Submissions from 2020


The Politics of Fair Trade Consumption: A U.S. perspective, Caroline Burns and Ameera Ibrahim


Target price forecasts: Fundamentals and behavioral factors, Peter Clarkson, Alexander Nekrasov, Andreas Simon, and Irene Tutticci


Smaller drawdowns, higher average and risk-adjusted returns for equity portfolios, using options and power-log optimization based on a behavioral model of investor preferences, Jivendra K. Kale and Tee Lim

Cross-Cultural Leadership as Interfaith Leadership, Barbara A. McGraw

Religious Regulation in the United States, Barbara A. McGraw and James T. Richardson

Tolerance and Intolerance in the History of Religious Liberty Jurisprudence in the United States and the Implementation of RFRA and RLUIPA, Barbara A. McGraw and James T. Richardson

Congressional Efforts to Defend and Extend Religious Freedom and the Law of Unintended Consequences, James T. Richardson and Barbara A. McGraw

CV and Job Interview Preparation for undergraduate Students, Mina Rohani

Data Analytics - Segmentation of Data, Mina Rohani

How to Design & Implement Gamified Activities, Mina Rohani

How to Design & Implement Gamified Activities for Business Curriculum, Mina Rohani

How would you use research to generate customer insights that better the experience whilst impacting core business metrics (i.e., acquisition, retention, and engagement)?, Mina Rohani

On-site Search Engine Optimization, Mina Rohani

Filippi Endowment Pedagogy Grant, Andreas Simon


Why shopping and giving to charity are the perfect match, Michal Strahilevitz


Saving the Earth one diaper at a time: How Diapers became a social media success story, Michal Strahilevitz, Jason Graham Nye, and Rowan Parkinson

Personal selling in subsistence economies: How pollinate energy converted happy customers into Successful Salespeople, Michal Strahilevitz and Rowan Parkinson

Submissions from 2019


Venezuela’s Maduro Will Go, It Is Just a Matter of Time, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Listening is a Leadership Skill, Jyoti Bachani


De Nuestra Familia a La Suya: Amelia Ceja Bringing Wine to the People, Anjali Bal


From Approval Junkie to Scrappy Entrepreneur: Faith Salie’s Personal Brand Success Story, Anjali Bal and Kelly Weidner


The Challenge of Embedded Leases: Leases May be Hiding in Supply and Service Contracts, Dennis J. Chambers, Catherine A. Finger, and Jeff Horne


Beyond beauty contests: Benchmarking undergraduate international business education programs according to best practice adoption, Nicolas Dahan, Dante Di Gregorio, Anthony Seeton, and Michael Hadani


15 minutes of fame? The impact of media visibility and media reputation on the relationship between corporate political activity and government contract awards, Michael Hadani, Berna Aksu, and Susan Coombes


Social movements and corporate political activity: Managerial responses to socially oriented shareholder activism, Michael Hadani, Jonathan P. Doh, and Marguerite Schneider

Strategy beyond markets research trends, Michael Hadani and Timothy Werner


A Matter of Time: An Impact Evaluation of the Brazilian National Land Credit Program, Steven Helfand, Vilma Sielawa, and Deepak Singhania

A Multi-Category Assortment Packing Problem Under Cross-Selling and Cannibalization Effects, Ameera Ibrahim

Business Analytics Competition at Manhattan College 1st Place Poster Award, Faculty Advisor, Ameera Ibrahim


Optimal Customized Bundle Pricing, Ameera Ibrahim


Reversing the negative skewness of value portfolios with power-log optimization and options, produces smaller drawdowns and higher risk-adjusted returns, Jivendra K. Kale and Tee Lim


Valuation Implications of Unconditional Accounting Conservatism, Jae B. Kim, Alexander Nekrasov, Pervin K. Shroff, and Andreas Simon

Differential Effect of Immigrants and Refugees on Bilateral Trade with their Home Countries, Anna Maximova

Effect of Differential Fertility on Cross-Country Human Capital Accumulation with Maria Apostolova-Mihaylova, Anna Maximova

The Effect of Bilateral Labor Agreements on Trade with Mihai Paraschiv, Anna Maximova

The Case for Global Business Leaders as Interfaith Leaders: Religious Literacy and Cross-Cultural Leadership, Barbara McGraw

AOL Impact: Measuring, Demonstrating, Presenting! Best practices for Measuring, Demonstrating and Presenting the Impact of Your AOL program, Gregory B. Merrill

How Fundamental Are the Drivers of Mergers and Acquisitions Activity?, Kevin Okoeguale

2019 Faculty Innovative Pedagogy Grant, Mina Rohani

Applied Method Of Repeated Voice Opportunity, Mina Rohani

CV and Job Interview Preparation for MBA Students, Mina Rohani

Data Driven Targeted Marketing, Mina Rohani

Mimic Pro Digital Marketing Certificate, Mina Rohani

Spot Bonus, Core-UX Team Google 2019, Mina Rohani


Organizational Readiness in the Operations Management and Information Systems Disciplines: Concept Review and a Crisp Set Comparative Analysis, Nasser Shahrasbi and Mina Rohani


“Big Fish” or “Small Fish”: How Institutional Theory and Resource Dependence Theory Explain Institutional Change in Organizational Field, Manely Sharifan, Nasser Shahrasbi, and Mina Rohani


Twenty Questions About Design Behavior for Sustainability, Michal Strahilevitz and additional author(s)


Fake news and the willingness to share: a schemer schema and confirmatory bias perspective, Kelly Weidner, Frederik Beuk, and Anjali Bal

Fake News and the Willingness to Share: The Role of Confirmatory Bias and Previous Brand Transgressions, Kelly Weidner, Frederik Beuk, Anjali Bal, and Zhen Zhu

Next Move: Level 1, 2 & 3, Maura Wolf and Shari Simon

Submissions from 2018


Developing Empathetic Leaders through Storytelling and Performance., Marco Aponte-Moreno


Is Venezuela’s president afraid of a coup d’état?, Marco Aponte-Moreno


It’s the Disease Talking: Dehumanization of Patients Living with Dementia, Marco Aponte-Moreno

Outstanding Teaching Award, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Trump sees opportunity in Venezuela's humanitarian crisis as midterm approaches, Marco Aponte-Moreno


Venezuelans are boycotting their presidential election, Marco Aponte-Moreno


International Leadership Network: Global and Diverse Leadership, Marco Aponte-Moreno and additional author(s)

Transformational Leadership: Lessons from the Venezuela’s System of Youth Orchestras, Marco Aponte-Moreno and Lance Lattig

A Contemplative Arts Salon for Individual and Organizational Well Being, Jyoti Bachani


Shifting Management From Control to Inspiration, Jyoti Bachani


A Work Assignment Role Play in Communicating With Dignity, Jyoti Bachani and Doona Hicks


Post 2015 strategies to improve business models in corporate Turkey, Norman Bedford and Berna Aksu


Flexibility as firm value driver: Evidence from offshore outsourcing, Jongmoo J. Choi, Ming Ju, Masaaki Kotabe, Lenos Trigeorgis, and XiaoTian T. Zhang

Subsidiary entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunity: An institutional perspective, Kim Clark and Indu Ramachandran


The Effects of Volunteerism on Self-Deception and Locus of Control, Naman Desai and additional author(s)


The Issuance and Informativeness of Management Long-term Growth Forecasts, Lucile Faurel, Timothy D. Haight, and Andreas Simon

Shinola: What’s Next for a Brand Linked to Detroit’s Manufacturing Heritage?, Matthew Fisher and additional author(s)

Tesla: Accelerating to Market, Matthew Fisher and additional author(s)


A Profile Of The Oil And Gas Industry, Second Edition: Resources, Market Forces, Geopolitics, And Technology, Linda Herkenhoff

A path out of poverty: Turning BioWaste into opportunity at the base of the economic pyramid in Indonesia, Linda Herkenhoff and Don A. Earnest


Conducting Survey Research: A Practical Guide, Linda Herkenhoff and John Fogli

SEBA Outstanding Service Award, Nancy Lam

Winner, Outstanding paper (Management track), Global Conference on Business and Finance, Nancy Lam


Misconceptions amongst dental students: How can they be identified?, Samuel L. Lind and additional author(s)


Rhetoric and Authority in a Polarized Transition: The Development of China’s Stock Market, Yuan Li, Sandy E. Green, and Paul M. Hirsch


How does firm life cycle affect board structure? Evidence from China’s listed privately-owned enterprises, Yunhe Li and Xiaotian Tina Zhang

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act's Impacts on the Federal Student Loan System, Kevin McGarry

Applied Interfaith Leadership for the Professions” and “Developing Interfaith Leaders for Civic Engagement that is Civil, Barbara McGraw

From Prison Religion to Interfaith Leadership for Institutional Change, Barbara McGraw

Religious Pluralism and Religious Freedom: Perils and Possibilities for America’s Sacred Ground, Barbara McGraw

Religious Pluralism in Government Institutions: Promise and Peril, Barbara McGraw

Women’s Coalitions Addressing Global Problems, Barbara McGraw

Sustaining Faculty Commitment to Assurance of Learning, Greg Merrill and Larisa Genin

Is poor director attendance contagious?, John Nowland and Andreas Simon


Competition and Merger Activity in the U.S., Kevin Okoeguale and Robert Loveland

Commercial Real Estate Investment for Pros (and Dummies Too!), Joseph Ori

Survey Design and Analysis in Class Action Wage and Hour Cases, Jeffrey S. Petersen

Using Surveys to Assess Damages in Class Action Wage and Hour Cases, Jeffrey S. Petersen


Humanistic Management: Responsible Leadership And Trust, Michael Pirson and Jyoti Bachani


Humanistic Management: Social Entrepreneurship And Mindfulness, Michael Pirson, Jyoti Bachani, and Robert J. Blomme

Repeated Voice Opportunity: A method to reduce online users’ revenge, Mina Rohani

Self-determination Theory and Revenge Behaviors, Mina Rohani, Mostafa Purmehdi, and Nasser Shahrasbi

Does It Matter Who the Inquirer Is? Comparing Customer Revenge Responses between Online Complainers vs. Direct Complainers, Mina Rohani and Nasser Shahrasbi

Google Cloud Education Grant, Navid Sabbaghi

Google Faculty In Residence, Navid Sabbaghi


Market efficiency and the global financial crisis: evidence from developed markets, Navid Sabbaghi and Omid Sabbaghi


Certified Emission Reduction credits and the role of investments: Evidence from wind CDM projects in China, Navid Sabbaghi, Omid Sabbaghi, and Jing Li


Goodwill Impairment, Andreas Simon and Darrol J. Stanley

Outstanding Teaching Award, Sarah M. Vital

Best paper award at European Council of Small Business (ECSB), Jan Warhuus