Submissions from 2017

Collaboration Station: Using Positive Behavior Supports in General and Special Education Classroom Settings, Peter J. Alter


Characteristics of Effective Classroom Rules: A Review of the Literature, Peter J. Alter and Todd Hayden


Comparing choral responding and a choral responding plus mnemonic device during geography lessons for students with mild to moderate disabilities, Peter J. Alter, Todd Hayden, and Shobana Musti-Rao


Examining the case for functional behavior assessment as an evidence-based practice for students with emotional and behavioral disorders in general education classrooms, Peter J. Alter and Terrence M. Scott

Doing the work: Bringing marginalized cultures and communities to the center, Rebecca Anguiano


Language brokering among Latino youth: Moderating variables and youth outcomes, Rebecca Anguiano

Socially just family engagement in urban schools: Frameworks, resources, and examples, Rebecca Anguiano


Socially Just Family Engagement in Urban Schools: Stories of Transformation and Implications for Inclusive School Practices, Rebecca Anguiano and Cynthia Martinez

Tools for building socially just family engagement in inner-city schools, Rebecca Anguiano and Cynthia Martinez

E-Books and E-Book Apps: Considerations for Beginning Readers, C.C. Bates, Adria Klein, B. Schubert, A. McGee, N. Anderson, L. Dorn, E. McClure, and R. H. Ross


Creating Novel School-Based Education Programs to Cultivate Mindfulness in Youth: What The Letters Told Us, J. Cheek, Elizabeth Abrams, D. L. Lipschitz, D. R. Vago, and Y. Nakamura

Place-based initiatives in higher education: Embracing tensions in learning, research, and community development, D. Donahue, Jennifer Pigza, and J. Merritt


The Claim of Right to Property: Social Violence and Political Right., Patrice Douglas

Proof from an embodied point of view, Laurie D. Edwards

Proof from an embodied point of view, Laurie D. Edwards

Faculty-Student Research Assistant (FSRAP) Award, Santa Clara University, Carol Ann Gittens

Youth Radio: Student-Driven Data Science Learning, Alexander Gurn, Clifford Lee, and K. Bass

An Evening With Michael Beschloss, Meg Honey

Local Heroes for Justice Award: Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center, Meg Honey


Scaffolding Students to Meet Grade Level Expectations: Balancing Text and Task, Adria Klein

The Influence of Home Language on Emergent Reading: Two Case Studies, Adria Klein and A. Briceño

Literacy and Language Learning as Partners in the Classroom, Adria Klein, J Zuniga, A. Briceño, and A. Torres Elias

Beyond the Demographic Divide: Shifting Ideological Stances of White Preservice Teachers, Clifford Lee

Code for What? Engaging the Multiliteracies of Urban Youth Through STEM, Clifford Lee

Code for What? Making Products for Social Justice, Clifford Lee

Diversity Is Not Enough: Utilizing Critical Computational Literacy as a Means for Transformation, Clifford Lee

From Critical Consumers to Critical Producers of Digital Platforms, Clifford Lee

Tools of Change: Using Critical Computational Literacy for Interactive App Development, Clifford Lee

Better Together: California Teachers Summit, Clifford Lee, Jill Biden, and Tom Torlackson

Using Humanizing Pedagogy to Thrive in the Era of 45, Clifford Lee and W. Garrett-Walker

Got Data? Designing Infographics to Tell Stories, Clifford Lee and D. Meagley

Amplifying Youth Voice: From Local to Viral, Clifford Lee, R. Smith, and C. Stuip

“At Origin,” “Amor Ciego,” “Bringing Death,” “What to Do,” and “Lilith Snake Beloved.”, Raina León


Don’t Let Them Steal Your Joy, Raina León

Give us the pig, Raina León


Pandora’s box opens and Terrence Crutcher dies., Raina León


poet anxiety disorder, Raina León


“Poet Reads the Bloodlust News,” and “Poet: Code’s Story”, Raina León


"Two Pounds, Night Sky Notes,” “Southwest Philadelphia, 1988,” “Maldicion de Boriken,” “Tango Criollo,” and “Bull| Machete | Bullet | Laurel| Time", Raina León

Considerations for Therapists of Gifted and/or Highly Sensitive Clients, Grace Malonai

Empowering Parents to Help Their Gifted Kids Manage Anxiety, Grace Malonai

Join an Advocacy Dialogue: Supporting Individuals and Families Affected by Current Societal Issues, Grace Malonai

Understanding the Manifestation of Anxiety in the Gifted Population, Grace Malonai

A Trajectory of K-8 Teacher Development in Early and Mid Career, Susan H. Marston and Gerald J. Brunetti

Becoming Unionized in a Charter School: Teachers and the Promise of Social Justice, Elizabeth Montaño

Leveraging Youth Culture Data Sets for Teacher Learning, Elizabeth Montaño and Danny C. Martinez


Integrating PBIS and Restorative Practices, Laura Mooiman

Let’s Get Organized: How one District Adopted a Wellness Program (MTSS) Model and Served More Students without Breaking the Bank, Laura Mooiman

Prevention Champions Awards, Laura Mooiman


Employing cueing systems to decode text and negotiate text-meaning in a second language, Mary Kay Moskal

Navigating the terrain of positive organizing: an engagement of values, Ken Otter

Putting values to work at KKT: Nourishment for a positive leadership culture, Ken Otter

What’s Going On? An African-centered safe space for Black men. Symposium presented as part of Doing the Work: Bringing Marginalized Cultures and Communities to the Center, Bedford Palmer


@NamingIt #StepYourSocialJusticeGameUp, Bedford Palmer and L. Hill


Disrupting Organizational Constraints: Making social justice interventions work, Bedford Palmer and Gloria Sosa

Collectivism & inclusive excellence: Transforming student success while leading institutional change, Tracy Pascua Dea, Gloria Sosa, Cynthia Van Gilder, and Corliss Watkins

The intersections of religion and sexual identity: A conversation on ethics, S. Patrick, J. Beckenbach, J. N. Sells, B. Hagedorn, L. C. Smith, J. Okech, K. Goodrich, and Gloria Sosa


PISA 2015: An international examination of school leadership and student opportunity to learn, Marshall Perry

Maximizing Social Science Research through Publicly Accessible Data Sets, S. Marshall Perry

Franklin Littell's The Crucifixion of the Jews and Anti-Zionism, Joan Peterson

ABCs of community-based learning, Jennifer Pigza

Bonner National Institute on Social Action Curriculum Development, Jennifer Pigza

Catholicism and the Common Good: Theology and the University Colloquium, Jennifer Pigza

Leadership for social justice, Jennifer Pigza

Transforming university systems and structures to support place-based engagement, Jennifer Pigza


De Marillac academy: Perseverance, purpose, and promise, Rebecca Proehl, Lisa Ayon, Desiree Braganza, and Gloria Sosa

The Political Identities and Civic Education Practices of U.S. High School Mathematics Teachers, Mary C. Raygoza

Faculty Development Award, Mary Candace Raygoza

Saint Mary’s College Faculty Service Award (2017), Gloria Aquino Sosa

Intergenerational trauma and student success: Equity-based counternarratives of power, strength, and hope, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Intergenerational Trauma and Student Success: Strengths-Based Approaches that Matter NextGenFirstGenTM, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Reframing success: Attending to intersectionality to support lived experiences of first generation college students, Gloria Sosa, P. A. Sasso, and Tracy Pascua Dea

Intergenerational Trauma and College Student Success, Gloria Sosa and E. Templeton

Facilitating Higher Learning with the Adult Brain in Mind [invited preconference workshop]., Kathleen Taylor

Facilitating Learning With the Adult Brain in Mind., Kathleen Taylor

Facilitating Learning With the Adult Brain in Mind [faculty development workshop]., Kathleen Taylor


Leadership and the Brain: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century, Kathleen Taylor

Move Over, Descartes!, Kathleen Taylor

Move Over, Descartes: Neuroscience Says You're Wrong!, Kathleen Taylor

Toward Complexity and Commitment: Learning to Change our Brains., Kathleen Taylor


Using Brain-Aware Approaches., Kathleen Taylor

WASC evaluation committee member training session, Kathleen Taylor

We Feel Therefore We Learn., Kathleen Taylor

Asking how and why questions: Using qualitative practices to collect data, Suzy Thomas

CASC School Counselor Educator of the Year, awarded by the California Association of School Counselors., Suzy Thomas

Invited Speaker, Suzy Thomas

Invited Workshop Presenter, Suzy Thomas


Networking at the Grassroots Level: Action Research Partnerships in Education, Suzy Thomas

Overcoming school counselor burnout: Building self-care strategies inspired by the ASCA National Standards, Aubrey Uresti and Suzy Thomas

Submissions from 2016

Characteristics of Effective Classroom Rules: A Review of the Literature, Peter J. Alter

Early Career Scholar Award, Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative (SCORAI), Rebecca Anguiano

From School-Driven to Community-Driven Family Engagement in Urban Schools, Rebecca Anguiano

Re-Thinking Parental Involvement in Urban Schools: Popular Education, Community Organizing, Rebecca Anguiano

The Benefits of Maintaining Traditional Cultural Values for Latino Youth Who Language Broker, Rebecca Anguiano

Working Alongside Parents in East Oakland: Community Organizing, Popular Education, and Social Justice, Rebecca Anguiano

Tools for Building Socially Just Family Engagement, Rebecca Anguiano and Cynthia Martinez

Tools for Building Socially Just Family Engagement in Inner-City Schools, Rebecca Anguiano and Cynthia Martinez

ARNA Symposium: The Palgrave International Handbook of Action Research, J. Bleach, A. Feldman, M. Kim, M. McAteer, J. McNiff, E. Polush, M. Riel, L. L. Rowell, D. Santos, J. Shosh, Suzy Thomas, N. Wamba, and L. Wood

Better Together EdCamp: Faculty Research Team Report, E. Colin, M. Grant, L. Larson, K. Norman, K. Stang, and Tamara Spencer

Critical Thinking: What It Is and Why Students’ Success Depends On It, Carol Ann Gittens