Submissions from 2018

How the "Confidence Gap" Creates Gender Differences in Social Influence, Paul Zarnoth and additional author(s)

Submissions from 2017


Apparatus, Method and Computer-Readable Medium That Assign Measure to an Item and Assist Location, Nada Attar

Enhancing Interfaces with Eye Tracking in HCI, Nada Attar

Enhancing User Working Memory Load Measurement, Nada Attar

Why Graduate School in a Computing Discipline Is For You, Nada Attar

Working Memory Load Predicts Visual Search Efficiency: Evidence From a Novel Pupillary Response Paradigm, Nada Attar

Can Field Sampling Still Be Educationally Valuable Without Obvious Trends in the Data?, Steven Bachofer

Civic Engagement Research Project Embedded in Environmental Courses, Steven Bachofer

Teaching With Radiation: Can Using a Taboo Subject Matter Aid Learning?, Steven Bachofer

Water and Watersheds, Steven Bachofer

Increasing Cultural Competency of Pre-Service Teachers, Mark Barajas

Vietnamese Immigrant and Refugee Mental Health: Stories of Trauma and Resilience, Mark Barajas and additional author(s)

Faculty Development Grant, Mark S. Barajas

School of Science Summer Research, Mark S. Barajas

Resilience in youth after motor vehicle accidents, Mark S. Barajas and additional author(s)

Vietnamese immigrant and refugee mental health: Stories of trauma and resilience, Mark S. Barajas and additional author(s)

Resilience In Youth After Motor Vehicle Accidents, Mark Barajas and Heath Schechinger

Cranial Growth in Six-to-Eight-Year-Old Humans: Comparison of Standard Metric and 3D Coordinate Data, Dana E. Becker, Natasha A. Castellon-Hinkle, Laura E. Cirillo, Rebecca Jabbour, and Gary D. Richards


Augmented generalized happy functions, Kristen Beck and additional author(s)


Outer Membrane Vesicles of Bacteria: Structure, Biogenesis and Function, James E. Berleman and additional author(s)


Deploying a Quantum Annealing Processor to Detect Tree Cover in Aerial Imagery of California, Edward Boyda, Saikat Basu, Sangram Ganguly, Andrew Michaelis, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, and Ramakrishna R. Nemani

Elucidating the Mechanisms Underlying the Growth and Retraction of Dendrites During Embryonic Development and Injury, Vidya Chandrasekaran


Intraspecific variation in epiphyte functional traits reveals limited effects of microclimate on community assembly in temperate deciduous oak canopies, Jessica R. Coyle


Disorganized Attachment in Infancy: A Review of the Phenomenon and Its Implications for Clinicians and Policy-Makers, Pehr Granqvist, L. Alan Sroufe, Mary Dozier, Erik Hesse, Miriam Steele, Marinus Van Ljzendoorn, Judith Solomon, Carlo Schuengel, Pasco Fearon, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Howard Steele, Jude Cassidy, Elizabeth Carlson, Sheri Madigan, Deborah Jacobvitz, Sarah Foster, Kazuko Behrens, Anne Rifkin-Graboi, Naomi Gribneau, Gottfried Spangler, Mary Ward, Mary True, Susan Spieker, Sophie Reijman, Samantha Reisz, Anne Tharner, Frances Nkara, Ruth Goldwyn, June Sroufe, David Pederson, Deanne Pederson, Robert Weigand, Daniel Siegel, Nino Dazzi, Kristin Bernard, Peter Fonagy, Everett Waters, Sheree Toth, Dante Cicchetti, Charles Zeanah, Karlen Lyons-Ruth, Mary Main, and Robbie Dischinsky

Issue framing and water conservation, Emily L. Hause and Rachel M. Fellinger

Assessment of a course on death and dying, Emily L. Hause and Grete A. Stenersen


Bottom-Up Fabrication of Nanostructured Bicontinuous and Hexagonal Ion-Conducting Polymer Membranes, Jaime Hernandez, Heng Zhang, Ying Chen, Martin Rosenthal, Mark Lingwood, Mithun Goswami, Xiaomin Zhu, Martin Moeller, Louis Madsen, and Dimitri Ivanov


The Practice of Curanderismo: A Qualitative Study From the Perspectives of Curandera/os, David Hoskins and Elena Padrón


Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the FGFR3 Gene: Interpreting Cranial, Neural, and Vascular Changes in Prehistoric Cases of Achondroplasia, Rebecca Jabbour and additional author(s)


Characterization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Core Histones by Top-Down Mass Spectrometry Reveals Unique Algae-Specific Variants and Post-Translational Modifications, Aliyya Khan, Carlo Eikani, Hana Khan, Anthony Iavarone, and James Pesavento


Operator Structures and Quantum One-Way LOCC Conditions, David Kribs, Comfort Mintah, Michael Nathanson, and Rajesh Pereira


Diet of the Mohave Ground Squirrel (Xerospermophilus mohavensis) in Relation to Season and Rainfall, Barbara Leitner and Phillip Leitner


Drosophila Muller F Elements Maintain a Distinct Set of Genomic Properties Over 40 Million Years of Evolution, Wilson Leung, Vidya Chandrasekaran, Christopher Beck, Kristen R. Hatfield, Douglas A. Herrick, Christopher B. Khoury, Charlotte Lea, Christopher A. Louie, Shannon M. Lowell, Thomas J. Reynolds, Jeanine Schibler, Alexandra H. Scoma, Maxwell T. Smith-Gee, and Sarah Tuberty

Greater Attention to Relevant Emotion Due to Orbitofrontal Lesion, Verónica Mäki-Marttunen, Venla Kuusinen, Jari Peräkylä, Keith Ogawa, Maarja Brause, Antti Brander, and Kaisa M. Hartikainen

What Do the Power and Time Development of EEG Oscillations Tell Us? Time Frequency Analysis and Event Related Synchronization in Dance Experts’ Perception of Music, Hiroko Nakano and Mari-Anne Rosario


Immediate Effects of Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Human Cognition and Emotion, Keith Ogawa and additional author(s)

Increased righward frontal alpha asymmetry after mild-traumatic brain injur, Keith Ogawa and additional author(s)

The Role of Orbitofrontal Cortex in Involuntary Attention to Threat, Keith Ogawa and additional author(s)

Mesoamerican Curanderismo Literature Review, Elena Padrón


Causal Evidence From Humans for the Role of Mediodorsal Nucleus of the Thalamus in Working Memory, Jari Peräkylä, Lihua Sun, Kai Lehtimäki, Jukka Peltola, Juha Öhman, Timo Möttönen, Keith Ogawa, and Kaisa Hartikainen

Student Focus: Mentoring for Leading Edge Research, Jim Pesavento

CSET Mathematics Prep Book with Practice Tests Online (5th ed.), Kathryn F. Porter

Impact of Regional Meteorology on Ozone Levels in the Lake Tahoe Basin, Sandra Rayne, Alan Gertler, Barbara Zielinska, Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Joel Burley, and Michael Kaplan

Feasibility of collecting tumor samples of breast cancer patients diagnosed up to 50 years ago in the Child Health and Development Studies, Rainbow A. Rubin and additional author(s)


Maternal Perchlorate Exposure in Pregnancy and Altered Birth Outcomes, Rainbow Rubin, Michelle Pearl, Martin Kharrazi, Benjamin Blount, Mark Miller, Elizabeth Pearce, Liza Valentin-Blasini, Gerald DeLorenze, Jane Liaw, Andrew Hoofnagle, and Craig Steinmaus


Maternal PTSD and Children’s Adjustment: Parenting Stress and Emotional Availability as Proposed Mediators, Kristin Samuelson, Christina Wilson, Elena Padrón, Suellen Lee, and Lauren Gavron


A New Marine Vertebrate Assemblage From the Wilson Grove Formation at Bloomfield Quarry (Late Miocene), Sonoma County, California, N. Adam Smith, Robert Boessenecker, Douglas Long, and Charles Powell II


Vagus Nerve Stimulation Improves Working Memory Performance, Lihua Sun, Jari Peräkylä, Katri Holm, Joonas Haapasalo, Kai Lehtimäki, Keith Ogawa, Jukka Peltola, and Kaisa Hartikainen


Brunn-Minkowski Theory and Cauchy's Surface Area Formula, Emmanuel Tsukerman and Ellen Veomett


A General Method to Determine Limiting Optimal Shapes for Edge-Isoperimetric Inequalities, Ellen Veomett and Emmanuel Tsukerman


Trauma Type and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder as Predictors of Parenting Stress in Trauma-Exposed Mothers, Christina Wilson, Elena Padrón, and Kristin Samuelson

The confidence gap: How confidence mediates gender differences in social influence, Paul Zarnoth and additional author(s)

Why do I find you convincing?: Cognitive styles and social influence in groups, Paul Zarnoth and additional author(s)

Submissions from 2016

Educating Undergraduates on Lead Exposure as a Civic Issue, Steve Bachofer

Urban Environmental Issues Rebooted: A General Science Course Yields a Research Direction, Steve Bachofer

Undergraduate Research and Civic Engagement, Steve Bachofer and additional author(s)


Entanglement as a Resource for Local State Discrimination in Multipartite Systems, Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, Saronath Halder, and Michael Nathanson

Preparing Culturally Competent Teachers: An Empirical Study of Multicultural Education Strategies, Mark S. Barajas

Distal Humerus Morphology and Ecological Variation Among Gorilla Subspecies, Rhett Baynes and Rebecca Jabbour


Eventually Linear Partially Complete Resolutions Over a Local Ring with m4=0, Kristen Beck

Preparation of Outer Membrane Vesicles from Myxococcus xanthus, James E. Berleman, Marcin Zemla, Jonathan P. Remis, and Manfred Auer


Exopolysaccharide Microchannels Direct Bacterial Motility and Organize Multicellular Behavior, James E. Berleman, Marcin Zemla, Jonathan P. Remis, Hong Liu, Annie E. Davis, Alexandra N. Worth, Zachary West, Angela Zhang, Hanwool Park, Elena Bosneaga, Brandon van Leer, Wenting Tsai, David R. Zusman, and Manfred Auer

Ecomorphological Plasticity of Juvenile Fall-Run Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in Perennial and Ephemeral Streams, Heather L. Bowen and Michael Marchetti


Air Quality at Devils Postpile National Monument, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA, Joel Burley, Andrzej Bytnerowicz, Monica Buhler, Barbara Zielinska, Donald Schweizer, Ricardo Cisneros, Susan Schilling, Jennifer Chapman Varela, Mark McDaniel, Michelle Horn, and Deanna Dulen


Periodic Free Resolutions from Twisted Matrix Factorizations, Thomas Cassidy, Andrew Conner, Ellen Kirkman, and W. Frank Moor

Tread That Water Line: Understanding Potential Dynamics Between Amphibian Phenotype Plasticity and Disease Susceptibility, David Chambers

Lichens and environmental data from Oak tree canopies in two Piedmont Oak-Hickory forests, NC, USA, 2013-2014, Jessica R. Coyle

Morphological traits in lichen epiphyte communities and associated data, NC USA, 2012-2014, Jessica R. Coyle


Trait-based inference of environmental constraints on lichen epiphyte communities at multiple spatial scales, Jessica R. Coyle


Environmental optimality, not heterogeneity, drives regional and local species richness in lichen epiphytes, Jessica R. Coyle and additional author(s)


Geographic heat maps of lichen traits derived by combining LIAS light description and GBIF occurrence data, provided on a new platform., Jessica R. Coyle and additional author(s)


Identification of helitron sequences in the coral genome and implications for host defense, Keith E. Garrison


Issue framing and personal water use: Prevention vs. detection, Emily Hause and Rachel M. Fellinger

Finding Needles in Haystacks: Being Smarter About Survey Comments, Emily L. Hause and additional author(s)

Open resource project for blended statistics and methods courses, Emily L. Hause and additional author(s)

Death Anxiety and Death Attitudes in a January Term Course, Emily L. Hause and Grete A. Stenersen


Predicting Invasiveness of Species in Trade: Climate Match, Trophic Guild and Fecundity Influence Establishment and Impact of Non-Native Freshwater Fishes, Jennifer G. Howeth, Crysta A. Gantz, Paul L. Angermeier, Emmanuel A. Frimpong, Michael H. Hoff, Reuben P. Keller, Nicholas E. Mandrak, Michael Marchetti, Julian D. Olden, Christina M. Romagosa, and David M. Lodge

Geographic Variation in Gorilla Limb Bones, Rebecca Jabbour and Tessa L. Pearman


The Predatory Life Cycle of Myxococcus xanthus, Ryan Keane and James E. Berleman

The Cancer Conundrum: Genetics, Environment, or Both?, Khameeka N. Kitt

Construction of a Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Instrument for Characterizing & Improving Immobilized Radicals, Mark Lingwood

Notoraja martinezi so. nov., a new species of deepwater skate and the first record of the genus Notoraja Ishiyama, 1958 (Rajiformes: Arhynchobatidae) from the eastern Pacific Ocean, Douglas J. Long and additional author(s)

Otospermophilus beecheyi (Rodentia: Sciuridae), Douglas J. Long and additional author(s)

Hawaii as a Microcosm: Mitigating the Effects of Invasive Species on Nature and Society, Michael Marchetti


The conservation paradox of endangered and invasive species, Michael Marchetti and Tag Engstrom


Singlet Glycine Riboswitches Bind Ligand as Well as Tandem Riboswitches, Karen M. Ruff, Ayesha Muhammad, Phillip J. McCown, Ronald R. Breaker, and Scott A. Strobel


Empirical Study: Mentorship as a Value Proposition (MVP), Doreen Sams, Rosalie Richards, Rebecca McMullen, Jennifer Hammack, Larry Bacnik, and Caitlin Powell


Human Brain Reacts to Transcranial Extraocular Light, Lihua Sun, Jari Peräkylä, Anselmi Kovalainen, Keith Ogawa, Pekka J. Karhunen, and Kaisa M. Hartikainen

Rhythmic Motion and Music Decreases Student's Physiological Stress During College Final Exams: An Experimental Study, Mary McMahan True and additional author(s)

Coloring Geometrically Defined Graphs, Ellen Veomett

The Edge Isoperimetric Inequality for a Graph on Z^n, Ellen Veomett


Caminos a Las Ciencias (CALC). U.S. Department of Education Grant through the HSI STEM Program, Roy Wensley, Vidya Chandrasekaran, Christopher Jones, Tracy Pascua Dea, Jeffrey Sigman, Gloria Sosa, and Ellen Veomett

Submissions from 2015

Mycobacterium tuberculosis in prehistoric California: A review of evidence and paleoepidemiological comparisons of impacted and related populations, Jessica C. Axelrod, Reshma E. Varghese, Elaine M. Burke, Rebecca Jabbour, Gary D. Richards, and additional author(s)

SENCER Outreach: Fulfilling the College's Educational Goals, Steve Bachofer

SENCER-ISE Work, Steve Bachofer and additional author(s)


Pedagogical approaches to multicultural education within teacher preparation programs, Mark S. Barajas

Is an updated model needed? Exploring university counseling centers’ responses to increased student demand, Mark S. Barajas and additional author(s)

The role of service-learning in teacher preparation, Mark S. Barajas and additional author(s)

A Semiautomated Probabilistic Framework for Tree-Cover Delineation from 1- m NAIP Imagery Using A High-Performance Computing Architecture, Saikat Basu, Sangram Ganguly, Ramakrishna R. Nemani, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Gong Zhang, Cristina Milesi, Andrew Michaelis, Petr Votava, Ralph Dubayah, Laura Duncanson, Bruce Cook, Yifan Yu, Sassan Saatchi, Robert DiBiano, Manohar Karki, Edward Boyda, Uttam Kumar, and Shuang Li

Functional morphology of the distal humerus in mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei) and western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla)., Rhett Baynes and Rebecca Jabbour