellen Veomett

The Edge Isoperimetric Inequality for a Graph on Z^n, Ellen Veomett


Caminos a Las Ciencias (CALC), R. Wensley, Vidya Chandrasekaran, Christopher Jones, T. Pascua Dea, J. Sigman, G.A. Sosa, and E. Veomett