Submissions from 2016

A Group for Every Standard: Meeting Students’ Needs Through Group Counseling, Suzy Thomas

Collaborative Partnerships in Action Research for School Counselors, Suzy Thomas

Invited Consultant. Invited Presentations and Activities., Suzy Thomas

Networking at the Grassroots Level: Action Research Partnerships in Education, Suzy Thomas

Professional Development Challenges for Tenured Counselor Educators: Strategies for Staying Happy in Mid-Career, Suzy Thomas

Comparison of Race-Gender, Urban-Suburban Criminal Justice College Students Satisfaction of the Police Department, Christopher Verga, Leo Murillo, Errol D. Toulon, Elsa-Sofia Morote, and Marshall Perry

Becoming Social Justice Educators: The Ongoing Praxis of Teaching/Learning Justice, Michael Viola, Shawn Purcell, T. Campion, and Tamara Spencer


US Department of Education Grant: “Caminos a Las Ciencias (CALC),” Through the HSI STEM Program, Roy Wensley, Vidya Chandrasekaran, Christopher Jones, Tracy Pascua Dea, Jeffrey Sigman, Gloria Sosa, and Ellen Veomett

Submissions from 2015

Cal Council: A Story of Continuity and Change, Jerry Brunetti

The Role of Gesture and the Body in Learning & Teaching Mathematics, Laurie Edwards

Counselors for Social Justice Strategic Plan, 2015-2020, J.W. Jones, Gloria Sosa, J. Jackson, R. Vides, R. Goodman, S. Patrick, C. Thompson, and Q. Alexander

Shadow in Clinical/Counseling Practice, Drew Krafcik


Words from the Wise: Exploring the Lives, Qualities, and Opinions of Wisdom Exemplars, Drew Krafcik

From Snapchat to Social Action: What is the Role of the Critical Educator?, Clifford Lee


Nurturing Conscious Digital Natives, Clifford Lee

Social Justice 2.0: Nurturing Critical Digital Natives, Clifford Lee

To Investigate How Urban Youth Develop Critical Computational Thinking Practices While Creating News Stories With Interactive Elements, Clifford Lee

Programming + Journalism = Youth Radio's Innovation Lab, Clifford Lee, A. Richardson, and D. Jackson

Critical Computational Literacy: Coalescing Storytelling, Design, and App Development, Clifford Lee and E. Soep

“Calypso and the DJ" and “Tango Criollo”, Raina León

Flor y Canto, Raina León

“Genocide Bop” and “Everyw(here)”, Raina León

Mini-essay on Fear, Raina León

“Quotilla: Closing the Bar,” “Archangel” and “Villanelle to Blink Plastique”, Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

Two pounds, Night Sky Notes, Raina León


Rethinking Parental Involvement in Urban Schools: Popular Education, Community Organizing, and Social Justice, Cynthia Martinez and Rebecca Anguiano

Becoming Unionized in a Charter School: Teacher Experiences and the Promise of Choice, Elizabeth Montaño

Expanding What Counts as Language for Latina/o Youth in an Urban Middle School Setting, Elizabeth Montaño and Danny C. Martinez

Teachers as Learners: Exploring Ways to Support Teacher Writers as They Negotiate Action Research Projects, Mary Kay Moskal

Leveraging Linguistic Repertoires: Language Brokering in School, Marjorie F. Orellana, Danny C. Martinez, Ramon A. Martinez, Elizabeth Montaño, and Clifford Lee

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence as Social Justice Advocacy to Impact Student Success, Tracy Pascua Dea and Gloria Sosa

Classroom Cures, Instructional Adaptations for Student Success, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching: Inclusive Classrooms to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching: Inclusive Classrooms to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching Strategies to Support English Learners, Katherine Perez

Dynamic Differentation: One Size Does Not Fit All, Katherine Perez

“Dynamic Differentiation—One Size Does Not Fit All” and “Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport—Equip Your Students with a Burning Desire to Learn!”, Katherine Perez

Keynote and Multiple Workshops Focusing in on Brain-Based Teaching Over Two Days for Regional Teachers, Katherine Perez

LIFT UP! Literacy Innovations For Teachers – Urban Partnership [Collaborative Partnership], Katherine Perez

Revitalize Critical and Inventive Thinking for Student Engagement Using Thinking Routines, Katherine Perez

Strategies for Teaching Academic Reading for Struggling Students, Katherine Perez

The Brain Science of Teaching: Using Mind-Body Connections to Optimize Learning, Katherine Perez

Transforming School Cultures Through Teacher Leadership in Literacy, Katherine Perez

Remnants of Anti-Judaism and the Internet, Joan Peterson

Response of the Professions: Medicine and Education, Joan Peterson

Catalyst Schools: The Catholic Ethos and Public Charter Schools, Rebecca Proehl, Heather Starnes, and Shirley Everett

Embedded Blended Learning Within an Algebra Classroom: A Multimedia Capture Experiment, Jim G. Smith and Sawako Suzuki

High Potential Sphere of Success: Changing the Narrative to Positively Impact Student Achievement, Gloria Sosa

Supporting First Generation Students: A Conversation, Gloria Sosa

Approved Preamble Document and Strategic Planning Update, Gloria Sosa and J.W. Jones

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Preparing Teachers as Literacy Leaders in a Hybrid Classroom, Tamara Spencer

Changing the Adult Brain: A Critical Pathway [Keynote], Kathleen Taylor

Exploring Experiential Learning and the Adult Brain: Embodied and Analogical Approaches, Kathleen Taylor and Catherine Marienau

Reflections on Being a Lasallian Educator, Suzy Thomas

Training Students to Become Peer Facilitators for Intergroup Dialogue: Design, Implementation, and Institutional Support, C.A. Watkins, Gloria Sosa, and Tracy Pascua Dea

Replace, Elise Wong

Submissions from 2014


Teacher Instruction as a Predictor for Student Engagement and Disruptive Behaviors, Terrance M. Scott, Regina G. Hirn, and Peter J. Alter

The Synonymic Nature of Professional Counseling: Presuppositions that Guide Our Identities, Gloria Sosa

Perceptions of School Counselors and Graduate Students: Preliminary Online Survey Results, Suzy Thomas

Submissions from 2013

Classroom-based intervention research in the field of EBD: Current practices and future directions, Peter J. Alter

Examining relationships between student challenging behavior and teacher job satisfaction, Peter J. Alter

Year II: The challenges and successes of Lift Up, Mary Kay Moskal and Katherine Perez

Lasallian pedagogy: Educating the mind and the heart, Rebecca Proehl

A Collaborative Approach: Assessing the Impact of Multi-Grade Classrooms, Rebecca Proehl and Dean Elias

Creating a house of mirrors: First year doctoral students’ reflection on the process of collaborative inquiry, Sawako Suzuki

Developing parenting self-efficacy scales for parents of young children, Sawako Suzuki

Montessori magnets and charters: Similarities and differences in practices, Sawako Suzuki

Teaching and learning of action research for transformational leadership: An engaged curriculum for a doctoral-level educational leadership program, Sawako Suzuki and Rebecca Proehl

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, Suzy Thomas

Conflict and crisis within the family system, Suzy Thomas and J. Cook