Submissions from 2018


The Effects of Volunteerism on Self-Deception and Locus of Control, Naman Desai, S. Dalal, and S. Rawal


Misconceptions amongst dental students: How can they be identified?, R. Grazziotin‐Soares, Samuel L. Lind, D. M. Ardenghi, and D. A. Curtis


A Profile Of The Oil And Gas Industry, Second Edition: Resources, Market Forces, Geopolitics, And Technology, Linda Herkenhoff


Conducting Survey Research: A Practical Guide, Linda Herkenhoff and J. Fogli


Rhetoric and Authority in a Polarized Transition: The Development of China’s Stock Market, Yuan Li, Sandy E. Green, and Paul M. Hirsch

From Prison Religion to Interfaith Leadership for Institutional Change, Barbara McGraw


Feedback and Assessment in Higher-Education, Practice-Based Entrepreneurship Courses: How Can We Build Legitimacy?, Jan Warhuus, P. Blenker, and S. Trolle Elmholdt


The Rehabilitation of Adam Smith for Catholic Social Teaching, Gregory Wolcott

Submissions from 2017


The Impact of Self-Deception and Professional Skepticism on Perceptions of Ethicality, S. Agarwalla, Naman Desai, and A. Tripathy


Writing and Enacting Ethical Dilemmas: Using Drama to Foster Responsible Leadership Behavior, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Cross-cultural Dimensions of Personal Stories in Communicating Authentic Leadership, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Konstantinos Koulouris


Venezuela: Why Trump’s sanctions won’t work, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Lance Lattig

AirWorks: Indian Aviation Services Take Off, Jyoti Bachani

An Art Salon: Poetry, Music and Paintings to see in new ways, Jyoti Bachani

Beyond the bottom line : integrating sustainability into business and management practice, Jyoti Bachani

Doing Good Qualitative Research, Jyoti Bachani

Indian Insights: Integrating Individuals, Institutions and Innovations, Jyoti Bachani

Indian Soft Power: Learning Through Yoga, Poetry and Music, Jyoti Bachani

Managing for Responsibility: a Sourcebook for an Alternative Paradigm, Jyoti Bachani

Mindfulness Through Improv, Jyoti Bachani

Organizational Change to Thrive, Jyoti Bachani

Organizing, not Organizations: Humanistic approaches in the case of rainwater harvesting by tribals in India, Jyoti Bachani


Reinventing Management, Jyoti Bachani

Responsible Organizational Change in the Information Age, Jyoti Bachani

Teaching Effectiveness Workshop, Jyoti Bachani

Teaching Humanistic Management: Humans, Not Just Resources, Jyoti Bachani

Listening and Engaging to Lead Responsibly, Jyoti Bachani and Mary E. Vradelis


Crowdsourcing and Brand Control, Anjali S. Bal, Kelly Weidner, Richard Hanna, and Adam J. Mills


Flexibility as firm value driver: Evidence from offshore outsourcing, Jongmoo J. Choi, Ming Ju, Masaaki Kotabe, Lenos Trigeorgis, and XiaoTian T. Zhang

Corporate Political Activity and Public Policy Outcomes: New Realities and Increasing Challenges, Michael Hadani


Corporate Political Activity, Public Policy Uncertainty, and Firm Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis, Michael Hadani, Jean-Philippe Bonardi, and Nicolas M. Dahan

The More You Give, the More You Get? The Impact of Corporate Political Activity on the Value of Government Contracts, Michael Hadani, Natasha Munshi, and Kim Clark


Analytics Boot Camp: Basic Analytics for Business Students and Professionals, Linda Herkenhoff and J. Fogli


This Class Is Not For You: An Investigation of Gendered Subject Construction in Entrepreneurship Course Descriptions, S. Jones and Jan Warhuus


Optimizing Multi-Team System Behaviors: Insights From Modelling Team Communication, Deanna M. Kennedy, S. Amy Sommer, and Anh Nguyen


Multi-view face recognition from single RGBD models of the faces, Donghun Kim, Bharath Comandur, Henry Medeiros, Noha M. Elfiky, and Avinash C. Kak


Distinctions Between Frequent Performing Arts Patrons: Implications for Segmentation and Positioning, Eric Kolhede and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias


A Semiotic Theory of Institutionalization, Yuan Li


Modeling Dormant Fruit Trees for Agricultural Automation, Henry Medeiros, Donghun Kim, Jianxin Sun, Hariharan Seshadri, Shayan Ali Akbar, Noha M. Elfiky, and Johnny Park


I Declare Bankruptcy: Examining the Law and Ethics of Lewellen vs. Access Group, Michael O'Brien and George Papagiannis


The Chicago Climate Exchange and Market Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis, Omid Sabbaghi and Navid Sabbaghi


Shodh-Market Research for Economy Housing, Priyanka Shrivastava and V. S. Rajan

CORE Foods: To Withdraw or Not to Withdraw CORE Meals?, Saroja Subrahmanyan and Tomas Gomez-Arias


Green Supply Chain Formation Through By-Product Synergies, Jiong Sun, Navid Sabbaghi, and Weslynne Ashton


Technocapitalist Disability Rhetoric: When Technology is Confused With Social Justice, Bonnie Tucker


From I to We: Collaboration in Entrepreneurship Education and Learning?, Jan Warhuus, L. Tanggaard, S. Robinson, and S.E. Jensen


Negative word of mouth can be a positive for consumers connected to the brand, Andrew E. Wilson, Michael D. Giebelhausen, and Michael K. Brady

Relocating the Adam Smith problem, Gregory Wolcott


Restricting choices: Decision making, the market society, and the forgotten entrepreneur, Gregory Wolcott

Submissions from 2016

Impact of Venture Capitalists on Founder Turnover: Implications for Firm Governance, Berna Aksu

Financial Crises and Recession in the Global Economy (4th Ed.), Roy Allen

Save One and We'll Give You Two: Impacts of Generous CO2 Credits Granted by the EPA to Sellers of Electric Vehicles in California, Roy Allen and Asbjorn Moseidjord

2015: The Year in Elections, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Beyond Brexit, The World’s Still Turning: Global Stories You Might Have Missed, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Leadership Lessons from El Sistema, Venezuela’s System of Youth Orchestras, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Why Leadership Must Include the Imagination, Marco Aponte-Moreno, M. Harvey, D. LaMagdeleine, J.B. Ciulla, and K. Bezio

Venezuela Amps Up Media Repression by Sentencing Newspaper Editor to Prison, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Lance Lattig

Emergent Pedagogical Tools for the Digital Era, Jyoti Bachani

Mindfulness in Management Through Improv: An experiential workout for your imagination, Jyoti Bachani

Outstanding Field Report Paper Award, Jyoti Bachani

Outstanding Field Report Paper Award, Jyoti Bachani

4E Model of Knowledge Creation, Jyoti Bachani, Roy Allen, and Rajen Gupta

Shivganga: Organizing Tribals in Jhabua, India for Sustainable Water Harvesting, Jyoti Bachani and Neelu Bhullar


Getting Real About Suicide Prevention in the Classroom and Beyond: Using a Classroom Simulation to Create Communications for At‑Risk Individuals, Anjali S. Bal, Kelly Weidner, Christopher Leeds, and Brian Raaka

Preface and Introductions to Parts I, II, III, and IV of Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S., McGraw Barbara

Sports Economics, 1st Edition, Chapters 7 and 8, D. Berri and William Lee

Comparing Economic Proposals from Clinton and Trump, Kris Chase

The Fed and the U.S. Banking System, Kris Chase

Drivers of Early Internationalizing Firm Performance: A Systematic Review of Empirical Literature, Kim Clark and I. Ramachandran

Feeling Close from Afar: The Role of Psychological Distance in Offsetting Distrust in Unfamiliar Online Retailers, Peter R. Darke, Michael K. Brady, Ray L. Benedicktus, and Andrew Wilson


Selective Perception and Group Brainstorming: An Investigation of Auditors’ Fraud Risk Assessment, Naman Desai and Visha Gupta

Are Auditors Unable to Detect Classification Shifting or Merely Not Willing to Report It? Evidence From India, Naman Desai and Neerav Nagar

Values, Social Connections, and Wealth: An Alternate Perspective on Refugee Education, Caroline Doran

School of Economics and Business Administration Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Catherine Finger-Podolsky

Simplified Yet Robust: An Innovative Assessment System for the New Millennium, Larisa Genin and Gregory Merrill

Tracking the Impact of Faculty Research: An Innovative Approach to a Panoramic Dashboard, Larisa Genin and Sarah Vital


Corporate Political Activity and Regulatory Capture: How Some Companies Blunt the Knife of Socially Oriented Investor Activism, Michael Hadani, Jonathan P. Doh, and Marguerite A. Schneider

Barriers and Opportunities to the Integration of RI (Responsible Investment) by Pension Boards, James Hawley

Challenges to the Financial System, James Hawley

Fiduciary Duty and Socially Conscious Investing, James Hawley

Setting the Scene: The Basics and Basis of Responsible Investment, James Hawley

Socially Conscious Investing and Fiduciary Duty: The Way Forward, James Hawley

Sustainability Analytics: The Proliferation of Disruptive Sustainability Technologies, James Hawley

The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment, James Hawley

Reclaiming Pension Fund Fiduciary Duty, James Hawley, Keith Johnson, and Ed Waitzer

The Routledge Companion to Responsible Investment, T. Hebb, James Hawley, A.G.F. Hoepner, A. Neher, and D. Wood

Correlation Study of MBA Social Responsibility Projects and Employee Understanding of CSR, Linda Herkenhoff


Emerging HRM Perspectives on Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Neurobiological Science on Organisational Effectiveness, P. Hosie, A. Sharma, Linda Herkenhoff, Jo Ann Heydenfeldt, and R. Kingshott

Integrating Responsibility Within Food Supply Chains - A Conceptual Model, J. Jacob-John and Navin Veerapa


Power-Log Optimization and Positively Skewed Option Returns Reduce Risk and Raise Portfolio Performance, Jivendra Kale and Arnav Sheth


Power-Log Portfolio Optimization for Managing Downside Risk, Jivendra Kale and Arnav Sheth

Segmentation of Infrequent Performing Arts Consumers, Eric Kolhede and J. Tomas Gomez-Arias

Elite Controversy and the Institutional Change of China's Stock Market, Yuan Li

Elite Controversy and the Institutional Change of China's Stock Market, Yuan Li

Paradox Multiplicity and Evolution, Yuan Li, W. Fengbin, and Y. Liu


Uncertainty and Misvaluation? New Evidence on Determinants of Merger Activity from the Banking Industry, Robert Loveland and Kevin Okoeguale

Teaching Economics in World of Warcraft, Andras Margitay-Becht

The Amazon Tax & E-Tailer Supply Chains: An Empirical Study of Internet Tax Law Using Strategic Location, Kevin McGarry and T. Anderson

Religious Pluralism at the Crossroads, Barbara McGraw

Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Politics in the U.S., Barbara McGraw