Submissions from 2020


Coping with School Closures as Student Teachers: Self-Compassion, Surrender, and Action, Mary Raygoza


COVID-19, Exponential Growth, and the Power of Showing Up in Social Solidarity: The Math Behind the Virus, Mary Raygoza


Humanizing Online Teaching, Mary Raygoza, Raina León, and Aaminah Norris

Submissions from 2019

Contexts, funding history, and implications for evaluating the office of special education program’s investment in personnel preparation Since NCLB, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)

Evaluation of the quality of education offered to students with special needs in public schools in the city of Bauru, Brazil, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)


Serving English language learners in the Florida State Plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act, Alta Joy Broughton, Xigrid Soto, and Ashley White

Sexual risk taking in college students and functional families of origin, Colette Fleuridas and additional author(s)


Beyond four forces: The evolution of psychotherapy, Colette Fleuridas and Drew Krafcik

A Multifaceted Examination of Deeper Learning in PBL Elementary Schools: School Culture, Critical Thinking, and Access to Opportunity, Carol Ann Gittens and additional author(s)


On the value of labor, Raina León


Quantitative civic literacy, Mary Candace Raygoza


‘Can you help me count these pennies?’: Surfacing preschoolers’ partial understandings of counting, Mary Candace Raygoza and additional author(s)

Submissions from 2018

Lifting family voices in the juvenile justice system and urban schools to promote healing, Rebecca Anguiano

Nondiscriminatory assessment practices with bilingual students: Using the Cultural-Linguistic Interpretive Matrix in Psychoeducational Evaluations. Two-part training presented to school psychologists at Seneca Family of Agencies, Rebecca Anguiano

Integrated Perceptual Motor: a complete physical education program/workshop for elementary schools, David Biles

Doubly identified/doubly served: investigating patterns of identification of learning disabilities in ELS, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)

How the commitment to inclusion has highlighted the need for greater collaboration in the United States, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)

Seeing through the fog: the circles of knowledge applied in one school’s RTI process for identifying ELLs with LD, Alta Joy Broughton and additional author(s)

A Trajectory of K-8 Teacher Development in Early and Mid-Career, Gerald Brunetti and Susan H. Marston

Cosmic Education in Public Montessori, Luz Casquejo Johnston

In Conversation: Montessori, Freire and hooks, Luz Casquejo Johnston

Leading for Social Justice, Luz Casquejo Johnston

More Science Behind the Genius, Luz Casquejo Johnston


Educators self-reported training, use and perceived effectiveness of evidence-based classroom management practices, Justin Cooper, Nicholas Gage, Peter Alter, Stefanie LaPolla, Ashley MacSuga-Gage, and Terrence Scott

University Research Grant Award, Carol Ann Gittens

EDUCATE INSIGHT – Critical Thinking / Reasoning Skills Assessment, Carol Ann Gittens and additional author(s)

Better Together. California Teachers Summit, Meg Honey

Featured Speaker, California Historical Society Gala, Meg Honey

Nominee, Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: National History Teacher of the Year, Meg Honey

Teacher of the Year, Mount Diablo Unified School District, Meg Honey

Understanding and Supporting Young Writers Birth to 8, Adria Klein


Running Records and First Grade English Learners: An Analysis of Language Related Reading Errors, Adria Klein and additional author(s)

Small-Group Reading Instruction, Adria Klein and additional author(s)

Whole-Group Reading Instruction, Adria Klein and additional author(s)

Exploring the Cultural Connotations of Practitioner Care: A Black Feminist Perspective, Monique Lane


“For real love”: How Black girls benefit from a politicized ethic of care, Monique Lane

Unleash Your Inner Badass: A Black Feminist Perspective on Practitioner Care, Monique Lane


Schoolin’ Black girls: Politicized caring and healing as pedagogical love, Monique Lane and additional author(s)

#AgentToYour Truth: Workshop on Working with Agents and Publicists, Raina León

A Quilt for Raffaele” on the Stitching Quilts: The Carolina African American Writers' Collective as the American Story Panel, Raina León

Back to Elementary, Raina León


“Book of Wipe Clean”, “Genesis: Sword, Angel, Devil”, “on changing my son”, “Book of Picaroon”, and “i call you husband and you call me wife”, Raina León

Breaking Barriers: Using Poetry as a Tool to Enhance Diversity Understanding, Raina León


Consolation. Where are the children, Raina León


“Fertility Haiku”, “mae knows lilith snake beloved”, and “at a child’s birthday part”, Raina León

For Us, By Us: Community Cultural Wealth and The Acentos Review, Raina León

#LiveToWrite: Workshop on Taking the Business of Writing into Your Own Hands, Raina León

On Angels and Demons in Self and Writing: A Workshop and Reading, Raina León

On Community and Collaboration, Raina León

On Writing workshop, Raina León

Roundtable: Women of Color in contemporary and future imaginings of dys(u)topia, Raina León

“Say Her Name!”: Writing the Poetry of Witness, Raina León

Banned portrait in the MAGA era: Afro-Latina texts her brother., Raina J. León

The Transformative Learning Project, Paul Loper


3 Steps to Help Smart Adults Manage Executive Functioning Issues, Grace Malonai

Family Engagement at Two Urban Schools: How Parents’ Voices Can Create Institutional Change via a Family Wellness Group, Cynthia Martinez

Building alliances with teachers: trauma-informed care and consultation practices, Cynthia Martinez and Rebecca Anguiano

Bilingual/Bicultural Teachers: Existing and Resisting in Charter Schools, Elizabeth Montaño and Antonieta Avila

Award for significant contribution to Integrative Biology, Gemma Niermann


Felt Sense, a published conversation with Real Eguchi in "Ground Magazine", Ken Otter

How Manager-as-Coach Practice Can Apply to Law Enforcement Professional Development: An Action Inquiry, Ken Otter


Leadership Coaching 2.0: Improving the Marriage between Leadership and Coaching, Ken Otter

Let's Sculpt it! Experiencing the Role of Organizational Context in Coaching, Ken Otter

Managers Becoming Coach-Capable: The Role of Transformative Learning, Ken Otter

Wisdom in the Waves: Surfing and the Art of Leadership, Ken Otter

Brain-Based Strategies for Student Engagement, Katherine Perez

Building Positive, Resilient Minds, Katherine Perez

Dynamic Differentiation, Katherine Perez


Exposing the Mysteries of Executive Function: Ladder to the Sky, Katherine Perez

Fair is Not Always Equal: Differentiation for Success!, Katherine Perez

Inspire to go Higher! Keynote Address, Katherine Perez

Leading the Way for Inclusion: Instructional Adaptations for Student Success, Katherine Perez

Motivating Reluctant Learners, Katherine Perez

Teaching Academic Language Skills to English Learners, Katherine Perez

The Wonder of Words: Successful Vocabulary Strategies for English Learners, Katherine Perez

Opportunity to learn, family academic resources, and achievement in the 2015 PISA, S. Marshall Perry and additional author(s)


Opportunity to Learn, Family Academic Resources and Immigrant Students: A Comparative Study Using PISA 2015, S. Marshall Perry and additional author(s)


Principals and Student Achievement: A Comparative Study of Eight Countries, S. Marshall Perry and additional author(s)


Student Immigrant Status, Home Language, and Science Affect in PISA 2015, S. Marshall Perry and additional author(s)


Student well-being and immigrant status: an examination of PISA 2015 in five countries, S. Marshall Perry and additional author(s)

Problem-based and project-based learning in secondary mathematics classes in Nigeria and the United States, S. Marshall Perry, Laurie Edwards, and additional author(s)

No Way Out: Marseille's Refugee Crisis in Anna Seghers' Transit, Joan Peterson

The burden of the Shoah and Franklin Littell, Joan Peterson


The failure of the Evian Conference of 1938 and the consequences revealed in Anna Seghers' Transit, Joan Peterson

War Poems: Babi Yar and Yevtushenko, Joan Peterson

War Poems: Yevtushenko/Celan, Joan Peterson

Interrogating Classism in the Math Classroom Workshop, Mary Raygoza


Mathematics teachers’ reflections on teaching about societal inequality as lessons for teacher education, Mary Candace Raygoza

Math in the news: Reporting and critically examining economic inequity, Mary Candace Raygoza


"Numbers don’t lie": The secondary mathematics classroom as a (non)neutral learning environment for issues of economic inequality, Mary Candace Raygoza

Youth as quantitative researchers and social change agents, Mary Candace Raygoza

Equity-Based Counternarratives of Strength and Hope: Revealing the Impact of Historical Trauma., Gloria Aquino Sosa and Tracy J. Pascua Dea

Supporting the Lived Experiences of First-Generation College Students: Implications from the UNiLOA and DSDM Student Success Model, Gloria Aquino Sosa and Tracy J. Pascua Dea

Next Generation First Generation: Applying DSDM to Foster Student GLD, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Strengths-Based Peer Mentoring: Collectivist Principles in Action, Gloria Sosa and Tracy Pascua Dea

Using Children’s Literature to Confront Systemic Racism in Early Literacy Teacher Education., Tamara Spencer

Coaching and the Embodied Brain, Kathleen Taylor

Using Brain-Aware Approaches with Diverse Adult Learners, Kathleen Taylor

Mind, Brain, and Body: Implications for Transformative Learning, Kathleen Taylor and additional author(s)

Design for Learning: Adult Learners and their Brains, Kathleen Taylor and Catherine Marienau