Submissions from 2011

Solo recital, Lino Rivera

Various piano solos, Lino Rivera

Early History of German Studies Association, Katherine Roper

Br. Manuel Vega Faculty/Staff Latino Empowerment Award, Maria Luisa Ruiz

Reading/Writing/Literacy Masters Program Award for Exemplary Portfolio, Alicia Rusoja

Critical inquiry across classrooms and communities, Alicia Rusoja and additional author(s)


A Personal History of Desire in Porn and Hip-Hop, Aaron Sachs

Giving Voice to All that Can Go Wrong with Service-Learning: A Roundtable Discussion to Improve Pedagogy, Aaron D. Sachs

“I Re-member”: Re-presenting Hip Hop and Sexual Violence in New Zealand, Aaron D. Sachs

The Huasteca Rainforest: An Environmental History, Myrna Santiago


Modelos: An Integrated Approach for Proficiency in Spanish. 2nd edition., Frances M. Sweeney and additional author(s)

Sarah Palin and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: The Place of Female Rhetors within the Apologia Genre, Meghan Sweeney

Teaching During the Best of Times and the Worst of Times: Reading Classes as Unexpected Boon of Budget Cuts, Meghan Sweeney

Textual Silence in Intimate Partner Homicide Media Coverage, Meghan Sweeney

Writing/Reading: Reading/Writing: A Curricular-Design Case Study of Literacy Inter-Relations, Meghan Sweeney


L'amour, CA, Lysley Tenorio

“Caritas in Veritate”: Moral Suasion for Economic Decision Making?, Theodore Tsukahara

Contested Generational Voices of Imagined Work and Digital Mobility, Edward Tywoniak

The Voices of Our Digital Movement: From a Media Ecology Perspective, Edward Tywoniak

Voices From the Cloud: The Virtual Sonification of Contemporary Culture, Edward Tywoniak

Exposures to the Repression of (Neo)Colonialism: Toward a Filipino/a American Counter-Consciousness, Michael Viola

Filipino/a American Hip-Hop to ‘Read the World’ and Transform the World: The Possibilities of an Emergent Critical Pedagogy., Michael Viola

Hip-Hop as a Practice for Freedom: Explorations of Filipino/a American Cultural Production, Michael Viola

Leadership and the Limits of Demands: The 2010 Daniel Singer Millennium Prize, Susan Weissman


Mark ‘Etienne’ Zborowski: Portrait of Deception—Part 1, Susan Weissman

Mark Zborowski: Stalin's Spy in the Left Opposition, Susan Weissman

Spying for Stalin: Dmitri Bystrolyotov, Mark Zborowski, and the Killerati Intellectuals, Susan Weissman

Stalin's Spies, Susan Weissman

The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg, Susan Weissman


Wilebaldo Solano as I Knew Him, Susan Weissman

Wilebaldo Solano, 1916-2010, Susan Weissman and additional author(s)

Standing Out to Fit In: ‘Fastinistas’ Hit the Road, Claire Williams

YouTube Activity: Social Responsibility, Marketing, and Female Athletes, Claire Williams

Mourning Masculinity: Mad Men, Memory and Melancholia., Denise Witzig

Paul Giurlanda Faculty Award, Denise Witzig

Restitution, Stephen Woolpert

Guggenheim Fellowship, Matthew Zapruder


Review of David Cunning, Argument and Persuasion in Descartes' Meditations, Joseph Zepeda

Submissions from 2010

Models of Microcredit Services in Brazil, Ronald Ahnen

From the Neighborhood to Umma: Global Networks of Muslim Civil Society in Turkey, Zeynep Atalay

Goldhaber Research Grant - University of Maryland, College Park, Zeynep Atalay

Muslim Grass-Roots Activism: A New Direction in Collective Action?, Zeynep Atalay

Religious Identity and Global Civic Action: Alternatives to Secular NGO Networks, Zeynep Atalay

Religious NGO Networks in the Muslim World, Zeynep Atalay

The State and Transnational Civil Society: Sites of Engagement and Confrontation, Zeynep Atalay

Transnational Muslim Civil Society and Philanthropy, Zeynep Atalay

“World Social Forum”; “Amitai Etzioni”; “Robert Putnam”; “Third Sector Foundation of Turkey”, Zeynep Atalay

Who Is She? San Francisco International Arts Festival, Rosana Barragan, Catherine Davalos, Dana Lawton, and Jia Wu

Exegesis: John 12:1-8, Michael Barram

Exegesis: Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32, Michael Barram

Exegesis: Luke 4:14-21, Michael Barram

Disabling the Face: Tourette Syndrome and the Spectrum of Embodied Affective Expression, David Benin

On Quarterbacks, Canines, and the Compulsory Performance of Affect, David Benin

Suicidal Tendencies: Moral Spectatorship and The Bridge, David Benin

Class in the Classroom: Hollywood’s Distorted View of Inequality, Robert Bulman

The impact of an experiential education program on the self-perceptions and perceived social regard of physical education students, Rebecca Concepcion and additional author(s)

Southwest Regional Director, CatherineMarie Davalos

Who is she?, CatherineMarie Davalos, Rosana Barragan, and Dana Lee Lawton

E-Learning and the Use of Multimedia, Maria Grazia De Angelis

Using Electronic Portfolios to Enhance Language Curriculum, Maria Grazia De Angelis

The Gothic Mystery and "Blood on the Dining Room Floor": How Gertrude Stein Cured Her Writing Block, Janice Doane and additional author(s)

Gemistos Plethon and Sigismondo's ˜Byzantine" destiny, Costanza Gislon Dopfel

Holy Mothers and Vanished Nativities, Costanza Gislon Dopfel

If They Build It, They Will Come: Utilizing faculty voice and Vision in Faculty Development Program., Monica Fitzgerald

The Art of Being a Modern Woman: How Hildreth Meiere Sculpted an Unconventional Life., Monica Fitzgerald

Women in Politics. Celebrating Women in American History Series, vol. I: Beginnings to 1860, Monica Fitzgerald

Women in Politics. Celebrating Women in American History Series, vol. II: 1861 to 1899, Monica Fitzgerald

Women's Health. Celebrating Women in American History Series, vol. V: 1961 to the Present, Monica Fitzgerald

Creeds, Christianity, David Flanagin

Camp [film/video; Arabic, Mandarin, English], Peter Freund

Critical Cinema, Peter Freund

Fraudulence: the Critical Ethics of Radical Filmmaking, Peter Freund

Review of "Giri Chit Ginza", Peter Freund

The Poetics of the Foreign in Language, Peter Freund

UFVA conference, Peter Freund

Stalker Girl, Rosemary Graham

Integrating U.S. History Before the Twentieth Century into the World History Curriculum, Carl Guarneri

Reconnecting the Early Republic with the Americas: Transnational and Comparative Perspectives, Carl Guarneri

The Aim and Function of Ptolemy’s Astronomical Models, Elizabeth Hamm

Human Interaction Networks as Complex Systems: the Case for Virtual Fieldwork, Dana Herrera

Fourteenth-Century Monastic Legal Dispute from Benevento., Charles Hilken


The Papacy in the Church and in the World, Charles Hilken

The Papacy, The Roman Catholic Church, and the World, Charles Hilken

Nomination:"Far From Perfect." Isadora Duncan Awards., Brenda Hillman

Poetry reading at Fall for the Book, Brenda Hillman

Poetry reading with Robert Hass, Brenda Hillman

Practical Water. Los Angeles Times Book Award, Outstanding Poetic Achievement., Brenda Hillman

Reading at Tulane University, Brenda Hillman

The Way We Learn to Look, Brenda Hillman

Three poems, Brenda Hillman

Writing the Silences, Brenda Hillman


A Winter's Tale, Sheila Hassell Hughes


Reading Lesson, Sheila Hassell Hughes


"Red Mother": The Missing Mother Plot as Double Mystery in Louise Erdrich's Fiction, Sheila Hassell Hughes

E. C. Buehler Teaching Award, Makiko Imamura

Hob Crockett Research Paper Award, Makiko Imamura

Sene and Louella Carlile Scholarship, Makiko Imamura

Speagle Project Fellowship, Makiko Imamura

Communicative dimensions of cultural salience and intercultural relationships: The Chinese participants’ attitudes toward Americans, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)

Japanese college students' media exposure to sexually explicit material, perceptions of women, and sexually permissive attitudes, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)