Submissions from 1991

Housekeeping, Naomi Schwartz

Motown and Soul, Naomi Schwartz


The Use of Artificial Intelligence by the United States Navy: Case Study of a Failure, Stephen B. Sloane

Interactive Computer Music Programs in Live Performance, Edward Tywoniak

La Critique d’art Au Pere Peinard, Joan Ungersma

Victor Serge: Les Dernières Reflexiones sur le Stalinisme, Susan Weissman


Letter(s) From an Unknown Woman: Edith Wharton's Correspondence with Authority., Denise Witzig

Victim/Offender Reconciliation Programs, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1990

Alumni Faculty Research Fellowship, David J. Alvarez

Travel Grant - National Endowment for the Humanities, David J. Alvarez

Francis Bacon, Inquisitor, Kenneth Cardwell


The Fish on the Fire: Jn 21:9, Kenneth Cardwell

Introduction, Paul Giurlanda

Ambiguous Encounters: Poets and Painters in the Post-Impressionist Era, Joan Halperin

Inventing Neo-Impressionism: Seurat and Félix Fénéon, Joan Halperin

NEH Travel-to-Collections Grant, June 1990., Joan Halperin

Anne Firor Scott Research Award,, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Anne Firor Scott Research Grant, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Television Production Grant, Dan Leopard

Marx's Utopia of Double Reality. A Critique, Patrizia Longo

Cervantistas Versus Quijotistas, Alvaro Ramirez

Death as a Structuring Motif in Pedro Páramo, Alvaro Ramirez

Coda, Martin Rokeach

Norturne, Martin Rokeach

Sonata for violin and piano, Martin Rokeach

In Search of the German Revolution: Novels of Imperial Berlin, Katherine Roper

Hsueh Tao, Naomi Schwartz


Italian Americans Celebrate Life: the Arts and Popular Culture: Selected Essays, Paola Sensi-Isolani

Italian Languages and Culture Promotion: The Pitfall of Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding, Paola Sensi-Isolani

La Pelle in California, I Soldi in Italia: The Italian Strike in McCloud, California, 1909, Paola Sensi-Isolani

Future View of Real-Time Computer Appplications for the Arts, Edward Tywoniak

Victor Serge's Critique of the Stalinist System, Susan Weissman

Submissions from 1989


The Professionalization of the Papal Diplomatic Service, 1907-1967, David J. Alvarez

The Vatican and the First Hague Peace Conference, David J. Alvarez

Fact, Fiction, or Fantasy: A Response to Fisher's Narrative Paradigm, Shawny Anderson

Associationism: Fourierism and America, Carl Guarneri


Radical Conscientious Objectors of World War Two: Wartime Experience and Postwar Activism, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Utopia or Paradox? Rousseau's Dream of a True Democracy, Patrizia Longo


Ethnicity in the Sunbelt: Italian American Migrants to Scottsdale, Arizona, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Making Time, Naomi Schwartz

Back in the USSR, Susan Weissman

Back in the USSR, Part I, Susan Weissman


De Petrograd a Orenbourg: la critique du développement politique soviétique par Victor Serge, Susan Weissman

Gorbachev's Dilemma: How to Control Labor?, Susan Weissman

History Revisited, Susan Weissman


Review of Feminist Dialogics: A Theory of Failed Community., Denise Witzig

Submissions from 1988

Review of Carol Zaleski Otherworld Journeys: Accounts of Near-Death Experience in Medieval and Modem Times, Paul Giurlanda

Review of David Tracy Plurality and Ambiguity: Hermeneutics, Religion, Hope., Paul Giurlanda

Dividing Them from Us Within Ourselves, Rosemary Graham


Félix Fénéon: Aesthete and Anarchist in Fin-de-siècle Paris, Joan Ungersma Halperin

Graduate Student Award for Distinguished Achievement, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Italian Workers on the Roosevelt Dam, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli


Italian Americans: images across half a century, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli and Leonard Gordon

Scholarship award for advanced studies in Italian Language, History and Renaissance and Contemporary Literature, Summer Program, Alvaro Ramirez

Elizabeth Davis Competition [recipient], Lino Rivera

Jean Baptiste De la Salle Award, Katherine Roper


Rejecting Progress in Paradise: Huastecs, the Environment, and the Oil Industry in Veracruz, Mexico, 1900-1935, Myrna Santiago

Angles and Pure Sound, Naomi Schwartz

Three West Coast Women, Naomi Schwartz

Tomb in Chang Sha, Naomi Schwartz

You and Your Angel, Naomi Schwartz

From Petrograd to Orenburg: Victor Serge's World and Ours, Susan Weissman

The Meaning of the Current Rehabilitations in the USSR, Susan Weissman

Victor Serge's Critique of Stalinism: Bureaucracy & Planlessness, Susan Weissman

Applying Humanistic Psychology to Politics: The Case for Criminal Restitution, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1987


Abandoning Providence, Paul Giurlanda


Faith and Knowledge: A Critical Inquiry, Paul Giurlanda

Habermas' Critique of Gadamer: Does It Stand Up?, Paul Giurlanda

The Challenge of Post-Liberal Theology, Paul Giurlanda


Religion and Society in the American West, Carl Guarneri and David Alvarez

Pioneer paesani in Globe Arizona, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Intercultural Understanding, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli and Leonard Gordon


A further test of the model minority thesis: Japanese Americans in a sunbelt state, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli and Richard Nagasawa

Still Life: Marriage, Naomi Schwartz

The Art in Magic, Naomi Schwartz

Tradition and Transition in a California Paese, Paola Sensi-Isolani

Looking At Glasnost: Who benefits from the Reforms?, Susan Weissman

The High Risk Side to Glasnost, Susan Weissman

URSS: Y los Obreros?, Susan Weissman

Victor Serge y Leon Trotsky: Una relacion dificil, Susan Weissman

Why Gorbachev's reforms must include the workers, Susan Weissman

Submissions from 1986

Outstanding Graduate in the Department of Speech Communication, Shawny Anderson

Gilbert Chinard Literary Prize, 1986, Joan Halperin

A test of the McKay and Lewins typology, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Concerto Competition: University of Hawaii, Lino Rivera

Distinguished Pianist Prize, Lino Rivera

Tango, Martin Rokeach

A Fictional Quest for the Berliner, Katherine Roper

The Poetry of Life's Details, Naomi Schwartz

Composition and Performance on the Buchla 400 Digital Keyboard Instrument, Edward Tywoniak

A Comparison of Rational Choice and Self-Actualization Theories of Politics, Stephen Woolpert


A Comparison of Rational Choice and Self-Actualization Theories of Politics, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1985

Cervantes Prize: Department of Spanish. U.C. Berkeley, 1985., Jane Dilworth

Departmental Citation: Department of French. U.C. Berkeley, 1985., Jane Dilworth

Review of George Lindbeck The Nature of Doctrine., Paul Giurlanda

Summer Stipend - National Endowment for the Humanities, Carl Guarneri


Exploring ethnicity in the Sunbelt: Italian Americans in Scottsdale, Arizona, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

National Competition: Music Teachers' National Association, Lino Rivera

Articles on Erich Kästner and Erich Maria Remarque, Katherine Roper

In Search of the Bohemian: Self-images of Berlin Literati, Katherine Roper