Submissions from 2016

THINK: Critically (3nd Ed.), Carol Ann Gittens

An Evening With Martin Luther King III, Meg Honey

Stanford University Recognition for Exceptional Teaching, Meg Honey


Women to Watch: East Bay Game Changer, Meg Honey

Confronting Inequities Through Critical Computational Literacy in a Transmedia Product, Clifford Lee

Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color Fellow, Clifford Lee

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 2.0: Developing Critical Computational Literacies, Clifford Lee

Ethnic Studies 2.0: Creating Critical Digital Interactive Tools by and for Youth of Color, Clifford Lee

From Snapchat to Social Action: Developing Critical Computational Literacy Through App Development, Clifford Lee

Remastering Digital Tools for the Community, Clifford Lee

Nurturing Student Voice in Digital Literacies: Bringing Youth Radio Practices to Your Classroom, Clifford Lee, D. Meagley, and A. Ly


None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds: Critical Computational Literacy as a Pedagogy of Resistance, Clifford Lee and Elisabeth Soep

Bear No False Witness: On Critical Literacy, Fear, and Social Change, Raina León

CantoMundo Fellow, Raina León

Comfort Woman, Raina León

Honorable Mention, Academy of American Poets University and College Poetry Prize, Raina León

Pan Dulce Poets Reading, Raina León

Poet in Hermitage from Whiteness, Raina León

Poet: Rigor Mortis, Zombies and Dehumanization, Raina León

Profeta Without Refuge, Raina León

Reading: Lyrics & Dirges, Raina León

Salvage Yard, Raina León


Sombra: dis(locate), Raina León

Towards Cultural Humility, Raina León

Vessel Strut, Raina León

When Your Mother is God, Raina León

CantoMundo Latin@poets Poetry Workshop, Raina J. León

CantoMundo. LatinX Publishing, Raina J. León

Cleave: Bay Area Women Writers series, Raina J. León

codice signifier, Raina J. León

Critical [Community] Group. Saint Mary’s College of California, Raina J. León

Educational Technology Workshops, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: 14th Annual Berkeley Poetry Festival, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Adobe Books, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Adobe Bookshop, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Annual Calendar Party, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Bloody Mary Series, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: CantoMundo, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Cleave: Bay Area Women Writers, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Get Lit, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Jingle Town series, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Launch for Remembering th Days that Breathed Pink, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Nomadic Press, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Nuestra Palabra Series on the Air, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Orinda Books release, Remembering the Days that Breathed Pink, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Pegasus Books, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Poetry at 728, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Santa Clara University, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Spring Symposium, Saint Mary's College, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: Tinteros at NPrint, Raina J. León

Featured Reading: University Press Books, Raina J. León

Macondo Fellow, 2016, Raina J. León

poet: on imagining planet X as the only safe space, Raina J. León

Printing the Forked Tongue: Bilingual Publishing After Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands/La Frontera, Raina J. León

soba i learn this maasai, Raina J. León

When I Was Latina: Navigating Privilege in the Publishing and Writing World, Raina J. León

Writers and Writing Programs Conference, Raina J. León

Critical Race Theory and the Cultivation, Mentorship and Retention of Black Women Faculty, Raina León and Norma D. Thomas


7 Ways to Help Your Strong-Willed Gifted Child Thrive, Grace Malonai

Clinical Applications for Therapist of Gifted Clients, Grace Malonai


Coping with Bullying as a Quirky, Gifted, or Sensitive Adult, Grace Malonai

Gifted Identity℠ Project: How To Talk To Children About Their Giftedness: The Impact of Gifted Identification, Grace Malonai

Helping Gifted and Highly Sensitive Kids Cope With Anxiety and Depression: Tools for Parents and Teachers, Grace Malonai

Expanding What Counts as Language for Latina/o Youth in an Urban Middle School Setting, Danny C. Martinez and Elizabeth Montaño

Toward Expanding What Counts as Language for Latina and Latino Youth in an Urban Middle School Classroom, Danny C. Martinez and Elizabeth Montaño

Becoming Unionized in a Charter School: Teacher Experiences and the Promise of Choice in Conditions of Education in California, Elizabeth Montaño

Charter School Teachers and the Consequences of Unionization, Elizabeth Montaño

Integrating PBIS and restorative practices: how to implement anything without really trying, Laura Clement Mooiman

UO Real Solutions in Classroom Management, Laura Clement Mooiman

Undergraduate volunteers support third grade readers in an urban after school program: a look at curriculum development within a partnership, Mary Kay Moskal

Educating managers-as-coaches: The role of transformative learning, Ken Otter

Ethical dilemmas in coaching: From deviation to transformation, Ken Otter

Being Healthy In Our Skins: Sometimes It's Healthier Not to Assimilate, Bedford Palmer, Rebecca Anguiano, F. Dillon, T.M Greer, and K. Chwalisz

Chair & discussant: Mothers to all/mothers for hire, Bedford E.F Palmer

The psychological benefits of holding an African-centered worldview for African-American adults., Bedford E.F Palmer

Your privilege is your responsibility: Training white allies, Bedford E.F Palmer

Men’s intersectional relationship to male privilege: ending #MeToo experiences starts with men being more aware of their privilege, Bedford E.F. Palmer

ROOTS: It was never about slavery, Bedford E.F. Palmer

Sipping from her cup: A black man’s appreciation of ‘Lemonade’., Bedford E.F. Palmer

White privilege II: Who do you think you’re talking to?, Bedford E.F. Palmer

Happiness at Work: Organizational Culture, Job Embeddedness, and Continuance Commitment, Maria Pepey, Esmery De Jesus, Michael J. Rubino, Elsa-Sofia Morote, and Marshall Perry

Choices and Challenges: Strategies for Success, Katherine Perez

Cultivating a Growth Mindset, Katherine Perez

DI Asia Summit Presentation, Katherine Perez

Dynamic Differentiated Instruction, Katherine Perez

Lesson Mastery - NOT Lesson Mystery: Strategies for Success, Katherine Perez

More than 200+ proven strategies for teaching reading, Katherine Perez

Motivating Reluctant Learners, Katherine Perez

National Conference on Differentiation Presentation, Katherine Perez

Opportunity to Learn for Low-Achieving Students in Eight Countries, Marshall Perry

Research Using Large-Scale Data Sets: The 2013 TALIS, Marshall Perry

Teaching, Academic Achievement, and Attitudes Toward Mathematics in the United States and Nigeria, Marshall Perry, Michael Catapano, and Olosunde Ramon

Opportunity to Learn and Students from Economically Disadvantaged Homes: Implications for School Leaders Through an Examination of TALIS 2013, Marshall Perry, Richard J. Hawkins, and Karen M. Sealy

An Exploration of Professional Development Needs and Opportunities Across Nine Countries Using the 2013 TALIS Teacher Questionnaire, Marshall Perry, Karen M. Sealy, Thomas C. DeNicola, and H.X. Ramírez-Pérez

Lower Secondary Teacher Job Satisfaction and Behavioral Engagement: An International Comparison, Marshall Perry, Karen M. Sealy, and A.M. Smith

Against Forgetting: Another Look at Heinrich Böll's Billiards at Half Past Nine, Joan Peterson

Community partnerships: POWERful possibilities for students and communities, Jennifer Pigza

Leadership development through service-learning, Jennifer Pigza

Linking leadership development and community engagement in theory and practice, Jennifer Pigza

Maximizing community development and impact through community-based research, Jennifer Pigza