Submissions from 2013

Examining relationships between student challenging behavior and teacher job satisfaction, Peter J. Alter

Teachers’ Use of Effective Management Practices: Surveying familiarity and experience, Peter J. Alter and J. Cooper

Strategies to prevent problem behavior, Peter J. Alter, K. Jolivette, T. M. Scott, N. L. Josephs, and N. C. Swoszowski

Teacher perceptions of students’ challenging behavior and the impact of teacher demographics, Peter J. Alter, J. Walker, and E. Landers

What Challenging Behavior Do Teachers Identify as Prevalent and Problematic, Peter J. Alter, J. Walker, and E. Landers


Lifting preschool quality: Nurturing effective teachers, Rebecca Anguiano

Instructor of the Year, Paul Beretz

Planning and Implementation Grant, Desiree Braganza

Experiences of Undocumented Immigrants in U.S. Public Schools, Desiree Braganza and Kaetlyn Lad

"Findings from Half Will Leave: Constructing Teaching Lives in an Exploratory World", Gerald J. Brunetti

O. DeSales Perez Award, Gerald J. Brunetti

Critical Media Literacy: Pedagogy for the Digital Age, Peter Carlson, Jeff Share, and Clifford Lee

Embodied mathematics: From manipulatives to proof, Laurie Edwards

Unexpected transformation, Colette Fleuridas

Creating a Portrait of the undergraduate Experience: Integrating critical thinking outcomes and student engagement, Carol Ann Gittens

Targeting CT and IL in general education writing assessments, Carol Ann Gittens

Bilingual Counselors-in-Training: Advocacy in Action, Laura Heid and Gloria Sosa

The Daughters of the American Revolution (Anne Loucks Chapter) Outstanding Teacher of American History Award, Meg Honey

AERA, Social Justice SIG Experiences of Undocumented Immigrants in US Public Schools: A Research Study, Kaetlyn Lad

Increasing Knowledge Related to the Experiences of Undocumented Immigrants in Public Schools, Kaetlyn Lad and Desiree Braganza

Prior Learning Assessment 101, Annalee Lamoreaux and Melanie Booth

Learning with the Adult Brain in Mind, Annalee Lamoreaux and Kathleen Taylor

Affirming Urban Youth's Cultural Practices in Critical Literacy and Computational Thinking Through a Videogame Project, Clifford Lee

Critical Media Literacy in the 21st Century: Production and Social Justice, Clifford Lee

Equipping Urban Youth With Critical Computational Literacies, a.k.a. Tools of Power, Clifford Lee

Remastering the Master’s Tools: Affirming the Life of Urban Youth Through a Video Game Project, Clifford Lee


Boogeyman Dawn, Raina León

21st Century Metamorphoses: Towards a Transformational Pedagogy Using Educational Technology, Raina J. León


Am I a Lasallian Educator?: Lessons from Home. José Cervantes, Raina J. León

CantoMundo, Raina J. León

Digital Storytelling Workshop, Raina J. León

Educational Perspectives. Lasallian Educator Symposium, Raina J. León

Educational Technology, English Language Acquisition and Storytelling. Vandu Paaru Service, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Alley Cat Books, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Bird and Beckett, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Boogeyman Dawn. 9 on the Ninth, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: East End United Community, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Fort Mason Reading Series, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Green Apple Books, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Letras Latinas series, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: LitQuake, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Mission Arts Performance Project, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Opening for "The Suppression of Sound", Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Yerba Buena Gardens Festival and LitQuake, Raina J. León

iPad in Education, Raina J. León

Latino/a Poetry Now, Letras Latinas and Poetry Society of America, Raina J. León

Oral Literacies and Common Core, Raina J. León

Paulo Freire Pre-Conference Program, Raina J. León

Professional Development and Seminar. Westminster Seminar Retreat, Raina J. León

Roundtable for Poetry Society of America, Raina J. León

Symposium on Poverty, St. Mary’s College of California, Raina J. León

Teaching pre-service teachers About Bullying Using the Fictional Case Study of Glee, Raina J. León

TE(A)CH: Teaching with Technology Professional Development Workshops, Raina J. León

The Emancipation Proclamation Pre-Conference Program, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Alley Cat Books, Raina J. León and Tereza Joy Kramer

Cultural Impact on Gifted Self-Perception, Grace Malonai

Gifted Identity℠ Project: A Summary of the Results from a Study About Parents of Gifted Children, Grace Malonai

Helping Gifted Kids Cope With Anxiety and Depression: Tools For Parents and Teachers, Grace Malonai

The Journey Lasts a Lifetime: Reflections From Adults on the Impact of Discovering and Understanding Their Own Giftedness as They Parent Their Gifted Children, Grace Malonai

Approaches to Expanding Reading Opportunities in the ELA and the Social Studies Classroom, Elizabeth Montaño

Structured Talk and Collaborative Grouping in the Mathematics Classroom, Elizabeth Montaño

Integrating a tipline into your school safety plan to address bullying, Laura Clement Mooiman

Matching district policy & procedures to research: PBIS, reteaching, and restorative justice as the only options, Laura Clement Mooiman

School social worker as PBIS champion and district change agent, Laura Clement Mooiman

Year II: The challenges and successes of Lift Up, Mary Kay Moskal and Katherine Perez

Measuring change in a transformative education program in global leadership: A mixed methods study, Ken Otter

Re-imagining organizational life and leadership, Ken Otter

What difference does it make? Transformative learning and relational leadership development, Ken Otter

Using holistic epistemology to facilitate transformative learning, Doug Paxton

Brain-Based Teaching to Help All Students Succeed, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Strategies for Implementing Common Core Standards, Katherine Perez

Teaching Leadership to Transform School Culture, Katherine Perez

The New Inclusion: Differentiated Strategies to Engage All Students, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching to meet the needs of english learners, Katherine Diana Perez

Academic Self-Concept and Achievement among Latino Immigrant Students, Marshall Perry

A Delayed Treatment Control Group Design Study of an After-School Online Tutoring Program in Reading, Marshall Perry

Attitudes Towards Mathematics and Academic Achievement: Findings from the United States and Nigeria, Marshall Perry

Linguistic Diversity: Supporting Linguistic Minority Students' Native Language in a Suburban School Setting, Marshall Perry

Mentorship and the Development of Novice Medical Surgical Nurses: A Quasi-Experimental Study, Marshall Perry

Methodological, Ethical, and Epistemological Challenges of Evaluating Student Characteristics, Achievement, and Completion in Distance Education, Marshall Perry

The Political Psychology of Teacher Evaluation, Marshall Perry

Professional efficacy and data-driven decision making at a low-performing high school., S. Marshall Perry

From service to civic engagement, Jennifer Pigza

Alumni Fellowship Grant, Rebecca Proehl

Lasallian pedagogy: Educating the mind and the heart, Rebecca Proehl

Recipient of the Alumni Research Grant, Rebecca Proehl


A Collaborative Approach: Assessing the Impact of Multi-Grade Classrooms, Rebecca Proehl, Shelese Douglas, Dean Elias, Anthony H. Johnson, and Wendy Westsmith

2013 Masters Thesis featured on UCLA Center X XChange; University of California, Los Angeles, Mary C. Raygoza


Democratizing Computer Science Knowledge: Transforming the Face of Computer Science Through Public High School Education, Jean Ryoo, Jane Margolis, Clifford Lee, Cueponcaxochitl Sandoval, and Joanne Goode

ACA Visioning Project. Inaugural Conference for the International Social Justice Counseling Advocacy Consortium, Gloria Sosa

Journal of Humanistic Counseling Distinguished Reviewer Award, Gloria Sosa

Invited to co-chair visioning process for ISJCAC. (2013), Gloria Aquino Sosa

Invited to represent the Association for Humanistic Counseling at the Social Justice Leadership Development Project at the American Counseling Association National Conference. (2013), Gloria Aquino Sosa

Saint Mary’s College Assessment Grant Program, Graduate Counseling Program Grant, Gloria Aquino Sosa and Sandra Mattar


Critical inquiry into literacy teacher education: Accounting for students, Tamara Spencer

Researching young children's out-of-school literacy practices, Tamara Spencer

Standardized deficits: Examining the policy narrative in early language and literacy policies, Tamara Spencer

Creating a house of mirrors: First year doctoral students’ reflection on the process of collaborative inquiry, Sawako Suzuki

Developing parenting self-efficacy scales for parents of young children, Sawako Suzuki