Submissions from 2020


Fund Code Reduction Project, Swetta Abeyta


Saint Mary's College of California: Trust and Tradition on a Tight-knit Campus, Gina Kessler Lee and Conrad M. Woxland


From Digital Commons to Scholar Profiles: Implementing a New System to Raise College Academic Distinction, Elise Y. Wong

Submissions from 2019


Open Access: Opportunities for Saint Mary’s College of California, Swetta Abeyta, Betty Bell-Amarant, Gina Kessler Lee, Shannon Meaney-Ryer, Josh Rose, and Elise Y. Wong


Open Educational Resources: Opportunities for Saint Mary’s College of California, Swetta Abeyta, Betty Bell-Amarant, Gina Kessler Lee, Shannon Meaney-Ryer, Josh Rose, and Elise Y. Wong


Examining the advisor experience of student-run LGBTQ+ organizations within community colleges, Michael Hoffshire and Emily Campbell

"It’s the intersections that get sticky": Navigating ethnic and sexual orientation identities, Michael Hoffshire and Louise M. Vital

Annual Porterville College Equity Summit, James Johnson

Intersectionality: Exploring MissRepresentation in Online Dating, James Johnson

Podcasting and Media Presence for Social Innovators, James Johnson


Beauty, Embodiment, and Stewardship: Theological Libraries and Theological Ecology, David Edward Schmersal, David Kriegh, Sandy Shapoval, and Alex Strohschein

Assessing Mission Fulfillment Through Internal Collaboration, Rachel Telljohn and Tereza Joy Kramer

"It frustrates me": Caribbean Heritage Students Navigating Sexual Identity Formation, Louise M. Vital and Michael Hoffshire

Submissions from 2018

Race & Ethnicity: Stereotyped Citizenship: Considerations of African American Femininity and Masculinity, James Johnson

Restructuring the Black Dating Sphere: Black Female Equilibrium in the Crooked Rooms of Online Dating Spaces, James Johnson

Writing Circles, Small Liberal Arts Colleges-Writing Program Administrators Conference, Tereza Joy Kramer

Integrating Approach and Ethos: Creating a Writing Center/WAC Program through Collaborative Leadership, Tereza Joy Kramer, Jaquelyn Davis, Holland Enke, and Reyna Olegario


Maximum Hours, Minimal Staff: What Is a Small Library to Do?, David Kriegh, Derek Rieckens, and Stephen Sweeney


"I Will Give You Shepherds" : Student Formation, Research Literacy, and Accreditation Standards., David Kriegh, Stephen Sweeney, and Jennifer Bartholomew


Keeping up With Design Thinking, Ryne Leuzinger, Gina Kessler Lee, and Irene Korber

Mind the Gap: Prioritizing Mental Health and Creativity through Mindfulness in the Writing Center, Mia Maramba, Maddie Campbell, Tereza Joy Kramer, Ross Bleile, and Ryan Shepherd


"Students at the margins”: Student Affairs administrators creating inclusive campuses for LGBTQ students in the South, Georgianna Martin, Christopher Broadhurst, Michael Hoffshire, and William Takewell

Power up: Digital Literacy Initiative at SMC, Jase Teoh and James Johnson

Outstanding Teaching Award, Sarah M. Vital

Submissions from 2017


What's Social Justice Got to Do with Information Literacy?, Lisa Burgert, Margaret Brown-Salazar, Elisa Acosta, Joseph Garity, and Gina Kessler Lee


Dating_MissRepresentation.Com: Black Women’s Lived Love-Hate Relationship With Online Dating, James Johnson Black Women’s Love-Hate Relationship With Online Dating, James Johnson Black Women’s Love-Hate Relationship With Online Dating, James Johnson

Getting to and Thru Grad School, James Johnson

Ideas Exchange: How Does Post-Outlining Help Ensure that 1-1 Session Discussions Are Readerly?, Tereza Joy Kramer

Purpose and Development of Writing Circles, Tereza Joy Kramer

Visualizing Information Literacy Across the Curriculum, Gina Kessler Lee


The case for (business) cases, Sarah M. Vital


Writing to be read, not just to be graded, Sarah M. Vital


From essential librarian to essential leader, Elise Y. Wong


PlumX: A tool to showcase academic profile and distinction, Elise Y. Wong and Sarah M. Vital

Review of ReferenceUSA, Conrad Woxland


Communal and student-centered: Teaching information creation as a process with mobile technologies, Conrad M. Woxland, Dory Cochran, Erin L. Davis, and Kacy Lundstrom

Submissions from 2016

Bodylines: Poems, Tereza Joy Kramer

“Hospital Netting,” “Loneliness,” “Perimeter,” “Tulips Unfolding,” and “A Study of My Daughter's Colors in Winter”, Tereza Joy Kramer


One Example of Ecological-Based Research: A Needs Assessment in and with the Community, Tereza Joy Kramer


Recommendations for Research and Practice of Service-Learning in Writing Centers, Tereza Joy Kramer


Where Does Light Go, Tereza Joy Kramer


Where Service-Learning Can Go: Why Assessment Helps Ward Against Imposition and Helps Create the Space for True Reciprocity, Tereza Joy Kramer


Writing Circles: Combining Peer Review, Commitment, and Gentle Guidance, Tereza Joy Kramer

Pedagogy from the Leading Edge of Writing Center Practice: Transferring Minimalist 1-to-1 Strategies to Facilitated Group Settings, Tereza Joy Kramer and Joseph Zeccardi

Research-based Innovations in Training Facilitators to Guide Weekly Writing Groups for WID Courses, Tereza Joy Kramer, Joseph Zeccardi, and Joshua Rose


Evaluating and Implementing Open-Source Research Guides Powered by SubjectsPlus, Gabriel Ortiz and David Kriegh


Assessment in Action Program: Four Perspectives in its Value to Librarians, Institutions and Students, Sharon Radcliff, Gina Kessler Lee, Sara Davidson Squibb, and Stephanie Alexander

Challenging Institutional Culture, Conrad Woxland

Submissions from 2015


The American Civil War: A collection of free online primary sources, Susan Birkenseer


Online Courtship: Interpersonal Interactions Across Borders, James Johnson

Bodylines (Slipstream), Tereza Joy Kramer

Flying Solo: The Challenges and Opportunities of the Lone Compositionist, Tereza Joy Kramer

If You Want to Lead the People, You Must Learn How to Follow Them': Collaborative Leadership and Empowerment in the Writing Center., Tereza Joy Kramer

WPAs in Transition: Sustainability and/of the Administrator, Tereza Joy Kramer

Charting Our Evolution: From Directing the Writing Center to Leading the Campus, Tereza Joy Kramer and Joseph Zeccardi


Evaluation of Sources: a New Sustainable Approach, Sharon Radcliff and Elise Y. Wong


Are we burying our heads in the sand?, Elise Y. Wong


Getting to Know Your Profession Better, Elise Y. Wong


Mad about social media: Putting libraries on the (digital) map, Elise Y. Wong

Submissions from 2014

Assessing the Impact of Writing In the Disciplines (WID) Courses and Facilitated Writing Circles on Students’ Growth as Writers within Their Disciplines, Tereza Joy Kramer

Creatively Directing: Balancing Identities as Creative Writers Who Direct Writing Centers, Tereza Joy Kramer

Implementing Service-Learning Pedagogy: Strategies and Challenges, Tereza Joy Kramer

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen to Each Other: Guiding Students to Experience the Power of Small-group Writing Circles, Tereza Joy Kramer


Uncertain Wanderings: Allowing Students to Lead, Fail, and Grow Within Service-Learning., Tereza Joy Kramer


Assessing Argument, Critical Thinking and Information Literacy Learning Outcomes, Sharon Radcliff and Elise Y. Wong


Librarians Leading the Charge: Collaborating with Faculty to Design Evidenced-Based Instruction, Sharon Radcliff and Elise Y. Wong


Assessment in Action: Measuring the effectiveness of library information literacy instruction, Elise Y. Wong, Sharon Radcliff, Gina Kessler Lee, and Suellen Cox

Submissions from 2013


Nude (Journal of Compressed Creative Arts), Tereza Joy Kramer


To Love, Honor, and Inform from This Site Forward: A Model of Dyadic Information Behavior in Online-Initiated Relationships, Gina Kessler Lee, Karen Fisher, and Ekaterini Papadopoulou


Who have you asked?, Sarah M. Vital


Understanding the Catholic, Lasallian, and Liberal Arts Traditions, Elise Y. Wong

Submissions from 2012

Pinterest Presentation, Susan Birkenseer and Sarah M. Vital

Extreme Makeover Writing Center Edition: Reinventing Selves and Programs in Response to Challenges Across the Curriculum, Tereza Joy Kramer


Librarians and Writing Advisers Merge Intentions, Information, and Identities: New Collaborations Based Upon Research and Analysis of How Students Integrate Sources, Tereza Joy Kramer, Sharon Radcliff, Elise Y. Wong, and Jeff Chon


English Composition students: How are they using their sources?, Sharon Radcliff and Elise Y. Wong


Cataloging: then, now and tomorrow, Elise Y. Wong

Submissions from 2010

Development on a Dime: Creating Micro-Regional Development Opportunities for Directors and Tutors, Tereza Joy Kramer

Dividing Digital Distance: Bridging the Gaps using Screen-Sharing and Real Time Web Technologies, Tereza Joy Kramer

Riding the Waves of Collaboration: Promoting Change through Interdisciplinary Initiatives, Tereza Joy Kramer

Snoring The (Iguana Review), Tereza Joy Kramer

The Butterfly Effect: The Power of Community and Collaboration in the Writing Center and Beyond, Tereza Joy Kramer

Submissions from 2009

Aproned Dots, Tereza Joy Kramer

The First Was a Girl, Tereza Joy Kramer

Topic development phase of the research process, Sharon Radcliff and Sarah M. Vital


Homelessness in public libraries, Yi Ling Wong

Submissions from 2008


A view of information literacy through the lens of the student experience, Alison J. Head and Sarah M. Vital

Mapping Routes to Writing Center/Community Partnerships, Tereza Joy Kramer

Writing Beyond the Curriculum, Tereza Joy Kramer

Submissions from 2007

Accountability and Real-Time Partnering: Successful Collaboration Beyond the Center’s Wall, Tereza Joy Kramer

Campus & Community Collaborations, Tereza Joy Kramer

Meeting at the Intersection: Writing Centers and Service-Learning, Tereza Joy Kramer

Writing Centers as Sites of Service-Learning, Tereza Joy Kramer


Disaster planning in libraries, Yi Ling Wong

Submissions from 2006

Bibliographic Assessment of Composition Research Papers, Susan Birkenseer, Sharon Radcliff, Margaret Brown-Salazar, Linda Wobbe, and Richard Lemberg

Cherubs (Regrets Only), Tereza Joy Kramer

Special Interest Group on Service-Learning, Tereza Joy Kramer

Writing Centers Through the Lens of Service-Learning, Tereza Joy Kramer

Submissions from 2005

Accountability in Collaboration Beyond the Center’s Walls, Tereza Joy Kramer