Submissions from 2015

Advice for New SMC Faculty, Emily Klein

Bad Translations: Adaptation, Affect, and Apathy in Post-Political Dystopias, Emily Klein

Fantasy Feminisms II: Remembering and Reimagining Feminist Pedagogies, Emily Klein

Imagining Lysistrata 2.0, Emily Klein

In Dialogue With Brecht: A Pre-Show Conversation, Emily Klein

Clorox Foundation Grant, Dana Lawton

Cultural Grant - City of Oakland, Dana Lawton

Home (Center Stage, Santa Barbara, CA), Dana Lee Lawton

Home (Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast, Ireland), Dana Lee Lawton

Review of Margaret Grundstein, Naked in the Woods: My Unexpected Years in a Hippie Commune, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Developing Language Skills and Cultural Awareness Through STEM Content, Helga Lenart-Cheng


Review of "Alexander Lenard: Stories of Rome", Helga Lenart-Cheng

The Conflicted Commitments of Archbishop Endre Hamvas Following the Communist Takeover in Hungary, Helga Lenart-Cheng

The Role of Indefinite Pronouns in Modeling Wholeness: Gertrude Stein's Everybody's Autobiography, Helga Lenart-Cheng

My Mummy Complex: Fusing Trauma and History in the Televisual 1960s, Dan Leopard

Scars and Wounds: Film and Trauma in National and International Contexts, Dan Leopard


Food justice and sustainability: a new revolution, Patrizia Longo

Against Dryness: Real People and Reading Don Quixote in Light of the Liberal Arts, Felicia Martinez

Vespers for a New Dark Age, Missy Mazzoli, Matthew Zapruder, Stephen Cran, Glen Kotche, and Lorna Dune

Annual Interfaith Leadership and Prison Chaplaincy Management Conference Chair, Barbara McGraw

Interfaith Leadership in Business: How Business Can Contribute to Interreligious Cooperation and Promote Compassion and Peace, Barbara McGraw

Religious Liberty, the Supreme Court, RFRA and RLUIPA, Barbara McGraw

Serving Those Who Serve: Safeguarding Religious Free Exercise, Barbara McGraw


Religious Liberty in the US: Coming to Terms with Hobby Lobby, RFRA, and RLUIPA, Barbara A. McGraw

Thou Shalt and Thou Shalt Not: The Ten Commandments Then and Now (But Mostly Then), Mark McVann

Presentation on Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mark McVann and Anne Carpenter

Finalist for Reynolds Price Short Fiction International Literary Award, Rashaan Meneses

The Body is a Promise, Rashaan Meneses

All I Have to Show, Rashaan Alexis Meneses

The Rift, Rashaan Alexis Meneses

Mexican Language, Culture and History in the Western Novels of Willa Cather, Molly Metherd

Clinical Writing and Publishing: A Psychoanalytic Exploration of Writers At Work, Elise Miller

Writing as a Tool for the Development of Independent Thought: Pitfalls and Benefits, Elise Miller

Axis Mundi / Open Portals, Anna Novakov

Locative Interference: The Dérive, Cybergeography and Contemporary Art, Anna Novakov

Provisional Haven, Anna Novakov

The Sky is Moving – The Earth is Humming, Anna Novakov

Utopian Intensions [Book Manuscript], Anna Novakov

Utopian Intensions [Book Manuscript], Anna Novakov

Spiritual Tattooing: Pain, Materialization, and Transformation, Marie Pagliarini

Inverting the Object of Study: Recalibrating the Frame of Reference in Study Abroad Experiences, Norris Palmer

Injuries in U.S. Track & Field High School Student-Athletes, 2008/09-2013/14, Lauren A. Pierpoint, Claire Williams, Sarah K. Fields, and R. Dawn Comstock

Borromini’s Restlessness and the Classical Tradition, Gabriel Pihas

Classical and Christian Art in Hegel’s Aesthetics, Gabriel Pihas

Dante’s Beatrice: Between Idolatry and Iconoclasm, Gabriel Pihas

Defining Modernity with Borromini, Gabriel Pihas

Hegel’s Dante, Gabriel Pihas

Inwardness and Classical Sculpture, Gabriel Pihas

Orientation in Dante’s Purgatorio, Gabriel Pihas

Prudentia and Curiositas in Dante and Aquinas, Gabriel Pihas

Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra, Martin Rokeach

Fast Lane for Violin and Trumpet, Martin Rokeach

Multiple music compositions, Martin Rokeach

Songs for Mezzo-Soprano and Guitar, Martin Rokeach


A Multimodal Review of the 2015 Screening Scholarship Film Festival., Alicia Rusoja

Ethnicity, Race, Multilingualism Committee Travel Award, Alicia Rusoja

Graduate School of Education Student Government Travel Award,, Alicia Rusoja

Fostering Coalitional Literacies in Out-of-School Spaces, Alicia Rusoja and additional author(s)

Producing a Literacy Voice-Body without Organs: Continuing to (Un)frame Data, Alicia Rusoja and additional author(s)

Ethics and Sustainability in Edu-tourism, Aaron D. Sachs


Black Lives Matter=All Lives Matter, Myrna Santiago

La Reforma Energética en México y la Ecología del Petróleo: Lecciones Desde la Historia, Myrna Santiago


Mexico’s Energy Reform: National Coffers, Local Consequences, Myrna Santiago

Railroad Radicals in Cold War Mexico: Gender, Class, and Memory, Myrna Santiago

Review of "Subterranean Struggles: New Dynamics of Mining, Oil, and Gas in Latin America" by Anthony Bebbington and Jeffrey Bury, Myrna Santiago

To Conduct Oral Interviews in Nicaragua for an Account of That Country’s Devastating 1972 Earthquake, Myrna Santiago

Whiteness Attacked, Whiteness Defended: White South African Rhetorics of Race in JULUKA Newsletter, Scott Schönfeldt-Aultman

A Dance Class, A Drag King, and the Pedagogical Possibilities of Performative Hip-Hop: An Interview With Carmen Morrison & Alex U. Inn, Scott Schönfeldt-Aultman and Carmen Alex Morrison

Stalwarts of self-sacrifice: London Hospital and Edwardian nostalgia on the small screen, Aeleah Soine

Lavinia Dock, International Nurse: Transnational Approaches to Feminism, Social Justice, and Global Public Health, Aeleah Soine and Siobhan Nelson

Saving the Snow Leopard with Science and Spirituality [Award for Best Poster], Elena Songster and Michael Lewis

(Dis)Embodied Literacies: Identities and Ways of Being, Meghan Sweeney

The Everywhere and Nowhere Skill: Sustaining the Assessment of Analytical Reading as Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum, Meghan Sweeney

Annotated bibliography of Heather Robinson’s “Writing Center Philosophy and the End of Basic Writing: Motivation at the Site of Remediation and Discovery”, Meghan A. Sweeney

Difficulty Paper (Dis)Connections: Understanding the Threads Students Weave Between Their Reading and Writing, Meghan Sweeney and Maureen McBride

Felix Starro [Musical Adaptation], Lysley Tenorio

Rome Prize Literature Fellowship, Lysley Tenorio

Staged Adaptations of “Monstress” and “Save the I-Hotel”, Lysley Tenorio

The Brothers, Lysley Tenorio

Yaddo [Winter Residency], Lysley Tenorio

ETC: A Review of General Semantics, Ed Tywoniak

Executive Director Transition Ceremony School of Applied Theology [Keynote Speaker], Ed Tywoniak

Opportunities Between Media Ecology and General Semantics, Ed Tywoniak

Reading: Lord of the Flies (William Golding), Ed Tywoniak

Reading: The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck), Ed Tywoniak

Review of "Roger Waters and Pink Floyd: The Concept Albums" (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Series in Communication Studies, January 2015), Ed Tywoniak

Towards a Contemporary Media Ecology Curriculum: Communication Theory, Ed Tywoniak

The Ninth Island: Hawaiians in Las Vegas, Cynthia Van Gilder and Dana Herrera

Mark “Etienne” Zborowski: Portrait of Deception, Part Two, Susan Weissman

Portrait of Stalin's Master Spy Mark Zborowski, aka Etienne, Susan Weissman

To a Greater Goal/Vers le Grand But: Women’s Soccer in 2015, Claire Williams

Between the Lines: Women’s Sports and the Press in Washington, DC, Claire Williams and additional author(s)

Danger Zones: Trigger Warnings and the Precarity of Speech in the Feminist Classroom, Denise Witzig

Masculinity and Its Discontents: Myth, Memory and the Future on Mad Men, Denise Witzig

Commentary on "The Church of Economism and Its Discontents", Stephen Woolpert

Decadence and Silence: A Perspective on Cynicism, Ben Xu

Reading Classic Books: Liberal Education in America, Ben Xu

Best Book of 2015: "Softcover" by Monica Fambrough, Matthew Zapruder

Birds of Texas, Matthew Zapruder

Everyday Creativity, Matthew Zapruder