Submissions from 1987

Looking At Glasnost: Who benefits from the Reforms?, Susan Weissman

The High Risk Side to Glasnost, Susan Weissman

URSS: Y los Obreros?, Susan Weissman

Victor Serge y Leon Trotsky: Una relacion dificil, Susan Weissman

Why Gorbachev's reforms must include the workers, Susan Weissman

Submissions from 1986

Outstanding Graduate in the Department of Speech Communication, Shawny Anderson

The Gods of the Mountain: Dunsany, Yeats and A.E., Ronald Gallagher

Gilbert Chinard Literary Prize, 1986, Joan Halperin

A test of the McKay and Lewins typology, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Concerto Competition: University of Hawaii, Lino Rivera

Distinguished Pianist Prize, Lino Rivera

Tango, Martin Rokeach

A Fictional Quest for the Berliner, Katherine Roper

The Poetry of Life's Details, Naomi Schwartz

Composition and Performance on the Buchla 400 Digital Keyboard Instrument, Edward Tywoniak


A Comparison of Rational Choice and Self-Actualization Theories of Politics, Stephen Woolpert

A Comparison of Rational Choice and Self-Actualization Theories of Politics, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1985

Cervantes Prize: Department of Spanish. U.C. Berkeley, 1985., Jane Dilworth

Departmental Citation: Department of French. U.C. Berkeley, 1985., Jane Dilworth

Review of George Lindbeck The Nature of Doctrine., Paul Giurlanda

Summer Stipend - National Endowment for the Humanities, Carl Guarneri


Exploring ethnicity in the Sunbelt: Italian Americans in Scottsdale, Arizona, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

National Competition: Music Teachers' National Association, Lino Rivera

Articles on Erich Kästner and Erich Maria Remarque, Katherine Roper

In Search of the Bohemian: Self-images of Berlin Literati, Katherine Roper

Couplets, Naomi Schwartz

Scattering, Naomi Schwartz

Sorting Out the Work of Modern Poets, Naomi Schwartz

Sylvia Plath Strophic Award, Naomi Schwartz

A Proposal for a San Francisco Bay Area College Broadcaster's Consortia, Edward Tywoniak

Submissions from 1984

Phi Beta Kappa. U.C. Berkeley, 1984., Jane Dilworth

Prelude and fantasy, Martin Rokeach

Variations for flute, Martin Rokeach


Conrad Alberti's Kampf ums Dasein: The Writer in Imperial Berlin, Katherine Roper

The Urban Aristocracy in Novels of Imperial Berlin: A Crisis of Honor and Means, Katherine Roper

Humor and Death, Bread and Art, Naomi Schwartz

Inventing Her Own World, Naomi Schwartz

Looking Out, Naomi Schwartz

Napa Poetry Conference Award, Naomi Schwartz

Music and the Liberal Arts Tradition, Edward Tywoniak

Studio Design Considerations for the Instruction of Radio Broadcasting, Edward Tywoniak

Restitution: The Punishment of the Future?, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1983


The Papacy in the Diplomacy of the American Civil War, David J. Alvarez


The Associationists: Forging a Christian Socialism in Antebellum America, Carl Guarneri


Two Utopian Socialist Plans for Black Emancipation, Carl Guarneri


Jamais Qu'unique: Paradoxes in a Critic's View of Monet, Joan Halperin

The Problem of Democracy in Mass Society, Patrizia Longo and additional author(s)

Beneath the surface, ethnic communities in Phoenix, Arizona, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

The Realism of Sarah Orne Jewett’s "The Country of the Pointed Firs", Elise Miller


Images of German Youth in Weimar Novels, Katherine Roper

Flying Colors Prize, Naomi Schwartz

The Peaches of My Childhood, Naomi Schwartz

Fabula, Steve Tillis

Submissions from 1982

Poetry Award - I.U.L.M, Costanza Gislon Dopfel


Importing Fourierism to America, Carl Guarneri

The Italian American political experience, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Realism and Feminism: Re-Evaluating New England Local Color, Elise Miller

George M Wilcox Award in Education, Alvaro Ramirez

Harold P Gould Honor Society, Alvaro Ramirez

December Letter, Naomi Schwartz

Trust and Lewis, Hold Yourself Close, Naomi Schwartz

Submissions from 1981

Research Fellowship - Charles Warren Center, Harvard University, Carl Guarneri

Research Fellowship for Recent Recipients of the Ph.D. - American Council of Learned Societies, Carl Guarneri

Visiting Scholar - Berlin Historical Commission, Katherine Roper

Orpheus in the Underworld, Steve Tillis

Submissions from 1980


American Recognition of the Papal States: A Reconsideration, David J. Alvarez


Bureaucracy and Cold War Diplomacy: The United States and Turkey, 1943-1946, David J. Alvarez

Research Grant: Romance Languages - University of Tubingen, Ronald Gallagher


Felix Feneon and the Language of Art Criticism, Joan Halperin

Submissions from 1979

Outstanding Undergraduate Student, David Gentry-Akin

Scientific Criticism and Le Beau Moderne of the Age of Science, Joan Halperin

Honor Society of Sigma Delta Pi, Alvaro Ramirez

The Portrayal of Women in Novels of Imperial Berlin, Katherine Roper

The Struggle for Existence: Social Criticism in Novels of Imperial Berlin, Katherine Roper

The Adventures of Sindbad, Steve Tillis

Self-Actualization Theory and Political Science, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1978

Research Grant - Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, David J. Alvarez


The Vatican and the War in the Far East, 1941-1943, David J. Alvarez

The Vatican Secret Archive, David J. Alvarez

Italian immigrant women in the Southwest, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli


Professionalism -- A Broader Perspective, Stephen B. Sloane

The Management of Time, Stephen B. Sloane

Models of Man in Policy Making, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1977


Italy in Phoenix, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Characterizations By Length In Generators Of Unitary Groups over a Skew Field With Characteristic Not Two, L. Raphael Patton F.S.C.

The Scope of Arbitral Authority, Melinda Thomas and additional author(s)

Humanistic Perspective on Criminal Justice, Stephen Woolpert

Prisoners Unions and Inmate Militancy, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1976


The Department of State and the Abortive Papal Mission to China, August 1918, David J. Alvarez

The Political Attitudes of Prison Inmates, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1975


The Embassy of Laurence A. Steinhardt: Aspects of Allied-Turkish Relations, 1942-1945, David J. Alvarez

Submissions from 1974


The Missouri Visit to Turkey: An Alternative Perspective on Cold War Diplomacy, David J. Alvarez

Submissions from 1973


Critical Elections and Partisan Realignment: An Urban Test Case, David J. Alvarez and additional author(s)

Submissions from 1971

Phi Beta Kappa, Carl Guarneri

Submissions from 1970


Feneon, Felix. Oeuvres plus que completes, Joan Halperin

National Endowment for Humanities Summer Stipend, Katherine Roper

Submissions from 1967

Advanced Base Operations, Stephen B. Sloane

Submissions from 1966

The Training of Second Tour Aircraft Commanders, Stephen B. Sloane

Submissions from 1965

DAAD grant for dissertation research, Katherine Roper

Submissions from 1961

Phi Beta Kappa, Katherine Roper