Submissions from 2018

Artist talk and film screening, Peter Freund

Artist Talk: Non-reciprocal Montage, Peter Freund

Détournement and Its Discontents, Peter Freund

"Lost Grids" (research for art production), Peter Freund

"Lost Grids" (studio art project), Peter Freund


Asian American Studies and the Fight for Worker Justice, Kim Geron, Loan Dao, Kent Wong, and Tracy Lai


Breaking Literary Ground: Ambitious Young Writers from Ireland, Rosemary Graham

Writing Fellow, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Rosemary Graham

Writing Residency, Tyrone Guthrie Centre at Annaghmakerrig, County Monahan, Ireland, Rosemary Graham


Review of Don Doyle, ed., "American Civil Wars: The United States, Latin America, Europe, and the Crisis of the 1860s.", Carl Guarneri


Does love conquer all? An experiment testing the association between types of romantic comedy content and reports of romantic beliefs and life satisfaction., Veronica Hefner

William R. Eadington Fellowship in Gaming Research, 2018, Dana Herrera and Cynthia Van Gilder

Spheres of Value and Peripheral Belonging: Distinction, Value, and Mobility with the English Language in China, Jennifer Heung

Hill Museum and Manuscript Library. Nicky B. Carpenter Fellowship in Manuscript Studies, Charles Hilken


Lectionarium Placentinum Temporale: Edition of a Twelfth Century Lectionary for the Divine Office, Charles Hilken

Liturgy, Law, and the Formation of Identity: A Study of the Medieval Chapter Room, Charles Hilken

Extra Hidden Life, Among the Days, Brenda Hillman

At Your Feet- by Ana Cristina Cesar, Brenda Hillman and additional author(s)

Direct and indirect effects of contact quality and perceived cultural identification on conflict management styles in an American-Chinese context, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)

Brasileiros do horário nobre – ou o que a CBS me ensinou sobre o Brasil, Samantha Nogueira Joyce

Latin American Media Research. An Overview, Samantha Nogueira Joyce


On Drugs, favelas and shoot outs – AKA, what CBS has taught me about Brazil, Samantha Nogueira Joyce


Representation of domestic violence in Brazilian serialized productions, Samantha Nogueira Joyce and additional author(s)

How to Read a Play, Emily Klein

Seductive Movements: Immersive Theatre and Intimate Justice in Lysistrata & Spike Lee's Chi-Raq, Emily Klein

NEH Summer Institute on Slavery and the Constitution, Kathryn Koo

Faulkner and the Field of Law and Literature, Kathryn S. Koo

The Fluid Tour. Dana Lawton Dances, Dana Lawton

Holding Space, Dana Lee Lawton

Partners in Public History: Dialogues Across Communities, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Telling Secrets: Reading the Silences and Confidences Surrounding Sexual and Domestic Violence, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo


Review of The Unwomanly Face of War, Helga Lenart-Cheng


SMC World Languages and Cultures Professor Helga Lénárt-Cheng Receives Fulbright Award, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Stories of Posttrauma and National Sacrifice, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Wilhelm Dilthey’s Views on Autobiography, Helga Lenart-Cheng


Wilhelm Dilthey’s Views on Autobiography, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Applied Interfaith Leadership for the Professions” and “Developing Interfaith Leaders for Civic Engagement that is Civil, Barbara McGraw

Religious Pluralism and Religious Freedom: Perils and Possibilities for America’s Sacred Ground, Barbara McGraw

Religious Pluralism in Government Institutions: Promise and Peril, Barbara McGraw

Women’s Coalitions Addressing Global Problems, Barbara McGraw

From Prison Religion to Interfaith Leadership for Institutional Change, Barbara A. McGraw

Author Fellowship, Rashaan Meneses


Waters I've Known, Rashaan Meneses

Mexicans in the Old West: Novel Depictions by Cather and Steinbeck, Molly Metherd

Willa Cather’s Expansive Historical Vision in Death Comes For The Archbishop, Molly Metherd


Opera from Scratch, Helena Michelson


Participating composer: 2018 Breath Mark Retreat for poets, composers, and performers, Helena Michelson

Artists Residency, Kala Art Institute, Andrew Mount

No Relief. Exhibition of paintings and screenprints, Andrew Mount

The Energy Plan: Beuys and the relationship between debt and capital, Andrew Mount

The stranger god” and the “artistic Socrates”: On Nietzsche and Plato in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, Julie Park

Altered States: Variations Through Time, Lino Rivera

Altered States: Variations Through Time, Lino Rivera

Piano Competition Adjudicator, upon invitation by the Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association, Lino Rivera


Review of "The Body as Capital: Masculinities in Contemporary Latin American Fiction", Maria Luisa Ruiz

Discussant in Symposium titled Exploring Activist Literacies Across Contexts: Literacy Practices in Teacher, Student, and Community Organizing. Literacy Research, Alicia Rusoja

Inter-American Educational Leadership Networks and Cross-Sector Alliances for Educational Equity, Alicia Rusoja

Intergenerational Critical Literacies as Communal Pedagogy of Resistance, Alicia Rusoja


The School to Prison Pipeline, Alicia Rusoja and additional author(s)


Tying Tight or Splitting Up: An Adult’s Perspective of His Parent’ Same-Sex Relationship Dissolution, Aaron Dickson Sachs

Extraction Stories: Workers, Communities and Nature in the Mining and Oil Industries, Myrna Santiago

Nicaragua and the Battle over Memory and History, Myrna Santiago

Partners in Public History: Training Students and Engaging Communities, Aeleah Soine


Selling the (Anti-) Smoking Nurse: Tobacco Advertising and Commercialism in the American Journal of Nursing, Aeleah Soine and Sioban Nelson

Healing Nature: Seeking Balance in Chinese Medicine and Nature through History, E. Elena Songster

The Giant Panda: Posterchild of the Cultural Revolution?, E. Elena Songster


Panda nation : the construction and conservation of China's modern icon, Elena Songster

Protecting Pandas and the Evolution of Environmental Science and Stewardship in the PRC, Elena Songster

Fostering Information Literacy in the Era of Fake News: John Oliver, Public Intellectuals, and Transforming Critical Thought in the Composition Classroom, Meghan Sweeney

An Analysis of Discipline-Specific Academic Language Learning in Middle-School Students, Meghan A. Sweeney


Audience Awareness as a Threshold Concept of Reading: An Examination of Student Learning in Biochemistry, Meghan A. Sweeney

Translocal WPA Research: Assessing Diversity Learning in FYW across Three Universities in One Region, Meghan A. Sweeney

Bogliasco Foundation Literature Fellowship, Lysley Tenorio


Ninth Island, Las Vegas: Hawaiian Gaming Tourism and The California Hotel, Cynthia Van Gilder and Dana Herrera

Playing Paradise: The California Hotel and Hawaiian Tourist Imaginaries, Cynthia Van Gilder and Dana Herrera

The Intersections of Critical Filipino/a Studies and Ethnic Studies, Michael Viola

The Standpoint of Filipina Solidarity: Toward a Filipina Radical Tradition, Michael Viola

Toward a Filipino/a Radical Tradition, Michael Viola

Filipinx Critical Theory: From Racialization to Radicalization, Michael Viola and additional author(s)


From Identity Formation to Social Transformation: A Dialogue on Filipino American Studies, Michael Joseph Viola and additional author(s)


Letting Malibu Burn, An interview with Mike Davis, Suzi Weissman


Our Students Need the Money Now, An interview with Alex Caputo-Pearl, Suzi Weissman


The Rise of Bullshit Jobs, An interview with David Graeber, Suzi Weissman

Book project: Technologies of Self: Feminism, TV and the Future, Denise Witzig


Denise Witzig Honored as Professor of the Year, Denise Witzig

That's Not Me: Female Rage and Feminist Promise on TV, Denise Witzig

Wonder Women: Trauma, Power and the Feminist Hero, Denise Witzig

Class demonstrations and performance presentation, Jia Wu

Rarities, collected from every corner of the earth': Exotic Catalogue and Self-Conscious Orientalism in William Beckford’s Vathek, Yin Yuan

That fed her charmed life': Botanical Science and Imperial Nourishment in Lalla Rookh, Yin Yuan

Galileo on Faith and Reason: the 'Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina, Joseph Zepeda

History in the Defense of Common Sense, Joseph Zepeda


Scenic Design for Shotgun Players production of Arcadia by Tom Stoppard, Deanna Zibello