Submissions from 2015

How to Live Forever, Raina J. León

Latin@poets Poetry Workshop. CantoMundo, Raina J. León

Madrina, Raina J. León

Poetry Art and Craft and Readings, Raina J. León

Querencia, Raina J. León

Race, History, and the Body: Social Acts of Writing, Raina J. León

Session on Educational Technology Tools, Raina J. León

Teaching of Poetry, Raina J. León

Technology Special Interest Group discussion, Raina J. León

Vial Two, Raina J. León

What Counselors Need to Know About Teaching?, Raina J. León

What to Do, Raina J. León

Cultural Influences on Gifted Families, Grace Malonai

How to Talk to Children about their Giftedness: The Impact of Gifted Identification, Grace Malonai


Is Your Gifted Child Being Bullied? 5 Ways to Help, Grace Malonai

Sex & Intimacy in Gifted Relationships, Grace Malonai

The Journey Lasts Lifetime after Lifetime, Grace Malonai


Unhappy Campers: Helping Kids Deal with Homesickness, Grace Malonai

Technology FCAT Grant, Susan H. Marston


Rethinking Parental Involvement in Urban Schools: Popular Education, Community Organizing, and Social Justice, Cynthia Martinez and Rebecca Anguiano

Becoming Unionized in a Charter School: Teacher Experiences and the Promise of Choice, Elizabeth Montaño

Expanding What Counts as Language for Latina/o Youth in an Urban Middle School Setting, Elizabeth Montaño and Danny C. Martinez

Teachers as Learners: Exploring Ways to Support Teacher Writers as They Negotiate Action Research Projects, Mary Kay Moskal

Leveraging Linguistic Repertoires: Language Brokering in School, Marjorie F. Orellana, Danny C. Martinez, Ramon A. Martinez, Elizabeth Montaño, and Clifford Lee

The participatory turn: Widening the lens of inquiry into collective leadership, Ken Otter

Wearing multiple hats? Challenges for managers-as-coaches and their organizations, Ken Otter

Widening the lens of leadership: Toward advancing leadership coaching as a specialty, Ken Otter

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence as Social Justice Advocacy to Impact Student Success, Tracy Pascua Dea and Gloria Sosa

Classroom Cures, Instructional Adaptations for Student Success, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching: Inclusive Classrooms to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching: Inclusive Classrooms to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching Strategies to Support English Learners, Katherine Perez

Dynamic Differentation: One Size Does Not Fit All, Katherine Perez

“Dynamic Differentiation—One Size Does Not Fit All” and “Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport—Equip Your Students with a Burning Desire to Learn!”, Katherine Perez

Keynote and Multiple Workshops Focusing in on Brain-Based Teaching Over Two Days for Regional Teachers, Katherine Perez

LIFT UP! Literacy Innovations For Teachers – Urban Partnership [Collaborative Partnership], Katherine Perez

Revitalize Critical and Inventive Thinking for Student Engagement Using Thinking Routines, Katherine Perez

Strategies for Teaching Academic Reading for Struggling Students, Katherine Perez

The Brain Science of Teaching: Using Mind-Body Connections to Optimize Learning, Katherine Perez

Transforming School Cultures Through Teacher Leadership in Literacy, Katherine Perez

A district and college collaborate to develop career ladders for educators: Features, impacts and research, S. Marshall Perry

Does school leadership influence opportunity to learn for 15 year olds in US and Brazil?, S. Marshall Perry

Principals and student achievement: A comparative study of eight countries using TALIS 2013 and PISA 2012, S. Marshall Perry

Teacher practices, student socioeconomic status, and opportunity to learn: A cross-national examination of TALIS 2013., S. Marshall Perry

Remnants of Anti-Judaism and the Internet, Joan Peterson

Response of the Professions: Medicine and Education, Joan Peterson

California Campus Compact Richard E. Cone Retreat for Excellence & Leadership in Cultivating Community Partnerships in Higher Education, Jennifer Pigza

Innovative learning for leadership development: Pathways to civic engagement, Jennifer Pigza

Momentum, exemplars, and future research themes: A report on the Third Annual Symposium on Lasallian Research, Jennifer Pigza

Navigating leadership complexity through critical, creative, and practical thinking, Jennifer Pigza

Visual Representation and Storytelling: Surfacing Undiscussables Related to White Privilege, Donald Proby and Marguerite Welch

Can grit explain urban students success?, Rebecca Proehl


Catalyst Schools: The Catholic Ethos and Public Charter Schools, Rebecca Proehl, Heather Starnes, and Shirley Everett


Counting the experiences and beliefs of teachers committed to teaching mathematics for social justice, Mary Candace Raygoza

Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship, Mary Candace Raygoza

Hoyt Fellowship, Mary Candace Raygoza

Lawrence W. Erickson Memorial Fellowship, Mary Candace Raygoza

Teachers’ perspectives on teaching mathematics for social justice, Mary Candace Raygoza


Toolkit: Strategic planning for equity, inclusion and diversity, Amy Scharf

Embedded Blended Learning Within an Algebra Classroom: A Multimedia Capture Experiment, Jim G. Smith and Sawako Suzuki

High Potential Sphere of Success: Changing the Narrative to Positively Impact Student Achievement, Gloria Sosa

Supporting First Generation Students: A Conversation, Gloria Sosa

Saint Mary’s College Dean Thomas Earl Brown Faculty Award for exceptional commitment to the Black community (2015), Gloria Aquino Sosa

Federal SSS TRIO Grant for Saint Mary’s College of California High Potential Program, Gloria Aquino Sosa and Tracy J. Pascua Dea

Approved Preamble Document and Strategic Planning Update, Gloria Sosa and J.W. Jones

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Challenging the Discourses of Readiness and Accountability in Early Childhood Literacy Education., Tamara Spencer

Complicating what counts as a text for young children: Teaching multicultural literature in teacher education courses., Tamara Spencer

Preparing Teachers as Literacy Leaders in a Hybrid Classroom, Tamara Spencer

Changing the Adult Brain: A Critical Pathway [Keynote], Kathleen Taylor

Your Problem-Solving (?) Brain., Kathleen Taylor

Exploring Experiential Learning and the Adult Brain: Embodied and Analogical Approaches, Kathleen Taylor and Catherine Marienau

Action research within a counseling department: A self-study of teaching methods and mentoring needs, Suzy Thomas

Invited Facilitator, Suzy Thomas

Provost's Faculty Research Grant, awarded by Saint Mary's College of California., Suzy Thomas

Reflections on Being a Lasallian Educator, Suzy Thomas

Someone like me: Mentors, allies, role models for LGBTQ youth, Suzy Thomas

Training Students to Become Peer Facilitators for Intergroup Dialogue: Design, Implementation, and Institutional Support, C.A. Watkins, Gloria Sosa, and Tracy Pascua Dea


Accountability Session: Collaborate on Research Projects Related to WPC, Marguerite Welch

Virtual communities of Practice for Sustained collaborative Learning, Marguerite Welch

What’s it Like to be White? Understanding the Decision to Learn About Being White: A Narrative Inquiry Using Visual Representation and Storytelling Research Panel on Sexuality and Gender, Marguerite Welch

Submissions from 2014


Teacher preparation for students who demonstrate challenging behaviors, Peter J. Alter, M. A. Conroy, B. Boyd, and E. Bettini

Effective classroom management through a relational approach, Peter J. Alter and Gloria Sosa

An exploratory study of multi-modalities in the mathematics classroom: Enrica’s explanation, Laurie D. Edwards

Embodiment, modalities and mathematical affordances, Laurie D. Edwards

Emerging perspectives on gesture and embodiment in mathematics, Laurie D. Edwards

Introduction to "Emerging perspectives on gesture and embodiment in mathematics", Laurie D. Edwards

More than mere handwaving: Gesture and embodiment in expert mathematical proof, Laurie D. Edwards

Enhanced Teaching with Technology Award, Santa Clara University, Carol Ann Gittens

Policies, Politics, and Statistics: Creating Valid Systems of Faculty Evaluation, Carol Ann Gittens

Honored Instructor- UC Berkeley Extension, James Iler


Chapter Four: Production Centered Classrooms, Clifford Lee

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 2.0: Leveraging the Multiliteracies of Urban Youth for Academic Language Development, Clifford Lee

Got Privilege? Challenging Dominant Ideologies of Race, Class, and Gender From a Position of Male Privilege, Clifford Lee

Remastering the Master’s Tools: Affirming the Life of Urban Youth Through a Video Game Project, Clifford Lee

SMC Faculty Research Grant, Clifford Lee

Using Digital Tools So They Don’t Use You, Clifford Lee


I Want Them to Feel the Fear: Leveraging Critical Computational Literacies for English Language Arts Success, Clifford Lee and A. D. Garcia

Reflections on Exploring Computer Science and Creating New Futures for Historically Marginalized Students, Clifford Lee, C.D.M. Sandoval, and J. Ryoo