Submissions from 2012

Two Three-Year Professorships in Recognition of Scholarship, 2003-2006 and 2009-2012, Barbara McGraw

Deregulation, Competition and Merger Activity in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry, Kevin Okoeguale

Estate and Tax Planning, George Papagiannis

Teaching Excellence Award - Saint Mary's College of California, George Papagiannis


Obama’s Economy: Recovery for the Few, Jack Rasmus


The Bifurcation of Marxist Economic Analysis, Jack Rasmus

The Carrot: Rewarding Bad Managers, Arnav Sheth


Achieving Sustainable Consumption Through Spiritual Practices, Saroja Subrahmanyan and Stephen Gould

Achieving Sustainable Consumption Through Spiritual Practices, Saroja Subrahmanyan and Steve Gould

Roadmap to IFRS Convergence in India: Realistic or Fantasy, Sankaran Venkateswar and Joseph Hilborn


Roadmap to IFRS Convergence in India: Realistic or Fantasy., Sankaran Venkateswar and Joseph Hilborn

Efficiency and Opportunism in Auditor Quality Choice in Emerging Audit Services Markets: The Case of Bangladesh, A.K.M. Waresul Karim

Ownership Structure, Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Evidence from an African Emerging Market, A.K.M. Waresul Karim

The Effect of IFRS Adoption and Investor Protection on Earnings Quality around the World, A.K.M. Waresul Karim

Leadership for Human Rights and Democracy in Burma: A Model of Moral Courage, Judith White

The Optimistic Trust Effect: Use of Belief in a Just World to Cope with Decision- Generated Threat, Andrew Wilson

Conflicts of Interest in Venture Capital-Backed IPO Firms, Tina Zhang and Berna Polat Aksu

Conflicts of Interest in Venture Capital-Backed IPO Firms, Xiaotian Zhang and Berna Aksu

Submissions from 2011


A 'Human Ecology Economics' Framework for Eastern Europe, Roy Allen, Norman Bedford, and Andras Margitay-Becht


Financing Rural Telemedicine: Bringing Healthcare To The Underserved, Jyoti Bachani

Hospice Care in India, Jyoti Bachani

Lessons for Social Enterprises: Why Business Practices Fail in Nonprofit Organizations, Jyoti Bachani

Using Cases to Build Theory, Jyoti Bachani

What Will It Take To Give Up Bottled Water? An Exploratory Pilot Study, Catherine Banbury and Saroja Subrahmanyan

Ukraine's global strategy in the post-crisis economy: developing an intelligent nation to achieve a competitive advantage, Norman Bedford, William Hutchison, and Sofie Bedford

Maoist Calls for Radical Land Reform in Post-Revolutionary Nepal: Are the Adverse Macroeconomic Constraints too Big?, Ravi Bhandari

Fellow, Academy of International Business Doctoral Consortium, Kim Clark

Haynes Award nominee, Academy of International Business, Kim Clark

International Research Grant, Kim Clark

Selecting State or Private Joint Venture Partners in Emerging Markets: Impact of Liability of Foreignness and Rule of Law, Kim Clark


Impact of Institutional Coordination on National Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual Framework, Kim Clark, Gordian Rättich, and Evi Hartmann

Beta Gamma Sigma Professor of the Year, Nicolas Dahan

Whose Agenda? CEO Power and Corporate Political Activity., Nicolas Dahan, Nicolas Dahan, and Jonathan Doh

Values in Business Education, Caroline Doran

ἐμπάθεια (empatheia) or Caritas: The Role of Religion and Traditional Values in Fair Trade Consumption, Caroline Doran and Samuel M. Natale

Goodwill Non-Impairments: Evidence from Recent Research and Suggestions for Auditors, Catherine Finger-Podolsky

Using Judgment To Measure The Allowance For Doubtful Accounts, Catherine Finger-Podolsky

Are Student Evaluations of Teaching Effectiveness Valid for Measuring Student Learning Outcomes in Business Related Classes? A Neural Network and Bayesian Analyses, Craig S. Galbraith, Gregory Merrill, and Doug M. Kline

Retaining First Generation Students: Providing Academic Support, Larisa Genin

From a Great Books Liberal Arts Education to an Integrated Marketing Program of Study, Larisa Genin, J. Tomas Gomez-Arias, and Eric Kolhede


Can’t see the forest for its trees? A Meta analysis of the impact of corporate political activity on legislative outcomes and competitive and non competitive firm level outcomes, Michael Hadani


In search of El Dorado: The elusive financial returns on corporate political investments, Michael Hadani


The CEO as a chief political officer: Managerial power and corporate political activity, Michael Hadani and additional author(s)

Recent Developments in US Corporate Governance: Dodd-Frank and After, James Hawley

Reclaiming Pension Fund Fiduciary Duty Fundamentals, James Hawley

One of Top 40 Influential Women Alumni from Saint Mary's College 2011, Linda Herkenhoff

A Correlational Approach to the Study of Professional Culture and Intraorganizational Conflict, Linda Herkenhoff and Jo Ann Heydenfeldt


A Cultural and Correlational Study: Retiree Medical in USA, Linda MacGrain Herkenhoff


A Quantitative Motivational and Cultural Study: Retiree Healthcare in the United States, Linda MacGrain Herkenhoff


Cultivating Mind Fitness Through Mindfulness Training: Applied Neuroscience, Jo Ann Heydenfeldt, Linda Herkenhoff, and Mary Coe

Mind Fitness Training: Emerging Practices & Business Applications Applied Neuroscience, Jo Ann Heydenfeldt, Linda Herkenhoff, and Mary Coe

Optimizing Assortment and Pricing of Multiple Retail Categories with Cross-Selling, Ameera Ibrahim

A Cross-Country Study of Prior Beliefs in Signals of Quality, Shyam Kamath

Hospice Care in India, Shyam Kamath

Network Effects in Low Tech Industries: Insights from the Retailing Industry, Shyam Kamath and Eric Kolhede

A Flexible Financial Model of Distribution Channel Choice- The MODISC Model, Shyam Kamath, Eric Kolhede, and Yung-Jae Lee

MODISC: Teaching Distribution Fundamentals through an Experiential Model of Distribution Channel Choice, Shyam Kamath, Eric Kolhede, and Yung-Jae Lee

From a Great Books Liberal Arts Education to an Integrated Marketing Program of Study, Eric Kolhede

Best Paper (Management track); American Business Research Conference, Nancy Lam

Pitching, Testing and Fishing: Managerial Voice Propagation Across Hierarchies, Nancy Lam


Stopping the flow of novel employee communication: Managerial voice propagation and time pressure, Nancy Lam

Best Paper Award, Yung Jae Lee

Outstanding Teaching Award, Yung Jae Lee

Offshoring, Outsourcing, and Productivity: Evidence from firms located in Philippine Economic Zone (PEZ) in Cavite, Philippines, Yung Jae Lee and Zhang Xiaotian Tina

Reach-Risk-Return in Microfinance Institutions: An Evaluation Framework., Yung Jae Lee, Zhang Xiaotian Tina, and Shyam Kamath

Casuistry and institutional contradictions: China’s transformation from plan to market, Yuan Li

Entrepreneurship as an Emerging Myth: Observations from three Regions in China, Yuan Li

Rhetorical Institutionalism: Language, Agency, and Structure in Institutional Theory since Alvesson 1993, Yuan Li and Sandy E. Green

Remittances and FDI; a comparison, András Margitay-Becht

The Human Factor in Economic Development Conference, András Margitay-Becht

Moral Economy in Global Perspective, Barbara McGraw

Inflation and Fair Market Value: An Empirical Analysis of Sales Transactions of U.S. Closely-Held Companies, Gregory Merrill, Craig S. Galbraith, and Curt H. Stiles

Economic Shocks, Competition and Merger Activity, Kevin Okoeguale

Optimal Operational Strategies for an Assembly System Under Supply Uncertainty, Wenting Pan

Estate and Tax Planning, George Papagiannis

Epic Recession & Economic Theory, Jack Rasmus

Capturing the chaos: Measuring market Volatility, Arnav Sheth

Hiring, Firing, and Infighting: A Tale of two Companies, Arnav Sheth

Optimal operating strategies under stochastic cash flows, Arnav Sheth

Risk-Taking, Financial Distress and Innovation, Arnav Sheth

Risk-Taking, Financial Distress, and Innovation, Arnav Sheth

The carrot: Rewarding bad managers and innovation, Arnav Sheth

The Carrot: Rewarding Bad Managers and Innovation, Arnav Sheth

Risk-taking, financial distress and innovation, Arnav Sheth and additional author(s)

Fundamental Economic and Business Cycle Analysis: Peak/Trough, Correlation and Lead/Lag with Standard & Poor’s/Global Real Analytics Commercial Real Estate Indices (SPCREX), Lawrence A. Souza


Once Burned, Twice Shy: How Naive Learning, Counterfactuals, and Regret Affect the Repurchase of Stocks Previously Sold, Michal Strahilevitz, Terrance Odean, and Brad M. Barber

Understanding your product offering, Saroja Subrahmanyan


Towards a Sustainable Marketplace: Expanding Options and Benefits for Consumers, Saroja Subrahmanyan and additional author(s)

What will it take to give up bottled water?, Saroja Subrahmanyan and Catherine Banbury

Modeling the Effects of Disappointment and Regret on Gift Recipients' Satisfaction and Reciprocity, Saroja Subrahmanyan and Sanjoy Ghose


How to Assess and Increase the Value of a Co-Design Experience: A Synthesis of the Extant Literature, Frances Turner and additional author(s)

Incentive Contracts for Financial Consultants at Private Client Services Division, Suneel Udpa

Kmart: Predicting Bankruptcy, Fresh Start Reporting, and Valuation of Distressed Securities, Suneel Udpa

CHINDIA – A Re-awakening of China and India as Economic Powerhouses, Sankaran Venkateswar and Eric T. Zipf


CHINDIA – A Re-awakening of China and India as Economic Powerhouses., Sankaran Venkateswar and Eric T. Zipf

Goodwill of San Francisco, San Mateo and Marin Counties, Mary Vradelis

The Perceived Need for and Impediments of Achieving Accounting Transparency in Developing Countries: A Field Investigation on Bangladesh, A.K.M. Waresul Karim

Intersecting Trends Fuel Need for IT Asset Management, Jan Warhuus

Seeing More Clearly Through a Lens Out of Wack, Judith White


Book review of Social enterprise: A global comparison, Gregory Wolcott