Submissions from 2021


Take That, Marilyn Abildskov


Opinion: Why we need to fund the circular economy, Manisha Anantharaman and Patrick Schröder

How Not to Read like a Victorian: Reimagining Bankim’s Reader in Nineteenth-Century Bengali Novels, Sunayani Bhattacharya

'You look good wearing my future': Social Class and Individualism in the 1980s Teen Films of John Hughes, Robert C. Bulman


Competing Visions: A History of California, Robert W. Cherny, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo, and Richard Griswold de Castillo


Embracing Age: How Catholic Nuns Became Models of Aging Well, Anna I. Corwin

The Impact of Plague Mortality and Demographic Depression on the Arts of Early Renaissance Florence, Costanza Dopfel

Risky Writing: Strategies for Writing Under Surveillance, Elisa Findlay


Retracted Cinema, Peter Freund

Transmission of gender ideology through family discourse: A case of Japanese mothers and their career choices, Makiko Imamura, Naoko Uehara, and additional author(s)


Better Start Opening Your Husband’s Mail, Ladies, Emily Klein


Better start opening your husband's mail, ladies. Here's why, Emily Klein


Selena and her Fans También Lloran: The Descriptive Power of Melodrama in “Selena: The Series”, Maria Luisa Ruiz


Review of “The Mysterious Sofía: One Woman's Mission to Save Catholicism in Twentieth-Century Mexico by Stephen J. C. Andes”, María Luisa Ruíz


Introducing Victor's Children & Victor Serge with Suzi Weissman, Suzi Weissman


On COVID and the Plague of Capital - Suzi Weissman interviews Rob Wallace, Meleiza Figueroa and Graham Christensen, Suzi Weissman


Why the Massive Protests Throughout Russia? - Suzi Weissman’s interviews Ilya Budraitskis, Suzi Weissman

Witnessing the Decline of the United States, Suzi Weissman

Submissions from 2020


Algebra, Marilyn Abildskov


Dermatology, Marilyn Abildskov


Khrushchyovka, Marilyn Abildskov


The Chalk Garden, Marilyn Abildskov


Green public spaces in the cities of South and Southeast Asia, Manisha Anantharaman and additional author(s)

Civil Society Space Under Neoauthoritarian Regimes: Shrinking for Whom?, Zeynep Atalay

Mutual Constitution of Illiberal Civil Society Actors and Neoauthoritarian Regimes, Zeynep Atalay

Understanding Turkey Through Film, Zeynep Atalay

BodyMind Dancing Workshop, Rosana Barragán

Decolonizing the Performing Body, Rosana Barragán

Biblical Formation for Reparation: Missional and Moral Logics for a More Just Future, Michael Barram

Choosing Our Terminology on Purpose: A Case for 'Missional Hermeneutics, Michael Barram

Haunting Erasures: Using Critical Computation to Combat Archival Violence, Nicole Brown

Uncovering a performative black feminist wayfinding, Nicole M. Brown and Lisa Fay


Another Fish on the Fire: John 21:9, 11, Kenneth Cardwell


Beyond Behavior: Linguistic Evidence of Cultural Variation in Parental Ethnotheories of Children’s Prosocial Helping, Andrew Coppens, Anna I. Corwin, and Lucía Alcalá


Care in Interaction: Aging, Personhood, and Meaningful Decline, Anna I. Corwin


Experiencing Presence: An Interactive Model of Perception, Anna I. Corwin and Cordelia Erickson-Davis

API Activists in the Immigrant rights Movement, Loan Dao

Generation Rising: A New Politics of Southeast Asian American Activism, Loan Dao

AAPIs and Immigrant Rights Today, Loan Thi Dao


Special Issue Editors' Introduction: Voices from the Field: Centering Southeast Asian Americans through Policy, Practice, and Activism, Loan Thi Dao and Peter T. Keo

Chocolate: A Community Arts Grant, CatherineMarie Davalos

Colonie Italiane in Africa (Italian Colonies in Africa), Maria Grazia De Angelis

Fertile Florence: How a Demographic Disaster shaped the Italian Renaissance, Costanza Dopfel


Professional Development for Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility: Past, Present, and Future, Robin J. Dunn and Sarah A. Doolittle

Michael Morgan Salon: New Commission in Process, Rebecca Engle and Martin Rokeach

Well Mr. Diary, Rebecca Engle and Martin Rokeach

A lot of quiet people’: Knowing When (Not) To Write in the Age of Mass Writing, Elisa Findlay

Filippi Endowment Grant for Course Development, Elisa Findlay

Girls Write Now and the Exclusivity of Self-Expression, Elisa Findlay

Puritans behaving badly: Gender, punishment, and religion in early America, Monica Fitzgerald


Intergenerational Literacies: The Racial, Linguistic, and Cultural Resources of Families in Raising Young Children of Color, Tracey T. Flores, Emily Rose Schwab, Wintre Foxworth Johnson, and Alicia Rusoja


"Camp." The 39th Annual Black Maria Film Festival, Peter Freund


Endnotes for an Allocution, Peter Freund

Retracted Cinema : a program of experimental film, Peter Freund


The Art of Retraction, Peter Freund

Ask the Experts: Racism in the Machine, Carlos Granda, Nicole Brown, Jessica Poole, and Sheila Hassell Hughes

Albert Castel Award: For best book on the Civil War in the Western Theater for "Lincoln's Informer", Carl Guarneri

Dana's Lincoln: A War Department Insider's Perspective on the Civil War President, Carl Guarneri

Review of “Ted Widmer, Lincoln on the Verge: Thirteen Days to Washington”, Carl Guarneri

Playing hard to get: Romantic media viewing and endorsement of stereotypical masculinity, romantic ideals, and problematic relational behaviors, Veronica Hefner

Building a case for cultivation: Associations between undergraduates’ media exposure and romantic ideals, Veronica Hefner and additional author(s)

Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, Brenda Hillman


Winter Song for One Who Suffers, Brenda Hillman

“Hospitality and hostility”: Hispanic/Latino immigrants’ cultural and linguistic adaptation and U.S. Americans’ willingness to communicate, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)


Direct and indirect effects of contact quality and perceived cultural identification on conflict management styles in an American‒Chinese context, Makiko Imamura, Yan Bing Zhang, and Ning Liu


‘Without cleanliness we can’t lead the life, no?’ Cleanliness practices, (in)accessible infrastructures, social (im)mobility and (un)sustainable consumption in Mysore, India, Tullia Jack, Manisha Anantharaman, and Alison L. Browne


2020 California Ballot Measure Pro/Con, Jason Jakaitis


Denisse is Making Lasagna, Jason Jakaitis

Thriving telenovelas: TV Globo’s strategies for keeping the genre relevant, Samantha Nogueira Joyce

Special Issue: Voices from the Field: Centering Southeast Asian American through Policy, Practice, and Activism, Peter T. Keo and Loan Thi Dao

A New Feminist Absurd?: Returning to the Ridiculous Through Protest, Panic, and White Feminist Futility, Emily Klein

The New Feminist Absurd: Protest, Panic, and White Feminist Futility in American Theatre, Emily Klein

Trotsky in Tijuana: A new novel by Dan La Botz, Dan La Botz, Alan Wald, and Susan Weissman

Dana Lawton Dances presents The Farallonites, Dana Lawton

Personal and Collective Memory in the Works of Svetlana Alexievich, Helga Lenart-Cheng


The Cross-Border Memoirs of Jean Guerrero and Francisco Cantú, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Bloody Macbeth: Director Victor Malana Maog in Conversation with Shakespeare Scholar Hilda Ma, Hilda Ma

The Shakespearean Sympathizer: War and Tragedy as a Refugee Optic, Hilda H. Ma


Last Days of the Wind, Felicia Martinez

Mira, Sol, Felicia Martinez

Not Meant For the Stars, Felicia Martinez


The Giver: Interview With Lois Lowry, Felicia Martinez

When, Felicia Martinez

Cross-Cultural Leadership as Interfaith Leadership, Barbara A. McGraw

Religious Regulation in the United States, Barbara A. McGraw and James T. Richardson

Tolerance and Intolerance in the History of Religious Liberty Jurisprudence in the United States and the Implementation of RFRA and RLUIPA, Barbara A. McGraw and James T. Richardson

Bainbridge Resident, Rashaan Meneses


Foreign Domestic, Rashaan Meneses


The Distance of Now, Rashaan Meneses


The Spark: History and the Filipinx Imagination, Rashaan Meneses, Veronica Montes, and Marianne Villanueva

American Harvest : God, Country, and Farming in the Heartland, Marie Mutsuki Mockett


What Two Imaginary Cats Tell Us About Who We Are (and How We’re Different), Marie Mutsuki Mockett

100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage, Bonnie Morris

An overview of women’s sports history, Bonnie Morris

An overview of women’s sports history, Bonnie Morris


Soundtracks of Sisterhood: Historicizing the Women's Music Movement, Bonnie Morris

Race and Our Moment of Crisis: 45 Years after the VietNam War, Viet Thanh Nguyen and Hilda Ma