Submissions from 2015

Everyday Failure, Matthew Zapruder

“Into the Alpine Meadow I Send a Few Silent Dawn Apologies,” “Poem for Keats,” “Poem for Coleridge,” “Poem for Tomaz Salamun," and “Poem for a Sleepless Friend”, Matthew Zapruder

My Childhood, Matthew Zapruder

Ordinaire, Matthew Zapruder

Poem for Ann Hood, Matthew Zapruder

Poem for Doom, Matthew Zapruder

Poem for Noguchi, Matthew Zapruder

Reading at Poetry Center, Matthew Zapruder

Review of "The History of Silence", Matthew Zapruder

“Summer Poem #2” and “Summer Poem #3”, Matthew Zapruder

Thinking Through the Poems, Matthew Zapruder

Tuesday; A Reading Project, Matthew Zapruder

Edith Can Shoot Things and Hit Them, Deanna Zibello

Submissions from 2014

Starving Alone Together: Prisoner Hunger Strikes and the Evolution of California's Solitary Confinement Policies Through the Lens of Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF), Ronald Ahnen

Victims of Their Own Success?: Explaining the Lack of Microcredit Offerings in Costa Rica, Ronald Ahnen

Lifestyle Leapfrogging in Emerging Economies, Manisha Anantharaman


Networked Ecological Citizenship, The New Middle Classes and the Provisioning of Sustainable Waste Management in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Re-Cycling Class: Understanding New Middle Class Bicycling as a Social Practice, Manisha Anantharaman

Remembering and Re-Imagining a Garden city: Garbage Politics in Bangalore, India, Manisha Anantharaman

Sustainability Transitions in Emerging Economies: The Lifestyle-Livelihood Gap, Manisha Anantharaman


Segregation - A Core Concept in Discard Studies, Manisha Anantharaman and Aman Luthra

Beyond Soft Power: The Stakes and Configurations of the Influence of Contemporary Turkey in the World, Zeynep Atalay

Civil Society is the Rising Currency in Politics Today: Transnational Charitable Giving and Pious Neoliberalism, Zeynep Atalay

Instrumental Motives of Norm-Oriented Networks: Legitimacy, Resonance, and Visibility, Zeynep Atalay

Formal Response to Two Papers for the GOCN Forum on Missional Hermeneutics (Session Theme: “Thinking Missionally About God, Scripture, and Missional Vocation”), Michael Barram

"Occupying" Genesis 1–3: Missionally Located Reflections on Biblical Values and Economic Justice, Michael Barram

"Your Will Be Done, On Earth As It Is In Heaven": Covenant Renewal and Economic Justice in the Sermon on the Mount, Michael Barram

Animal Sex and Narrative: Different Stories, David Benin

Grizzly Ontologies: On Affect, Intersubjectivity, and Animal Politics, David Benin

‘The Ball don’t lie’: Neoliberal technologies of citizenship in the sport film, David Benin

Urban Space and Social Life in the Essays of Ángel Ganivet, David Bird

An Autoethnography on Creating Social Capital through Sport, Velina B. Brackebusch

Bringing Social Change: Why Should We Integrate with This, That or Anyone?, Velina B. Brackebusch

Not Bowling Alone: The Use of Sport to Build Social Capital, Velina B. Brackebusch

Which Team are you on? Researcher Positonality in Sport for Social Change, Velina B. Brackebusch

Unions That Used to Strike, Robert Brenner and Susan Weissman

Hollywood Still Goes to High School, Robert Bulman

Among the Long, Black Rafters, Anne Carpenter

"Incline the Ear of Your Heart": Aspects of Liturgical Silence, Anne Carpenter

Our Lady of Cultures: Reflections on the Virgin of Guadalupe, Anne Carpenter

The Architectures of Violence and Beauty, Anne Carpenter

Where is Christ? Letter to My College Community After the Violent Deaths of Black Americans, Anne Carpenter and Jonathan Heaps


Lord Hear Our Prayer: Prayer, Social Support, and Well-Being in a Catholic Convent, Anna I. Corwin

Nuns, Prayer, and the Language of Aging Well, Anna I. Corwin


Nuns, Prayers, and the Language of Aging Well, Anna I. Corwin

Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers, excerpts from “Volver”, CatherineMarie Davalos

Italian Cultural Exchange Among International Students, Maria Grazia De Angelis

From Sigismund to Sigismondo: A Renaissance Restyling of a Medieval Saint, Costanza Dopfel

Frantz Fanon’s Praxis of Decolonial Love as Theological Locus, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

‘Going behind the white man’s definitions’: James Baldwin’s Praxis of Unveiling as a Praxis of Liberation, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Nat Turner’s Rebellion as a Process of Conversion: Towards a Deeper Understanding of the Christian Conversion Process, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

‘The American failure to face reality’: James Baldwin’s Decolonial Option, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

The Christian Understanding of the Relationship between the Human and Jesus Christ in a Context of Coloniality, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis

Toward a Decolonial Christological Method, Joseph G. Drexler-Dreis


Many Peoples, Many Faiths: Women and Men in the World Religions, Robert S. Ellwood and Barbara A. McGraw

Classroom Assessment Techniques for Shared Inquiry, Katherine Field

Early Career Award, Monica Fitzgerald

Lasallian Research and Pedagogy, Monica Fitzgerald

Leaning In, Opting Out, Moving Up: A Roundtable on Women in the Academy, Monica Fitzgerald

Review of "A Reforming People: Puritanism and the Transformation of Public Life in New England" by David Hall (New York: Knopf Publishers, 2011), Monica Fitzgerald

Women in Lasallian World,, Monica Fitzgerald


Toward a Shared Understanding of Lasallian Research: A Report on the Second Annual Symposium on Lasallian Research, Monica Fitzgerald and additional author(s)

Arab Shorts, Peter Freund

Australian International Experimental Film Festival, Peter Freund

Berlin International Directors Lounge, Peter Freund

Black Maria Film Festival, Peter Freund

Cine Experimental Norteamericano, Peter Freund

Contemporary Art Ruhr, Peter Freund

Para-praxis: From the Clinic to Art and Back, Peter Freund

The Picture Show, Peter Freund

Without a Propaedeutic Gesture Lexically Inflamed, Peter Freund

Cursing in class: College students’ specific reactions and general attitudes towards instructor swearing, Mark A. Generous

Advice from children and adolescents on final conversations with dying loved ones, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)

Creating the Final Conversations (FCs) Scale: A measure of end of life relational communication with terminally ill loved ones, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)

Defining sexual consent: Perspectives from a college student population, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)

Exploring children/adolescents’ final conversations with dying family members, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)

Relationship maintenance across friends with benefits relationship types, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)

When an instructor swears in class: Functions and targets of instructor swearing from students’ retrospective accounts, Mark A. Generous and additional author(s)

Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot, Masha Gessen and Susan Weissman

Writing Residency at Jentel Foundation for the Arts, Rosemary Graham

Ptolemaic Astronomy and Analogies of the Universe, Elizabeth Hamm

Review of "Glen Van Brummelen, Heavenly Mathematics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry, Elizabeth Hamm


An experiment investigating the links among online dating profile attractiveness, ideal endorsement, and romantic media, Veronica Hefner and additional author(s)


The Influence of Television and Film Viewing on Midlife Women's Body Image, Disordered Eating, and Food Choice, Veronica Hefner and additional author(s)


Questions of Race, Beauty, and Feminine Expectations, Jennifer Heung

Roger Edward Reynolds (1936-2014): Bibliography, Charles Hilken

Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire. California Book Award Gold Medal in Poetry., Brenda Hillman

Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire. International Griffin Poetry Prize., Brenda Hillman

Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire. Northern California Book Award for Poetry., Brenda Hillman

Deconstructing Whiteness and White Privilege: White Identity Development in College Students, Ynez Wilson Hirst

‘I’m Not Indian’: Understanding Identity Construction in Multiracial Families, Ynez Wilson Hirst and additional author(s)

Contact Quality, Cultural Identification, and Conflict Management Styles: Examining the Mediator Effect of American Host Nationals’ Communication Anxiety With Their Most Recent Chinese Contact, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)

Functions of the Common Ingroup Identity Model and Acculturation Strategies in Intercultural Communication: American Host Nationals' Communication With Chinese International Students, Makiko Imamura and additional author(s)

Assessment Grant (PI), Makiko Imamura and Ellen Rigsby


Producing Brazilianess for Global Audiences: The case of Sex and the City, Samantha Nogueira Joyce and additional author(s)

Fantasy Feminisms: Dreaming of the Perfect Syllabus, Emily B. Klein

“Frank Stitt.” Reference entry from Encyclopedia of Alabama, Emily B. Klein


Sex and War on the American Stage: Lysistrata in performance 1930-2012, Emily B. Klein

Won't You Be My Neighbor?: Pittsburgh's Squonk Opera and San Francisco's MagicBus Perform Locality and Hometown, Emily B. Klein

Beyond This Moment (Center Stage, Santa Barbara, CA), Dana Lawton