Submissions from 2020

Partners in Public History: Training Students and Engaging Communities, Aeleah Soine

Submissions from 2019

Werner Thöni Gallery, Peter Freund

Modern Princesses at Work: Examining Women’s Subjectivity and Agency in 19th-century Anglo-German Monarchies, Aeleah Soine

Provost's Research Grant - Saint Mary's College of California, Aeleah Soine

Submissions from 2018


Critical Sustainable Consumption: A Research Agenda, Manisha Anantharaman


Leapfrogging Development - Its Challenges and Opportunities, Manisha Anantharaman


Missional Economics: Biblical Justice and Christian Formation, Michael Barram

Getting land enough to lay our Fathers bones upon’: Perceiving God’s Grace Outside Temporal Frameworks, Joseph Drexler-Dreis

Nat Turner's Orientation Beyond the Doctrine of Man, Joseph Drexler-Dreis

The Ambivalences of Freedom within Racial Capitalism, Joseph Drexler-Dreis


Theological Thinking and Eurocentric Epistemologies: A Challenge to Theologians within Afriana Religious Studies, Joseph Drexler-Dreis


The rhetorical emergency kit: Engaging ethically with end the silence and protest rhetoric on a campus in crisis, Katherine Field-Rothschild

Artist Talk: Non-reciprocal Montage, Peter Freund

Détournement and Its Discontents, Peter Freund

Extra Hidden Life, Among the Days, Brenda Hillman

How to Read a Play, Emily Klein

Seductive Movements: Immersive Theatre and Intimate Justice in Lysistrata & Spike Lee's Chi-Raq, Emily Klein

Holding Space, Dana Lee Lawton


SMC World Languages and Cultures Professor Helga Lénárt-Cheng Receives Fulbright Award, Helga Lenart-Cheng


Selling the (Anti-) Smoking Nurse: Tobacco Advertising and Commercialism in the American Journal of Nursing, Aeleah Soine and Sioban Nelson


Panda nation : the construction and conservation of China's modern icon, Elena Songster


Denise Witzig Honored as Professor of the Year, Denise Witzig

Submissions from 2017

War, Displacement and Radicalization, Hisham Ahmed


Leftist Politics and the Limits of Microcredit in Argentina, Ron Ahnen

Circular Economy Practices and Discourses Amongst Informal Sector Waste Recyclers in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Class, Subjectivity and Environmental Governance in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Contemplative Social Justice Scholars Program, Manisha Anantharaman


Elite and Ethical: The Defensive Distinctions of Middle-Class Bicycling in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman


Green Public Spaces and Sustainable Cities in South and Southeast Asia: Integrating Needs and Societal Wellbeing, Manisha Anantharaman

Informality, Legitimacy and Authority in the Age of the "Circular Economy”, Manisha Anantharaman


Re-cycling Class: The Environmental Politics of Urban Sustainability in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Saint Mary’s College Provost's Faculty Research Grant, Manisha Anantharaman

Subjectivity and Environmental Governance in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

The Politics of Inclusion in Cleaning and Greening Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman


Weaving It In: Community Engaged Learning Across Disciplines, Manisha Anantharaman

Neoliberal Authoritarianism and Islamist Civil Society in Turkey, Zeynep Atalay


Partners in Patriarchy: Faith-Based Organizations and Neoliberalism in Turkey Critical Sociology, Zeynep Atalay


To the Lighthouse and Beyond: Five Memoirs of Women Scholars of Canadian Literature, Carol Beran, Judith McCombs, Nora Foster Stovel, Charlotte Templin, and Sharon Rose Wilson

Epistemic Justice and the Cultivation of Intellectual Virtue in Galdós’s Marianela (1878), David Bird

Possibilities and Limitations of the Mexican (1958) by by José Revueltas, David Bird


Aligning Stakeholder Frames for Transition Management in Solid Waste: The Case Study of Bangalore, India, Nivedita Biyani and Manisha Anantharaman


Sport and Social Exclusion in Global Society, Velina Brackebusch

Using Reflexivity to Enrich Students’ Community Engagement Experience in an Introductory Sport Management Course, Velina Brackebusch and Claire Williams

Hollywood Still Goes to High School: How Films about Schooling Reveal American Cultural Beliefs about Inequality, Robert Bulman

Mr. Plecki and Me: Lessons From Cheaters About Critical Pedagogy, Robert Bulman


Hans Urs von Balthasar and the Critical Appropriation of Russian Religious Thought by Jennifer Newsome Martin (review), Anne Carpenter

A Better Map of Soteriology: A Response to William Loewe’s Lex Crucis: Soteriology and the Stages of Meaning, Jessica M. Coblentz


Bipolar Faith: A Black Woman's Journey with Depression and Faith, Jessica M. Coblentz

Can We Say ‘Yes’ to This?, Jessica M. Coblentz

Encountering the Truth, Jessica M. Coblentz

Forgetting and Repeating the Problems of Theology in the Americas, Jessica M. Coblentz


Ghosts in the Office: The Ecclesiological and Soteriological Implications of Stereotype Threat among Women in Catholic Theology, Jessica M. Coblentz


The Bible Through the Lens of Trauma, Jessica M. Coblentz

What Will Change Us?, Jessica M. Coblentz

Work and Prayer, Prayer and Work, Jessica M. Coblentz


Is Student Mental Health a Matter of Mission?, Jessica M. Coblentz and Christopher Staysniak

Care in Interaction: Aging, Personhood, and the Meaning(s) of Care, Anna Corwin

Growing Old with God: An Alternative Vision of Aging Well, Anna Corwin


Overcoming Elder speak: A Qualitative Study of Three Alternatives, Anna Corwin


Semiotic Agency and the Performance of Gender among Genderqueer Individuals, Anna Corwin

Exploration and Engineering: The Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Quest for Mars, Benjamin D'Harlingue

Fertilissima Firenze: How a Demographic Crisis Shaped the Italian Renaissance, Costanza Dopfel

Fertilissima Firenze: Imperativi demografici ed epica femminile nell’arte del Quattrocento Fiorentino, Costanza Dopfel

International Conference on Childbirth Studies, Costanza Dopfel

Pregnancy and Birth from Late Antiquity to the Renaissance, Costanza Dopfel

Proceedings for Pregnancy and Childbirth: History, Medicine and Anthropology - An International Symposium, Costanza Dopfel

Reality and Imagination in the Iconography of the Lying-in Room, Costanza Dopfel

Nascere: Iconografia, Medicina, Agiografia dal Tardoantico al Rinascimento, Costanza Dopfel, A. Foscati, and A. Parmeggiani


Ancient Grains and New Markets: The Selling of Quinoa as Story and Substance, John Drew, Aaron Sachs, Cecilia Sueiro, and John Stepp

Sin and Grace in the US Imaginary: The Alabaster Christ, Man, and Scripturalization, Joseph Drexler-Dreis


The Option for the Poor as a Decolonial Option: Latin American Liberation Theology in Conversation with Teología India and Womanist Theology, Joseph Drexler-Dreis

Political Theology and Liberation Theology, Joseph Drexler-Dreis and Kristein Justaert

Information Literacy in the Age of Fake News, Katherine Field

Contested Manhood in the Puritan Church, Monica Fitzgerald

Artist Talk: Alternative Facts, IRAN|USA, Peter Freund

Artist Talk: Desire, IRAN|USA, Peter Freund

Artist Talk: Digital Tomb, IRAN|USA, Peter Freund

Artist Talk, IRAN|USA, Peter Freund


IRAN/USA, Peter Freund

IRAN|USA and Other Nonorientable Surfaces, Peter Freund

Wait – my family can affect my sex life?, Mark A. Generous


Final conversations: Overview and practical implications for patients, families, and healthcare workers, Mark A. Generous and Maureen P. Keeley


Wished For and Avoided Conversations With Terminally Ill Individuals During Final Conversations, Mark A. Generous and Maureen P. Keeley


Are We Really Helping Communities? A Teaching Case to Challenge Dominant Narratives about Sources of Inequity, Cynthia Gordon de Cruz


A Strategic Racial Equity Framework, Cynthia Gordon de Cruz


Critical Community-Engaged Scholarship: Communities and Universities Striving for Racial Justice, Cynthia Gordon de Cruz

Same Discrimination, New Form: Towards the Measurement of Laissez-Faire or Color-Blind Racism, Cynthia Gordon de Cruz

Writing Residency, Rosemary Graham

Pros and Cons of Voice Grading in Second Language Acquisition, Maria Grazia de Angelis


Intersectionality, Inc.: A Dialogue on Intersectionality’s Travels and Tribulations, Patrick Grzanka, Rajani Bhatia, Mel Michelle Lewis, Sheri Parks, Joshua Woodfork, and Michael Casiano


Globalizing the U.S. Survey Course Textbook: Challenges, Choices, and Opportunities, Carl Guarneri


Lincoln's Autocrat: The Life of Edwin Stanton, Carl Guarneri

Astronomy and Technology in the Ancient World, Elizabeth Hamm

The Latin Question: Classical and Practical Education in the Early Lasallian Schools and Contemporary U.S. Lasallian Universities, Elizabeth Hamm

Hosts on Holiday: The Hawaiian Imaginary in Las Vegas, Dana Herrera and Cynthia Van Gilder


Stiftsbibliothek und Kirchenschätz: Materielle Kultur in den Augustiner-Chorfrauenstiften Steterburg und Heiningen by Britta-Juliane Kruse. Wolfenbütteler Mittelalter-Studien 28. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2016, Charles Hilken

“A Halting Probability on a Train,” “Species Prepared to Exist After Mone,” and “Autumn Ritual With Hate Turned Sideways”, Brenda Hillman

Autumn Ritual With Hate Turned Sideways, Brenda Hillman

Benefit Reading at Squaw Valley, Brenda Hillman

Community of Writers Benefit Reading, Brenda Hillman