Submissions from 1994


An Information Center for the Russian Workers' Movement, Susan Weissman

Kronstadt and the Fourth International., Susan Weissman

Submissions from 1993


The Papal Cipher Section in the Early Nineteenth Century, David J. Alvarez

Eli Lilly and Company Matching Gift Program, Shawny Anderson

Puffin Foundation Grant, Shawny Anderson

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award. U.C. Berkeley, 1993., Jane Dilworth

Location and Structure of the Baptistry in the Mystagogic Catecheses of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Alexis Doval

The Great Leo: A Light in the West, Ronald Gallagher

A God Who Could Dance: A Nietzschean Perspective on Religion and the Body, David Gentry-Akin

Beyond Tolerance: Two Non-Individualist Views (Gadamer and Hauerwas), Paul Giurlanda

What About Our Church's Children?, Paul Giurlanda

Irvine Foundation Grant for Curriculum Development, Rosemary Graham

Solving All the Problems of Freedom: The "Case" of the 1860 Leaves of Grass, Rosemary Graham

Irvine Foundation, Carl Guarneri


Reunion, Texas: Post Scriptum Ironique au Fouriérisme Américaine, Carl Guarneri

American Philosophical Society Research Grant, 1993., Joan Halperin

The Historical and Theological Background for Prayers for the Dead, Charles Hilken

Dinner Theatre, Sheila Hassell Hughes

Sacramentalizing, Sheila Hassell Hughes

Physical Contests in an Ancient Near-Eastern Culture: A Comparison with Greece and Rome., Deane A. Lamont

Running Events in Ancient Sumer, Deane A. Lamont

African American Migrant Women in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

...and Thales Fell into a Pit: A Feminist Critique of Epistemology, Patrizia Longo

Irvine Grant Workshop, Patrizia Longo

NEH grant, Patrizia Longo


The Excelsior Villagers: A study of an Italian American neighborhood in transition, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Transformation of an Ethnic community: Phoenix's Italians, 1880 to 1980, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Cervantine Resonance in Three American Television Programs, Alvaro Ramirez

The Quixote and Los Pasos Perdidos: From 'admiratio' to 'lo real maravilloso', Alvaro Ramirez

Friedrich Spielhagen, Katherine Roper


Imagining the German Capital: Berlin Writers in the Two Unification Eras, Katherine Roper

Karl Gutzkow, Katherine Roper

Bridge, Naomi Schwartz

"Housekeeping II: Dustings," "The Happy World," and "Retreat", Naomi Schwartz


Struggle and Success: An Anthology of the Italian Immigrant Experience in California, Paola A. Sensi-Isolani and Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

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From Affective to Effective Writing, Frances Sweeney

Techniques for Teacher Writing., Frances Sweeney

The Relationship Between Language Acquisition and Student Awareness of Methodology and Instruction., Frances Sweeney

An Analysis of the Acquisition of Morphosyntactic and Discourse Features in the Writing of First-Year University Level Learners of Spanish, Frances M. Sweeney

The Relationship Between Language Acquisition and Student Awareness of Methodology and Instruction, Frances M. Sweeney

Electronic Artisans: How Synthesizers are Made, Edward Tywoniak

Entrance Music for Elizabeth Taylor and Dance Music for Cirque de Sole Arial Acrobats, Edward Tywoniak

Los Angeles Project Studios, Edward Tywoniak

Reflections on the Information Superhighway, Edward Tywoniak

Show Time: The Technology of the Grateful Dead, Edward Tywoniak


Bloody Moscow, October 1993, Susan Weissman

Choque sin terapia, entre el Macartismo y el Pinochetismo, Susan Weissman

La Falta de salidas a la crisis rusa, Susan Weissman

The Politics of the Shadow, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1992


A Papal Diplomatic Code, David J. Alvarez


Purely a Business Matter: The Taft Mission to the Vatican, David J. Alvarez


Vatican Communications Security, 1914-1918, David J. Alvarez

Share It Now Foundation grant, Shawny Anderson

Subjectivity and the Body: A Historical Overview of Interpretations of Physical Difference, Shawny Anderson


Mexican American Ethnic Identity, an Interdisciplinary Approach, Martha E. Bernal and Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Phi Beta Kappa Scholarship. U.C. Berkeley, 1992., Jane Dilworth

The Fantastic Forum: James Stephens and Flann O'Brien, Ronald Gallagher

Annual Book Award, Carl Guarneri


Utopie et la Seconde Revolution Americaine, Carl Guarneri

Compact, Sheila Hassell Hughes

Distinction in academic and professional career, Patrizia Longo

Plato and the Modern Technological Myth, Patrizia Longo

Rousseau's Dream of a True Democracy: Utopia or Paradox, Patrizia Longo

In the Name of the Father: Dhuoda's Liber manualis as a Mirror of Authority, Lisa Manter

Cultural Pluralism in Arizona: Toward Intercultural Understanding and Accommodation, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli and Leonard Gordon

Promoting Moral Development via Physical Education: The Golden Gate Project, Steve Miller

Imagining Germanness: Novels of the Kaiserzeit, Katherine Roper

New Letters Award, Naomi Schwartz

Struggle and Success - Agnelli Foundation, Paola Sensi-Isolani

Redefining Christianity in a Capitalistic Society: The Private Catholic Institution of the 1990's., Frances Sweeney

Learner Attitudes Towards their Foreign Language Development: Speech and Composition Acquisition, Frances M. Sweeney

The Right to Write in the Communicative Competence Classroom: A Comparison of the Acquisition of Morphosyntactic Features in Speaking and Writing in the First Year Spanish Class, Frances M. Sweeney

Frankenstein, Steve Tillis

The Truth of the Matter, Steve Tillis

Toward an Aesthetics of the Puppet: Puppetry as a Theatrical Art, Steve Tillis

Corazon de Agua: Heart of Water., Edward Tywoniak

Mixcoatl, Edward Tywoniak

The Sound of Music (play), Edward Tywoniak

Seventy-Five Years Later, the Workers Are Still the Problem, Susan Weissman


The Onus of Historical Impossibility, Susan Weissman

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Рол Террора в Формированни Системуи Сталинисма, Susan Weissman

The Muse's Tragedy' and the Muse's Text: Language and Desire in Wharton., Denise Witzig

Submissions from 1991

The Vatican and the Fall of Poland, David J. Alvarez


Vatican Intelligence Capabilities in the Second World War, David J. Alvarez

La prima donna', The Feminine Voice as Source of Creativity, Jane Dilworth

The Location and Structure of the Baptistry in the Mystagogic Catecheses of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Alexis Doval

Ireland's New Marriage in the Novels of James Stephens, Ronald Gallagher

Zeg het voort en geef het door': De Nederlandse manier van geloven is wereldwijd gemeengoed geworden, David Gentry-Akin

Cornell University Press, Carl Guarneri

Pulitizer Prize Nomination (History), Carl Guarneri


The Utopian Alternative: Fourierism in Nineteenth-Century America, Carl Guarneri

American Philosophical Society Research Grant, 1991., Joan Halperin

Facing Distortion in Biography: the Life of Louise Hervieu, Joan Halperin

Nijenrode Scholarship, 1991., Joan Halperin

Perspectives sur le symbolisme en peinture, Joan Halperin

The Ironic Eye and the Unconscious: Seurat and the Poet Jules Laforgue, Joan Halperin

Undergraduate Student Recruitment and Retention and the Centralized On-Campus Recreational Sports Facility, Deane A. Lamont

American Dissertation Fellowship, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo