Submissions from 2016

Collaborative Partnerships in Action Research for School Counselors, Suzy Thomas

Invited Consultant. Invited Presentations and Activities., Suzy Thomas

Networking at the Grassroots Level: Action Research Partnerships in Education, Suzy Thomas

Professional Development Challenges for Tenured Counselor Educators: Strategies for Staying Happy in Mid-Career, Suzy Thomas

Comparison of Race-Gender, Urban-Suburban Criminal Justice College Students Satisfaction of the Police Department, C. Verga, L. Murillo, E.D Toulon, E. Morote, and Marshall Perry

Becoming Social Justice Educators: The Ongoing Praxis of Teaching/Learning Justice, M. Viola, S. Purcell, T. Campion, and Tamara Spencer


US Department of Education Grant: “Caminos a Las Ciencias (CALC),” Through the HSI STEM Program, R. Wensley, V. Chandrasekaran, C. Jones, T.J. Pascua Dea, J. Sigman, Gloria Sosa, and E. Veomett

Submissions from 2015

Cal Council: A Story of Continuity and Change, Jerry Brunetti

The Role of Gesture and the Body in Learning & Teaching Mathematics, Laurie Edwards

Counselors for Social Justice Strategic Plan, 2015-2020, J.W. Jones, Gloria Sosa, J. Jackson, R. Vides, R. Goodman, S. Patrick, C. Thompson, and Q. Alexander

Shadow in Clinical/Counseling Practice, Drew Krafcik

Words from the Wise: Exploring the Lives, Qualities, and Opinions of Wisdom Exemplars, Drew Krafcik

From Snapchat to Social Action: What is the Role of the Critical Educator?, Clifford Lee


Nurturing Conscious Digital Natives, Clifford Lee

Social Justice 2.0: Nurturing Critical Digital Natives, Clifford Lee

To Investigate How Urban Youth Develop Critical Computational Thinking Practices While Creating News Stories With Interactive Elements, Clifford Lee

Programming + Journalism = Youth Radio's Innovation Lab, Clifford Lee, A. Richardson, and D. Jackson

Critical Computational Literacy: Coalescing Storytelling, Design, and App Development, Clifford Lee and E. Soep

“Calypso and the DJ" and “Tango Criollo”, Raina León

Flor y Canto, Raina León

“Genocide Bop” and “Everyw(here)”, Raina León

Mini-essay on Fear, Raina León

“Quotilla: Closing the Bar,” “Archangel” and “Villanelle to Blink Plastique”, Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

[Readings], Raina León

Two pounds, Night Sky Notes, Raina León

“When Your Mother is a God” and “Vessel Strut”, Raina León


Rethinking Parental Involvement in Urban Schools: Popular Education, Community Organizing, and Social Justice, Cynthia Martinez and Rebecca Anguiano


Becoming Unionized in a Charter School: Teacher Experiences and the Promise of Choice, Elizabeth Montaño

Expanding What Counts as Language for Latina/o Youth in an Urban Middle School Setting, Elizabeth Montaño and Danny C. Martinez

Teachers as Learners: Exploring Ways to Support Teacher Writers as They Negotiate Action Research Projects, Mary Kay Moskal

Leveraging Linguistic Repertoires: Language Brokering in School, Marjorie F. Orellana, Danny C. Martinez, Ramon A. Martinez, Elizabeth Montaño, and Clifford Lee

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence as Social Justice Advocacy to Impact Student Success, T.J. Pascua Dea and Gloria Sosa

Classroom Cures, Instructional Adaptations for Student Success, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching: Inclusive Classrooms to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching: Inclusive Classrooms to Meet Diverse Needs, Katherine Perez

Co-Teaching Strategies to Support English Learners, Katherine Perez

Dynamic Differentation: One Size Does Not Fit All, Katherine Perez

“Dynamic Differentiation—One Size Does Not Fit All” and “Learning Is Not a Spectator Sport—Equip Your Students with a Burning Desire to Learn!”, Katherine Perez

Keynote and Multiple Workshops Focusing in on Brain-Based Teaching Over Two Days for Regional Teachers, Katherine Perez

LIFT UP! Literacy Innovations For Teachers – Urban Partnership [Collaborative Partnership], Katherine Perez

Revitalize Critical and Inventive Thinking for Student Engagement Using Thinking Routines, Katherine Perez

Strategies for Teaching Academic Reading for Struggling Students, Katherine Perez

The Brain Science of Teaching: Using Mind-Body Connections to Optimize Learning, Katherine Perez

Transforming School Cultures Through Teacher Leadership in Literacy, Katherine Perez

Remnants of Anti-Judaism and the Internet, Joan Peterson

Response of the Professions: Medicine and Education, Joan Peterson

Catalyst Schools: Public Charter Schools and the Catholic Ethos, Rebecca Proehl, S. Everett, and H. Starnes

Embedded Blended Learning Within an Algebra Classroom: A Multimedia Capture Experiment, Jim G. Smith and Sawako Suzuki

High Potential Sphere of Success: Changing the Narrative to Positively Impact Student Achievement, Gloria Sosa

Supporting First Generation Students: A Conversation, Gloria Sosa

Approved Preamble Document and Strategic Planning Update, Gloria Sosa and J.W. Jones

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success, Gloria Sosa and T.J. Pascua Dea

Strengths Based Institutional Change: Inclusive Excellence in Action to Positively Impact Student Success, Gloria Sosa and T.J. Pascua Dea

Preparing Teachers as Literacy Leaders in a Hybrid Classroom, Tamara Spencer

Changing the Adult Brain: A Critical Pathway [Keynote], Kathleen Taylor

Essay on Drago-Severson’s Books, Kathleen Taylor and C. Marienau

Exploring Experiential Learning and the Adult Brain: Embodied and Analogical Approaches, Kathleen Taylor and C. Marienau

Reflections on Being a Lasallian Educator, Suzy Thomas

Training Students to Become Peer Facilitators for Intergroup Dialogue: Design, Implementation, and Institutional Support, C.A. Watkins, Gloria Sosa, and T.J. Pascua Dea