Submissions from 1990

Outstanding Student in Decision Sciences, Yung Jae Lee

Foreign Aid and Domestic Savings: A Spurious Correlation?, Donald Snyder

Incentive Compensation Plans: A Boost to Morale and Productivity, Sankaran Venkateswar

Computer Resource Costing: New Directions, Sankaran Venkateswar and additional author(s)

The Marketing Concept: Implications for Practice Development, Sankaran Venkateswar and J. Bonnici

Submissions from 1988

Cost Allocation in a Just-in-Time Production Environment, Sankaran Venkateswar

Submissions from 1986

Diversification, Industry Research and Development, and Market Performance, Gregory B. Merrill, Craig S. Galbraith, Curt H. Stiles, and additional author(s)

Submissions from 1985

The U. S. Sugar Program and Its Effects, Roy E. Allen, Andrew Schmitz, and Gwo-Jiun M. Leu

On the Feasibility of Automated Market Making by a Programmed Specialist, Jivendra Kale and Nils Hakansson

Deception as a Business Strategy, Gregory B. Merrill

Submissions from 1983

Voluntary Export Restraints as Protection Policy: The U. S. Beef Case, Roy E. Allen, Claudia Dodge, and Andrew Schmitz

Award for Teaching Assistant of the Year, Kirk Knapp

Computerized Modeling and Forecasting: Politics or Science?, Gregory B. Merrill

The Decision to Join a Union, Donald Snyder

Mapping Your Way To Commodity Diversification, Donald Snyder and G. Jauregui

Submissions from 1982

Multiple Goal Programming and Auditing: An Information System, Gregory B. Merrill

Current Approaches to Time-Series Forecasting, Donald Snyder

Submissions from 1981

The Impact of Fuel Economy Information on New Car and Light Truck Buyers, Donald Snyder and J. Hemphill

Economic Effects of Revolution: a Re-Evaluation of the Cuban Evidence, Donald Snyder and Adam M. Pilarski

Submissions from 1977

A Spectral-Analytic Test of the Monetarist Hypothesis, Donald Snyder and Giorgio Canarella

The Long Swing: a Spectral and Cross-Spectral Comparison of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century U. S. Experience, Donald Snyder and Giorgio Canarella

Submissions from 1976

The Law of Priority of Heavy Industry, Donald Snyder and Giorgio Canarella

Submissions from 1975

Tribal Affiliation and Fertility, Donald Snyder