Submissions from 1978

Research Grant - Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism, David J. Alvarez


The Vatican and the War in the Far East, 1941-1943, David J. Alvarez

The Vatican Secret Archive, David J. Alvarez

Italian immigrant women in the Southwest, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli


Professionalism -- A Broader Perspective, Stephen B. Sloane

The Management of Time, Stephen B. Sloane

Models of Man in Policy Making, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1977


Italy in Phoenix, Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Characterizations By Length In Generators Of Unitary Groups over a Skew Field With Characteristic Not Two, L. Raphael Patton F.S.C.

The Scope of Arbitral Authority, Melinda Thomas and additional author(s)

Humanistic Perspective on Criminal Justice, Stephen Woolpert

Prisoners Unions and Inmate Militancy, Stephen Woolpert

Submissions from 1973


Critical Elections and Partisan Realignment: An Urban Test Case, David J. Alvarez and additional author(s)