Submissions from 2018


Critical sustainable consumption: a research agenda, Manisha Anantharaman


Leapfrogging Development - Its Challenges and Opportunities, Manisha Anantharaman


SMC World Languages and Cultures Professor Helga Lénárt-Cheng Receives Fulbright Award, Helga Lenart-Cheng


Denise Witzig Honored as Professor of the Year, Denise Witzig

Submissions from 2017

Circular Economy Practices and Discourses Amongst Informal Sector Waste Recyclers in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Contemplative Social Justice Scholars Program, Manisha Anantharaman


Green Public Spaces and Sustainable Cities in South and Southeast Asia: Integrating Needs and Societal Wellbeing, Manisha Anantharaman

Informality, Legitimacy and Authority in the Age of the "Circular Economy”, Manisha Anantharaman


Re-cycling Class: The Environmental Politics of Urban Sustainability in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Saint Mary’s College Provost's Faculty Research Grant, Manisha Anantharaman

Subjectivity and Environmental Governance in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

The Politics of Inclusion in Cleaning and Greening Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman


Weaving It In: Community Engaged Learning Across Disciplines, Manisha Anantharaman


Aligning Stakeholder Frames for Transition Management in Solid Waste: The Case Study of Bangalore, India, Nivedita Biyani and Manisha Anantharaman

Pregnancy and Birth from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, Costanza Dopfel


Reading Myself into Existence, Mel Michelle Lewis


"Lifestyle Leapfrogging" in Emerging Economies: Enabling Systemic Shifts to Sustainable Consumption, Patrick Schroeder and Manisha Anantharaman

The Russian Revolution: The Victory and Defeat of Workers Democracy—and Signs of Revival, Susan Weissman

Bay to Breakers: the Original Fun Run, Claire Williams


Unlocking the Unconscious Through Poetry, Matthew Zapruder

Submissions from 2016


Class, Poverty and Urban Sustainability in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Critical Sustainable Consumption, A Research Agenda, Manisha Anantharaman


Critical Sustainable Consumption: New Research Directions, Manisha Anantharaman

Early Career Scholar Award, Manisha Anantharaman

Elite and Ethical: The Defensive Distinctions of Middle-Class Bicycling in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Individuals Confronting Environmental Problems, Manisha Anantharaman

‘Lifestyle Leapfrogging’ in Emerging Economies: Enabling Systemic Shifts to Sustainable Consumption, Manisha Anantharaman

Outside the Wage: Spaces, Politics, Possibilities, Manisha Anantharaman

The Relational Class Politics of Working Outside the Wage in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

The ‘Sustainability’ of Class Relations in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Microprocesses of Norm Localization by Transnational Agents: Muslim Faith-Based NGOs and Liberal Civil Society, Zeynep Atalay

Teaching Social Inequality in the Millennial Sociology Classroom, Zeynep Atalay

Vernacularization of Liberal Civil Society by Transnational Islamic NGO Networks, Zeynep Atalay

Women’s and Gender Studies: A Symposium on Gender, Zeynep Atalay

Formal Response to Two Papers (by Mark Glanville and Helen Bousier) in the GOCN Forum on Missional Hermeneutics (Session Theme: "Migration, Marginalization, and the Mission of God: Missional Hermeneutics in the Context of Human Displacement and Relocation”), Michael Barram

Modernism on the Periphery: The Case of Gabriel Alomar i Villalonga (1873-1941) and Catalan Political Modernism, David Bird

Nation, History and Historiography in the Essays of Ángel Ganivet, David Bird

Sport for Social Change in the City: Case Southeastern United States, Velina Brackebusch and B. J. Hawkins

Foreword to Exploring Teachers in Fiction and Film, Robert Bulman

Care and the Paradox of Spiritual Healing, Anna Corwin

New Excerpts from “Son”, Catherine Davalos

Oh the MOON!, Catherine Davalos and D. Franklin

“Venezia,” A Dance Film, Catherine Davalos and D. Gaylord

Bridget’s Vision and Jan Provost’s Nativity, Costanza Dopfel

Nascere. Studi di Antropologia, Inconografia, Aggografia, e Storia della Medicina dall’ Antichrista all’Eta Moderna, Costanza Dopfel

‘The White Man’s Burden’: Naar Een Dekoloniale (Missie)Theologie, Joseph Drexler-Dreis and K. Justaert

Effect of Peppermint Oil Supplementation on Ventilation, Metabolic Health, and Exercise Performance, Chi-An Emhoff

Review of "A Sense of the Heart: Christian Religious History in the United States" by Bill J Leonard (New York Abingdon Press, 2014), Monica Fitzgerald


Festival of (In)appropriation, Peter Freund

IRAN|USA, Peter Freund

Locate Iran, Peter Freund


Moving Image Art, Peter Freund

Short Circuit: Experimental Documentary Short Films, Peter Freund

Unexposed Microcinema, Peter Freund

A Celebration of the Life and Work of Father Thomas Berry: His Contribution to a Creation Theology for an Ecology Age, David Gentry-Akin

American History as if the World Mattered (and Vice Versa), Carl Guarneri

Mechanical, Philosophical, and Mathematical Thinking in Ptolemaic Astronomy, Elizabeth Hamm

Mechanical Thinking in Ptolemaic Astronomy, Elizabeth Hamm

Modeling the Heavens: Sphairopoiia and Ptolemy’s Planetary Hypotheses, Elizabeth Hamm

#OFW: Technology, Discourse, and the Filipino Diaspora, Dana Herrera

Anxious Voices: Chinese Meanings of Speaking English and Embodying Social and Global Inequalities, Jennifer Heung

Leisure Time and English: Transnational Urban Consumption, World Citizenship, and the Embodiment of Language, Jennifer Heung

An Anonymous Eleventh-Century Doctor of Charity: Additions to the Holy Rule of Saint Benedict, Charles Hilken


La biblioteca di Alfonso II del Carretto marchese di Finale: Libri tra Vienna e la Liguria nel XVI secolo. Anna Giulia Cavagna. (Review), Charles Hilken

Legitur In Necrologio Victorino: Studien Zum Nekrolog Der Abtei Saint-Viktor Zu Paris. Corpus Victorinum: Instrumenta 7 (Review), Charles Hilken

Seeing the Spiritual in Tintoretto: A Dialogue with Jean-Paul Sartre, Charles Hilken

Chancellor, Brenda Hillman

Dodge Poetry Festival, Reading, Brenda Hillman

Panels on Eco-elegy and Drought, Brenda Hillman

Reading of Environmental Poetry, Brenda Hillman

Taiwan International Book Exhibition, Brenda Hillman

Girl Talk: A Qualitative Study of Girls Talking About The Meaning of Their Lives in an Urban Single Sex Elementary School, Sheila Hughes and Carolyn S. Ridenour

English Proficiency, Identity, Anxiety, and Intergroup Attitudes: US Americans’ Perceptions of Chinese, Makiko Imamura, Racheal A. Ruble, and Yan Bing Zhang

Intergroup Contact Theory and Acculturation: The Mediating Roles of Shared Cultural Identity and Individual and Group Levels of Communication Anxiety, Makiko Imamura, R. A. Ruble, and Y. B. Zhang


BRICS and Mediated Narratives: The Proximity Between Brazilian News and Telenovelas, Samantha Joyce and Monica Martinez

Community-Building and the Celebration of the Everyday in Recent Crowd-Sourced Diaries and Communal Lifestory Archives, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Jean-Luc Nancy and the Concepts of Community and Sharing, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Paul Ricoeur and the 'Particular' Case of Autobiography, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Lénárd Sándor: Világok Vándora, Helga Lenart-Cheng and Zsuzsa Vajdovics

Pinchas Gutter: The Figure of Holocaust Testimony as Embodied Archive and Interactive Documentary, Dan Leopard and N. Shenker

Pinchas Gutter: The Figure of Holocaust Testimony as Embodied Archive and Interactive Documentary, Dan Leopard and N. Shenker

Pinchas Gutter: The Holographic Holocaust Survivor as Embodied Archive, Dan Leopard and N. Shenker

Studying the Snow Leopard: Reconceptualizing Conservation Across the China-India Border, Michael Lewis and Elena Songster

Citizens' Empowerment Through Food Democracy and Food Justice, Patrizia Longo

Women, Tradition and Revolution in Jordan, Patrizia Longo

“Introduction” and “Reading a Different Drummer: Hope for a New Exodus”, Mark McVann

Institutional Racism in the NCAA and the Racial Implications of the "2.3 or Take a Knee" Legislation, Akuoma C. Nwadike, Ashley R. Baker, Velina Brackebusch, and Billy J. Hawkins

Epidemiology of Injuries in United States High School Track and Field: 2008-2009 Through 2013-2014, Lauren A. Pierpoint, Claire Williams, Sarah K. Fields, and R. Dawn Comstock

Excess of Prudence in Inferno 26, Gabriel Pihas

Imagining the Cosmos from the Pantheon to the Gesù, Gabriel Pihas

Phronesis from Plato to Dante, Gabriel Pihas

Republicanism and Renaissance Painting, Gabriel Pihas

"Can't Wait" for Violin, Clarinet and Piano, Martin Rokeach

Completion of "New Work: Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra", Martin Rokeach

Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra, Martin Rokeach

"Fast Lane" for Violin and Trumpet, Martin Rokeach

MSR Classics: "Running at the Top of the World" for Trumpet and Piano, Martin Rokeach

Nunca Olvida for Mezzo-Soprano and Guitar, Martin Rokeach

Visiting Artist, Including Master Class, Guest Lecture, and Performance of "Fast Lane" for Violin and Trumpet, Martin Rokeach

Effects of Contact Quality and Relational Solidarity on Stereotypes of Chinese Held by U.S. Americans, R. A. Ruble, Makiko Imamura, and Y. B. Zhang