Submissions from 2013

The Nature of Competitiveness by Corporations Operating both within the EU and outside the EU should the Euro Collapse, Norman Bedford


Rise of the Global Corporation? An Interview with John Perkins, Ravi Bhandari

Voice Assessment of Student Work: Recent Studies and Emerging Technologies, Rebecca Carroll and Barry Eckhouse

Improving Teaching Effectiveness in Introductory Economics Courses Using the Test of Understanding of College Economics (TUCE), Richard H. Courtney, William Lee, and Kara Boatman


Does Student Confidence on Multiple-Choice Question Assessments Provide Useful Information?, Donald A. Curtis, Samuel Lind, Christy K. Boscardin, and Mark Dellinges


The Governance Challenges of Corporate Political Activity, Nicolas M. Dahan, Michael Hadani, and Douglas A. Schuler


The Effects of Continuous Auditing on the Relationship Between Internal Audit Sourcing Arrangement and the External Auditors’ Reliance on the Internal Audit Function, Bruce I. Davidson, Naman K. Desai, and Gregory J. Gerard


Auditors' Consideration of Material Income Increasing Versus Income Decreasing Items During the Audit Process, Naman Desai and Gregory J. Gerard

Values in Business Education, Caroline Doran


Measuring Mainstream US Cultural Values, Caroline Doran and Romie Frederick Littrell

Roundtable technology presentation of Attendance2 app, Catherine Finger

Mission of Education - Tomas Gomez-Arias, J. Tomas Gomez-Arias


In Search of El Dorado: The Elusive Financial Returns on Corporate Political Investments, Michael Hadani and Douglas A. Schuler


Modern Portfolio Theory and Risk Management: Assumptions and Unintended Consequences, James P. Hawley and Mehdi Beyhaghi


A Complex Model of Sustainability within the Context of Economics and Social Policy: The Batwa Pygmies of SW Uganda, Linda Herkenhoff


Applied Statistics for Business and Management Using Microsoft Excel, Linda Herkenhoff and John Fogli


Decision Science and Applied Neuroscience: Emerging Possibilities, Jo Ann Heydenfeldt

Optimizing Assortment and Pricing of Multiple Retail Categories with Cross-Selling, Ameera Ibrahim

Optimizing Assortment and Pricing of Multiple Retail Categories with Cross-Selling, Ameera Ibrahim


Social Enterprise Models: Creating the Fortune at the Base of the Pyramid, Shyam J. Kamath, Xiaotian Tina Zhang, and Yung-Jae Lee

Ziqitza Healthcare Services Ltd: Robinhood Provision of Affodable Healthcare for the Poor, Yung Jae Lee, Saroja Subrahmanyan, and Tina Xiaotian Zhang


Decision Analysis on CDM Project Investments, Jing Li and Navid Sabbaghi

A semiotic theory of institutionalization: Decoupling between action, words and meaning, Yuan Li

Casuistry and institutional contradictions: China’s transformation from plan to market, Yuan Li

Managing controversies during institutional transformation, Yuan Li

Dissonance and Inequality., András Margitay-Becht

Moral Economy in Global Perspective: Protestant Christianity, Confucianism, Islam and Hinduism, Barbara McGraw

Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life Survey on Religion in Prisons, Barbara McGraw

Scholar-Activists: Academics Making a Difference in the Public Sphere, Barbara McGraw

SEBA Service Award, Gregory B. Merrill

A Matter of Standing in Walker Process Claims, Michael O’Brien

Deregulation, Competition and Merger Activity in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry, Kevin Okoeguale

Deregulation, Competition and Merger Activity in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry, Kevin Okoeguale


Economic Shocks, Competition and Merger Activity, Kevin Okoeguale

Outstanding Paper Award, South Western Finance Association, Kevin Okoeguale


Telecommunications Deregulation and Motives for Mergers, Kevin Okoeguale

Telecommunications Deregulation and the Motives for Mergers, Kevin Okoeguale

What Drives Takeover Activity in the Banking Industry, Kevin Okoeguale and Robert Loveland

The Impact the Price Promotion Has on the Manufacturer's Performance, Wenting Pan, Yung-Jae Lee, and Xiaotian Tina Zhang


Calendar Anomalies in BSE Sensex Index Returns in Post Rolling Settlement Period, Nageswari Perumal, Murugesan Selvam, and Sankaran Venkateswar


Understanding the Inherent Complexity of Sustainable Consumption: A Social Cognitive Framework, Marcus Phipps, Lucie K. Ozanne, Michael G. Luchs, Saroja Subrahmanyan, Sommer Kapitan, Jesse R. Catlin, Roland Gau, Rebecca Walker Naylor, Randall L. Rose, Bonnie Simpson, and Todd Weaver

The Relation Between CEO Compensation and Past Performance, Jose Plehn-Dujowich, Rajiv D. Banker, Masako N. Darrough, and Rong Huang

Value, Price and Epic Recession, Jack Rasmus

Forced Auditor Change, Industry Specialization and Audit Fees, Winifred Scott and Willie E. Gist


External Auditor’s Ethical Dilemma: Perceived Threat to Auditor’s Responsibility Posed by the Auditor’s Allegiance to Corporate Management, Winifred Scott, Willie E. Gist, and Trimbak Shastri

SEC Investigations on Fraudulent Reporting and Audit Cost, and Implications for Improving Audit & Financial Reporting Quality – Some Evidence and Suggestions, Winifred Scott, Willie E. Gist, and Trimbak Shastri

Power-Log Portfolio Optimization for Maximizing Portfolio Growth and Controlling Tail Risk, Arnav Sheth


Empirical Study on Strategic Application of Co-creation Process on New Service Success Factors, Priyanka Shrivastava and Javaid Akhter


Role of Customer Characteristics in New Service Development Process, Priyanka Shrivastava and Javaid Akhter

CILSA Engaged Faculty Award, Saroja Subrahmanyan

Outstanding Faculty Research Award, Saroja Subrahmanyan

Successes and Challenges with Client Based Projects, Saroja Subrahmanyan


A Synthesis of Fraud Related Research, Gregory M. Trompeter, Tina D. Carpenter, Naman Desai, Keith L. Jones, and Richard A. Riley Jr.


First-Year Writing: What Good Does It Do?: A Policy Research Brief Produced by the National Council of Teachers of English, Bonnie Tucker and additional author(s)

The Rational Side of EQ: Illuminating Emotional Intelligence Through the Lens of Linear/Non-Linear Thinking Style, Charles M. Vance, Kevin S. Grove, Judith A. White, and George L. Hess

A Study of Consumer Behaviour Towards Organic Vegetables and Their Certification in Hanoi, Vietnam, Navin Veerapa and additional author(s)

Just In Time Potatoes, Navin Veerapa and additional author(s)

The Opening Hours of the Melbourne Wholesale Market and Their Impact on the Sustainability of the Market, Navin Veerapa and additional author(s)

Leadership, Vision, Strategy, and the Art of Publishing in India: An Interview With the Legendary Tejeshwar Singh of Sage Publications (India), Judith White


Review of “Human Rights and the Ethics of Globalization,” by Daniel E. Lee & Elizabeth J. Lee, Lili Yan and Timothy Fort

Submissions from 2012


Hugo Chávez: Rhetoric Made in Havana, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Lance Lattig

Jugaad, a way to innovate, or not?, Jyoti Bachani

Leading Operational Excellence, Jyoti Bachani

Panel discussion on innovation for The Lehendakari, His Excellency Patxi Lopez, President of the Basque regional government, Jyoti Bachani

Writing Publishable Cases: Faculty Workshop, Jyoti Bachani

To Die With Dignity: Providing Hospice Care in India, Jyoti Bachani and additional author(s)

Nonprofit Leaders and Listening, Jyoti Bachani and Mary Vradelis


Strategy Making in Nonprofit Organizations – A Model and Case Studies, Jyoti Bachani and Mary Vradelis

Sustainable Consumption: Introspecting Across Multiple Lived Cultures, Catherine Banbury and Saroja Subrahmanyan

Developing Corporate Strategies to Successfully Conduct Business in an Uncertain Eurozone, Norman Bedford

Developing Corporate Strategies to Successfully Conduct Business in an Uncertain Euro Zone, Norman Bedford

TNK-BP: Tread with Caution, Christopher T. Bluhm, Mary Vradelis, Catherine Li, Brett Threlkeld, and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias

Explaining Geographic Cluster Success - The GEMS Model, Kris Chase and Shyam Kamath

MNC Practice Transfer: Institutional Theory, Strategic Opportunities, & Subsidiary HR Configuration, Kim Clark and Mark L. Lengnick-Hall

Influence of knowledge resources on exploratory and exploitative international strategic alliances: The effects of the institutional environment, Kim Clark, Indu Ramachandran, Stewart R. Miller, Stewart R. Miller, and Dana Wang

Does Adding Intermediate Algebra as a Prerequisite for Economics Principles Courses Improve Student Success?, Richard H. Courtney and William Lee

Marketization of Education: an Ethical Dilemma, Caroline Doran and Samuel M. Natale

Extraordinary Thesis Award for PhD thesis. 2012., Noha Elfiky

Academic and Work-Related Burnout: A Longitudinal Study of Working Undergraduate University Business Students, Craig S. Galbraith and Gregory Merrill

Faculty Research Productivity and Standardized Student Learning Outcomes in a University Teaching Environment: A Bayesian Analysis of Relationships, Craig S. Galbraith and Gregory Merrill


Predicting student achievement in university-level business and economics classes: Peer observation of classroom instruction and student ratings of teaching effectiveness, Craig S. Galbraith and Gregory B. Merrill


Data Center Equipment Locator and Monitoring System, Noah Groth, Jan Warhuus, and Krassimir Anastassov Boyadjiev


Data Center Server Location and Monitoring System, Noah Groth, Jan Warhuus, and Krassimir Anastassov Boyadjiev

Division Best Paper Award - Academy of Management., Michael Hadani


Institutional ownership monitoring and corporate political activity: Governance implications, Michael Hadani


Inside the belly of the beast: A meta-Analysis of the impact of corporate political activity on firm outcomes, Michael Hadani and additional author(s)


Finding a good job: Academic network centrality and early occupational outcomes in management academia, Michael Hadani, Susan Coombes, Diya Das, and David Jalajas

A Cultural Values Approach to Global Warming Initiatives, Linda Herkenhoff

HSBC Sustainability Fellowship, Linda Herkenhoff


Are Leaders and Managers with High Emotional Intelligence superior performers? Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM), Linda Herkenhoff and additional author(s)

Subsistence Marketplaces in remote indigenous communities, Linda Herkenhoff, Saroja Subrahmanyan, and Catherine Banbury

Rethinking Management Education: The View to 2020. A Literature Review and A Retrospective and Future Perspective, Eric Kolhede, Shyam J. Kamath, and Guido Krickx

SEBA Teaching Innovation Award, Nancy Lam

Social Business Models at the Base of Pyramid, Yung Jae Lee, Zhang Xiaotian Tina, and Shyam J. Kamath

Domestic and Offshore Outsourcing, and Labor Productivity: Evidence from Firms Located in Philippine Economic Zone in Cavite, Philippines, Yung-Jae Lee and Xiaotian Zhang

Identifying Misconceptions in Biomedical Education, Samuel Lind

Managing controversies during institutional transformation, Yuan Li

Connectivity and Immersive Environments: Education for the 21st Century, András Margitay-Becht

Moral Economy in Global Perspective: Protestantism, Confucianism, Islam, and Hinduism, Barbara McGraw


Prison Chaplaincy Directors at the AAR Annual Meeting: Multireligion Literacy and Government Accommodation of Religion in Prisons, Barbara McGraw