Submissions from 2013

Certified Bill Evans Teacher in Pedagogy and Somatic Movement Studies, CatherineMarie Davalos

The Web folio Era, Maria Grazia De Angelis

Beholding the Poor Performance, Costanza Dopfel

Holy Mothers and Vanished Nativities: Iconographic Transformation of Nativity Scenes from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Costanza Dopfel

Notte in Piazza: Carnevale, Costanza Dopfel

Reshaping Rome’s Narrative: The Curious Case of Sigismondo Malatesta’s Execution, Costanza Dopfel

Transfiguring the Nativity: Change and Continuity in the Iconography of Holy Births from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, Costanza Dopfel

Responsible to All for All: The Monk Zosima's Radical Teaching in Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, Alexis Doval

The Irruption of the Beloved: Reciprocity in the Preferential Option for the Poor, Joseph Drexler-Dreis

Christian and Indigenous Spiritualities: The Immanence of Divine Life and the Preferential Option for the Poor, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Encountering the Divine in the Excluded of Sacred Space: Dialogical Messianism as the Transgression of the Order of Decency, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Nat Turner’s Rebellion: Conversion Outside Given Structures of Salvation, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Review of "God, Spirit, and Human Wholeness: Appropriating Faith and Culture in West African Style", Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Review of "The Confessions of Love: The Ambiguities of Greek Eros and Latin Caritas", Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Review of "The Poor in Liberation Theology: Pathway to God or Ideological Construct?", Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

The Unattractiveness of Christian Discourse to Frantz Fanon: The Case of Theologies of Love, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Gatorade Pre-Doctoral Investigator Award - American Physiological Society, Chi-An W. Emhoff

Acceleration in Context Grant, Katherine Field

Association of College and Research Libraries Assessment in Action program, Katherine Field

Contested Masculinity in Early New England, Monica Fitzgerald

Lasallian Women's Conference Invited Presenter, Monica Fitzgerald

Lascivious Harlots, Scandalous Rogues and a Female Historian: A Reflection on Gender, Identity and Writing Women's History, Monica Fitzgerald

Masculinity Redefined, A Contest of Puritanisms, Monica Fitzgerald

Nupur Chaudhuri First Article Prize, Monica Fitzgerald

Publishing and Presenting Your Engaged Teaching, Monica Fitzgerald

The Impact of Engaged Pedagogy on a Lasallian Education, Monica Fitzgerald

Apocalypse How? A Brief Guide to Reading Revelation, David Zachariah Flanagin

The Bible Through the Ages, David Zachariah Flanagin

Lost and Found: The Image in the Drive, Peter Freund

Ozon International Video Art Festival Exhibition, Peter Freund

Trauma Desire Otherness, Peter Freund

University Film Video Association Exhibition, Peter Freund

Videoholica Video Art Festival Exhibition, Peter Freund

Your Money or Your Life: Jean-Luc Godard's Two or Three Things I Know About Her, Peter Freund

Teaching Excellence Award, Cynthia Ganote

Communicating sexual consent: Clarifying a contested and contentious construct, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)


Vistas: A Theologian in Past-Life Therapy, Paul Giurlanda

Writing Residency at Anam Cara Artists and Writers Retreat, Rosemary Graham

Globalizing and Its Discontents: Department Divisions, Institutional Inertia, and the History Curriculum, Carl Guarneri

Ptolemy’s Criteria for Construction Models, Elizabeth Hamm


From Love at First Sight to Soul Mate: The Influence of Romantic Ideals in Popular Films on Young People's Beliefs about Relationships, Veronica Hefner and additional author(s)

Exploring the Risks of Staying: Educational Tourism, Secular Rituals, and Cultural Dialogue in Colombia and China, Jennifer Heung

Teaching and Learning at Saint Mary's College, Jennifer Heung

The Prehistory of Christine de Pizan's Concern for Non-Combatants in Warfare, Charles Hilken

The Prehistory of Christine de Pizan's Concern for Non-Combatants in Warfare, Charles Hilken

Vallombrosa: Memorie agiografiche e culto delle reliquie (Review), Charles Hilken

Nomination: Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire. National Book Award, Brenda Hillman

Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire, Brenda Hillman

Mother Tongued, Sheila Hassell Hughes

Cultural Identifications as Manipulation Checks of Chinese International Students’ Acculturation Strategies: US American Host Nationals’ Perspective, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)


A kiss is (not) just a kiss. Heterodeterminism, Homosexuality and TV Globo telenovelas, Samantha Nogueira Joyce


"Danger: Men Not Working." Constructing Citizenship with Contingent Labor in the Federal Theatre's Living Newspapers, Emily B. Klein

Raced Bodies/Erased Bodies and Wartime Citizenship: The Federal Theatre Project’s Negro Repertory Lysistrata, Emily B. Klein

Artistic Grant - Kenneth Rainin Foundation, Dana Lawton

Beyond This Moment (Ashby Stage, Berkeley, CA), Dana Lawton

Ebb + Flow, Dana Lawton

Faculty Development Grant - Saint Mary's College of California, Dana Lawton

Filippi Fund Grant - Saint Mary's College of California, Dana Lawton

New Winter Choreographer’s Showcase, Dana Lawton

Faculty Scholars Award, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo


Review of Blake Slonecker's, A New Dawn for the New Left: Liberation News Service, Montague Farm, and the Long Sixties, Gretchen Lemke-Santangelo

Concepts of Simultaneity and Community in Two Life-Story Collections From the 1930s, Helga Lenart-Cheng

F. Scott Fitzgerald's Autobiographical Essays and the Problem of Over-Identification, Helga Lenart-Cheng

"My Life in Germany Before and After January 30, 1933": Documenting German National Socialism Through a Collection of Witness Stories, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Preface to Sandor Kanyadi: In Contemporary Tense, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Review of Sandor Kanyadi: In Contemporary Tense, Helga Lenart-Cheng

The Correspondence of Alexander Lenard, Helga Lenart-Cheng

Machine, Code, Actor: The Virtual Humans of the ICT and the Future of Cinema, Dan Leopard

Scholarly Social Media: Successes, Failures, and the Future, Dan Leopard

Teaching Machines / War Machines: Science Fiction, Media Theory, and the Virtual Humans of the ICT, Dan Leopard


Teaching with the Screen: Pedagogy, Agency, and Media Culture, Dan Leopard

Common Tables and Democratic Solidarity, Patrizia Longo

Community-Based Research and Food Democracy: The Urban Farmers Project at Saint Mary's College of California, Patrizia Longo

Theories of Justice and the Right to Food, Patrizia Longo

Poor, Deformed, and Ignorant": The Queering of Poverty and Old Age in "The Witch of Edmonton", Hilda H. Ma


Literary Forms of Life, Felicia Martinez

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life Survey on Religion in Prisons, Barbara McGraw

Scholar-Activists: Academics Making a Difference in the Public Sphere, Barbara McGraw

Moral Economy in Global Perspective: Protestant Christianity, Confucianism, Islam and Hinduism, Barbara A. McGraw

A Passion for Service to the Public: Generation X & Y Out Front, Rashaan Meneses

Artist Residency at MacDowell Colony, Rashaan Meneses

Babylon Salon, Rashaan Meneses

The Retreat for Writers, Rashaan Meneses

Writing Our Way Home: Shaping Tradition, History and Culture, Rashaan Meneses, Lysley A. Tenorio, Luisa A. Igloria, and Jon Pineda

Indelible Religion: Tattooing and Spirituality in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marie Pagliarini


Reframing the School-to-Prison Pipeline: The Experiences of Latin@ Youth and Families, Alicia Pantoja


Toward Community Research and Coalitional Literacy Practices for Educational Justice, Alicia Pantoja and additional author(s)

Pre-concert Lecture, Lino Rivera

Solo Piano Performance of Franz Liszt's "Saint Francis of Paola Walking Over the Waves", Lino Rivera

Martin Rokeach’s "Running at the Top of the World", Lino Rivera and Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski

Chamber Music Performances at West Chester University, Lino Rivera, Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski, and Simon Gollo

Gender and Youth in "Perfume de Violetas (nadie te oye)", "La niña del pozo (nadie te ve)", and "El brassiere de Emma", María Luisa Ruiz

Review of “Representing History, Class, and Gender in Spain and Latin America: Children and Adolescents in Film” by Carolina Rocha Georgia Seminet (eds.), María Luisa Ruiz

One World to Encompass Many Worlds, Alicia Rusoja and additional author(s)


Marshall McLuhan and Harold Adams Innis Watching Netflix, Aaron Sachowitz


The Lonely Island’s Laughable Activism: The Visual Argument of "Spring Break Anthem", Aaron Sachowitz

The Medial Metaphor: Hip-Hop as Media, Aaron Sachowitz

Food Insecurity, Access, and Healthfulness: Helping Disenfranchised Populations Overcome Ongoing and Temporary Food Needs, Aaron Sachowitz and Christina Paxman

The Medial Metaphor: Hip-Hop as Media, Aaron D. Sachs

Cocaine in United States History, Myrna Santiago